Ponds In Landscape Design

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Ponds In Landscape Design
Ponds In Landscape Design

Video: Ponds In Landscape Design

Video: Ponds In Landscape Design
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  • French (regular) style
  • English landscape style
  • Baroque style
  • Country style
  • Ecological style
  • Ethnic style
  • Fantasy gardens
  • Alpine gardens
Pond on the site as a reflection of style
Pond on the site as a reflection of style

Almost all styles of landscape design involve the presence of a reservoir. An excellent option can be considered a site on the territory of which there is a natural reservoir. It can be a river, lake, or just a small stream. Such reservoirs fit very organically into any of the existing styles of landscape design. To do this, you just need to follow some rules, remember the basic principles of style that make it recognizable.

If there is no such reservoir, then it is worth thinking about an artificial device - a pond, stream or fountain. Even a small artificial reservoir will certainly revive the landscape, create the necessary atmosphere, and improve the microclimate of the site.

You can read about how to arrange an artificial pond on a site in the article "Do-it-yourself pond in the country." There are detailed instructions, considered the main technical points, the advantages of certain materials that are used in the work.

But how to embed an existing reservoir into the created landscape, what type of reservoir should be chosen and how to diversify the “water world” of the site should be considered in more detail.

It is clear that the type of reservoir depends on the chosen style. The shape of the reservoir and the design of the coastline, the choice of green spaces, decorative elements, lighting and much more depend on it. And if there is a natural reservoir on the site, then sometimes the style has to be chosen for it, and not on the contrary.

French (regular) style

Since the very idea of a French park is to demonstrate human domination over nature, the reservoirs are designed according to very strict rules. For both a natural and a man-made reservoir, a well-defined coastline, a parapet, wide stone steps with flowerpots at the edges will be required. Perhaps the device of an artificial island on which a stone gazebo or a sculptural group will be located. Regular style includes fountains.

Pond on the site as a reflection of style
Pond on the site as a reflection of style

Basic rules for arranging fountains in a regular park:

  1. Before determining their location, it is worth remembering about symmetry. If you plan to install one fountain, then it should become its center. If there are several fountains, they should, like all elements of a regular park, be located strictly symmetrically and be paired. Fountain structures must be designed in such a way that the water jets fall along strict, verified trajectories without breaking the general symmetry.
  2. If fountains are part of sculptural compositions, then they should give them dynamics without distracting attention.
  3. If jet fountains are chosen, the main emphasis should be on the beauty and power of the water flow.

When planning a French-style garden, engineering issues - plumbing, power supply must be carefully thought out in advance. Also, even at the initial planning stage, it is necessary to determine the shape and capacity of future fountains.

English landscape style

It does not impose such strict requirements on an existing reservoir. Your best bet is to just play around the existing coastline without trying to level it up. A stylized dilapidated staircase can become a descent to the reservoir. It is best to plant the shore with shady trees with crowns hanging over the water. Plant plants - lilies or water lilies on the water surface. However, do not forget that the reservoir, like the entire English park, must be truly well-groomed. And the impression of neglect is just a stylistic device.

Pond on the site as a reflection of style
Pond on the site as a reflection of style

The pond is almost an obligatory element of the English park. You can stylize it using the same techniques as for a natural reservoir. If a decision is made to revive the design with a fountain, then in addition to static fountains located on the ground, it is worth taking a closer look at the so-called floating fountains. They are most often arranged on the surfaces of artificial ponds. The jets of such fountains can be "dynamic", capable of changing direction, shape and size. For an English pond, a simple fountain pump nozzle will suffice.

But for a French park or baroque garden, you can purchase a more powerful installation. For example, these are produced and sold in our country by the German company MESSNER.

Baroque style

This style will allow you to realize the most daring "water" fantasies. The descent to a natural reservoir or pond can be arranged with a large water cascade made of expensive stone. An island can be built on the surface of the water, which will be connected to the shore by a richly decorated bridge. The island can be surrounded by a ridge of high-jet fountains with powerful illumination.

There are no excesses in this style. Do not forget about gilding in the design of reservoirs, expensive statues and sculptural groups.

The Baroque style, like the French, presupposes careful design in the construction of reservoirs. Especially fountains and water cascades. Indeed, the fountain will become truly impressive only with high equipment power and water flow (at least 100 l / min). Only in this case, the water jets will not change the trajectory of the fall, even in strong winds. This is where the wind rose blowing on the site, determined at the initial stage, will come in handy. When planning a fountain or cascade, it is worth choosing a place that is most protected from a side wind.

Pond on the site as a reflection of style
Pond on the site as a reflection of style

A water curtain can be a very interesting find. There are several ways to arrange it. From the simplest - the device of a uniform waterfall from the canopy or the roof of the grotto to the modern one, using polymer threads, allowing you to create a water curtain around the gazebo and even the whole area.

The Baroque style does not imply the construction of playgrounds. But you can please kids and not only them by arranging the so-called fountains-firecrackers. Since the time of Peter I, they have been delighting guests of Peterhof.

The device "cracker" will cost quite inexpensively if an automatic irrigation system is provided on the site. Such fountains are located near the benches, on the grounds of the zones. It is very important that there is sufficient free space around the cracker. This is necessary for a safe "retreat" from water unexpectedly splashing on a person.

The force of the jet of the fountain-cracker should be minimal, which will not wet even a nimble person much. For this, special splitter nozzles are installed. When designing, it is worth considering a drainage system, especially if the fountain is not one and is often used.

Fountains are also included in the romantic garden and high-tech garden.

Pond on the site as a reflection of style
Pond on the site as a reflection of style

The romantic style does not involve large and complex fountains and waterfalls. A simple water curtain over a cozy grotto, a small fountain-bowl with a weak stream is enough.

For the high-tech style, manufacturers offer the most complex and very interesting design solutions in which digital technologies are used to adjust the system, modern materials are used in design.

The main thing to know about fountains is that they have three main components:

  • water reservoir
  • pump equipment
  • pump nozzles

All of them must be matched to each other. Durable and trouble-free operation of the system depends on the correct selection.

All other structural elements are additional and serve for the decoration, or simplify its operation.

Country style

The easiest and easiest way for a natural reservoir to fit into a rustic style. Any river, lake or stream will become a natural continuation of landscape design in this style. You just need to fantasize a little with the device of benches, walkways, planting fruit trees or the device of a coastal mini-vegetable garden.

When constructing a pond, you should not spend a lot of effort on the design of the coastline. The shores overgrown with reeds and sedge will look quite stylish. Unpretentious bridges can lead to the water, from which you can take water or fish in silence.

Pond on the site as a reflection of style
Pond on the site as a reflection of style

Artificial streams or springs can be very popular types of ponds in a rustic garden.

The stream is an artificial water conduit, decorated along the bottom and slopes with pebbles and stones, which is given a certain slope and direction towards a pond or natural reservoir.

The spring is a kind of "fountain" of the country style. When constructing it, it is very important to maintain the style of a natural spring. The water in it can be either running water, if it is used for drinking and household needs, or move in a closed cycle using a pump.

The well will fit perfectly into the general style of the shape and type that are adopted in the countryside, which has been chosen as the standard for garden design.

Ecological style

Since this style does not imply interference with the natural landscape, it is best to use what is given by nature. A natural reservoir can only be slightly ennobled, providing a convenient approach to the water. Only what grows on the shore can be used in design, so as not to disrupt the ecosystem.

A well can be made from artificial reservoirs. But it is not recommended to install any automatic devices and backlights on it.

Ethnic style

It implies the design of the coastline of a natural reservoir or the device of artificial ones according to the style of the chosen ethnic group. In order to do this as correctly as possible, it is necessary to seriously study what the reservoirs look like in the part of the world in the style of which the landscape design is drawn up.

Pond on the site as a reflection of style
Pond on the site as a reflection of style

Chinese style garden

Fantasy gardens

A special conversation about fantasy gardens. Since they are arranged not only on the banks of rivers or lakes, but also on wetlands, they will have to seriously work on the reservoir in order to include them in the general gloomy and mysterious world of fantasy and the Middle Ages.

Pond on the site as a reflection of style
Pond on the site as a reflection of style

General recommendations for the construction of artificial reservoirs in the fantasy style are to carefully bring their design, size and appearance to the chosen "theme". To do this, it is worthwhile to study in more detail the source of inspiration - a book, a film, illustrations for a medieval manuscript. It depends on this whether this or that reservoir can be located on the site and how it should look.

Alpine gardens

For an alpine garden, a natural body of water should become a natural and logical completion of a cascade of alpine slides, waterfalls and streams. All water should fall into it. The coastline is formed by boulders and pebbles. The created artificial landscape must be as close as possible to the natural mountain landscape.

Pond on the site as a reflection of style
Pond on the site as a reflection of style

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