PSK "Monopoly" - Construction Projects From Moscow City To Formula 1

PSK "Monopoly" - Construction Projects From Moscow City To Formula 1
PSK "Monopoly" - Construction Projects From Moscow City To Formula 1

Video: PSK "Monopoly" - Construction Projects From Moscow City To Formula 1

Video: PSK "Monopoly" - Construction Projects From Moscow City To Formula 1
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This is especially true for the housing sector. When construction work is planned in areas of existing development, dismantling is carried out before construction begins. For such work, as well as for further construction, special equipment is used, developed for operation in a confined space. At the same time, the equipment must have sufficient power characteristics.

In places where high-rise buildings are being erected, the situation looks even more serious: in a limited space, the most complex projects of foundation pits are implemented, large volumes of soil are removed, etc. It would be simply impossible to solve such problems by the usual increase in human resources. A variety of special equipment is required. Meanwhile, not every developer has its own fleet of concrete mixers, excavators, graders, loaders and bulldozers. Therefore, developers most often turn to companies specializing in the provision of mechanization services during construction and installation work. One of the largest such organizations is the PUK Monopoly. This company, in addition to mechanization services, also provides services for the production and delivery of concrete.

The company's fleet is very extensive and includes the following special equipment:

  • - Scania dump trucks (60 units);
  • - earth-moving machinery CATERPILLAR, LIEBHERR;
  • - excavators CAT 330-D, CAT M 318 D;
  • - graders CAT-160M;
  • - MAN concrete pumps with a boom of 48 m;
  • - concrete mixer trucks MERCEDES-BENZ ACTROS 3332B and MERCEDES 4141.

In total, the park has more than 120 units of high-performance special equipment.


The PSK Monopoly company includes the LIEBHERR concrete plant, which produces concrete for road, civil and bridge construction. The plant capacity is 120 cubic meters. m / h. All products are certified. Concrete production is organized near the town of Skhodnya, near the beginning of the Moscow - Petersburg highway. The convenient location of the plant in close proximity to one of the main highways is beneficial from the point of view of logistics. The time for delivering concrete to construction sites is reduced, both in the city center and around the Moscow Ring Road. For the customer, this is a significant saving in transportation costs.

Only the most innovative technologies make it possible to carry out dismantling of old buildings as efficiently as possible. For these purposes, PSK Monopoly uses the LIEBHERR R944C VH-HD-1000 LITRONIC demolition excavator. This special equipment allows you to safely carry out dismantling work in densely built-up areas. The use of this technique eliminates the likelihood of destruction of neighboring buildings and ensures the safety of the engineering communications available in the area. PSK Monopoly guarantees a high level of service and care for the environment in the work areas.

The organization employs highly qualified engineers and technical personnel. The company's services can be provided around the clock, 365 days a year.


The most significant implemented projects of the company:

  • - project of reconstruction of the parking of government aircraft of the State Customs Committee "Russia" (airport "Vnukovo");
  • - participation in the construction of the Wedding Palace with an underground parking lot (Moscow City);
  • - participation in the construction of "Logopark" (Chekhovsky district of the Moscow region);
  • - project for the reconstruction of the highway M8;
  • - participation in the construction of the KRKA-RUS II plant (Istrinsky district);
  • - other jobs.

In 2011 PSK Monopoly carried out a number of works on the construction of the Tower-Eurasia Moscow City building. The engineering and technical personnel of the company prepared the pit, 150 thousand cubic meters were removed. m of soil from the construction site.

The company has all the necessary certificates related to the “BUILDING QUALITY REGISTER” voluntary certification system:

  • - certificate of quality management systems;
  • - certificate of health and safety management systems;
  • - certificate of environmental management systems.

The high quality of work of PSK Monopoly confirms that it was this organization that was entrusted with the construction of an important section of the Formula-1 highway in the Volokolamsk region.