Internet To Every Home Using Diamond Technology

Internet To Every Home Using Diamond Technology
Internet To Every Home Using Diamond Technology

Video: Internet To Every Home Using Diamond Technology

Video: Internet To Every Home Using Diamond Technology
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"Internet to every home" - D. A. Medvedev, President of the Russian Federation. Quickly, efficiently and reliably using diamond drilling technology.

The statement on the modernization of telecommunication networks made not only Internet providers become more active, but also construction organizations that actively began to implement the state order. After all, running the Internet is also a construction and technological task that requires intervention at the first stages of construction departments.


An interesting challenge - and an equally interesting and innovative solution. Namely, the use of diamond drilling technology for laying cables for the Internet in civil and industrial premises. Currently, diamond drilling technology is actively gaining a leading position on Russian construction sites, displacing the classical methods using jackhammers and rock drills. Diamond drilling is rightfully considered the most advanced and efficient way of making holes with a diameter of 12 mm to 600 mm in such high-strength materials as concrete, reinforced concrete, stone, brick, etc. The advantages of diamond drilling are obvious:

  • High speed and productivity of work.
  • Perfectly accurate and straight holes that do not require rework.
  • Dust-free and low vibration.
  • Possibility of drilling in hard-to-reach and confined spaces: close to the wall, floor to ceiling, at an angle.
  • Drilling without damaging the supporting structure of the building - no cracks, chips.

That is why diamond drilling technology is actively used in residential premises. Laying of various kinds of communications - ventilation, heating, engineering systems - these are just a small part of the areas of application of diamond drilling. However, currently, the most popular area in diamond drilling is considered to be telecommunication cables, and in particular the Internet communications.


As a rule, in residential buildings, drilling for Internet communications is carried out in ceilings at common areas, where cables are then laid in special plastic pipes. To make holes in the floor slabs, diamond drilling machines are used, which are construction equipment for drilling holes in concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, brickwork. The main elements of diamond drilling units are: the engine, the bed and, its main cutting element - the diamond bit.

To perform various types of work, drilling machines of various capacities and configurations are provided. That is why, in the case of laying cables for the Internet, the specialists of the Adel Group of Companies, the leading manufacturer of diamond tools and equipment in Russia, recommend taking into account the following features of the operation of diamond drilling machines:

  1. The motor power and mobility of the diamond drilling machine. When drilling holes in ceilings for the Internet cable, it is recommended to use appropriate drilling machines with a motor from 1.6 to 2.0 kW. Drilling rigs of this configuration are powerful enough to make holes in the floor slabs and are quite mobile and easy to use. Small dimensions and weight (up to 17 kg), as well as an affordable price make such installations the most effective when laying Internet cables.
  2. Fastening the bed (tripod) of the diamond drilling machine.

    The drill stand is the support on which the motor is located and with which the drill is fixed to a surface (wall, ceiling or floor). There are two common ways of attaching the drilling unit - anchoring and anchoring with a spacer bar. The anchoring method of the installation provides for its installation to the surface with additional holes for fasteners. However, due to the peculiarity of work in residential premises, when wiring cables for the Internet, a spacer bar is usually used. The spacer bar is a metal pin that rests on the floor at one end and at the ceiling at the other. This mounting method is convenient when working in residential premises, because allows you to work without creating additional holes. Among the alternative methods of fastening diamond drilling machines, there are also: vacuum fastening, through fastening (stud), fastening using special platforms, etc.

  3. Additional equipment. It is also important to note that when laying the Internet cable, installation work, as a rule, is carried out in residential buildings. That is why it is necessary to use every opportunity to minimize dust and noise during the drilling process. For this, additional equipment is provided - a manual or electric water pump that supplies water during the drilling process, a water collecting ring or an industrial vacuum cleaner that collects dust and sludge from the drilling zone. The use of such elements allows making holes practically free of dust and dirt.
  4. The cutting part of the drilling machine is a diamond core bit.

    The main cutting element of the drilling machine is diamond core bits. A diamond core bit is a metal cylinder with diamond segments brazed onto it. Diamond drills are capable of making holes with a diameter of 12 to 600 mm and a depth of up to 4 meters. Among the large assortment of diamond core bits provided on the Russian market, it is important to choose the best quality tool suitable for a specific type of work. So, when choosing diamond bits, the technologists of the Adel Group of Companies advise to pay attention to the following indicators:

  • Lifetime of the crown. The resource of the crown is taken into account based on the material being processed. Crowns "Adel" have high resource rates.
  • Drilling speed. The drilling speed of one crown can be from 1 to 6 cm / min. The drilling speed also depends on the properties of the work material and the power of the drilling equipment.
  • Price. The cost of a crown depends on the diameter and length of the crown, as well as the manufacturer.
  • The quality of the holes to be made. As a rule, holes after drilling with diamond core bits are smooth and do not require rework.
  • Availability. Availability of products in warehouses and the ability to quickly purchase diamond tools. This is an important factor for urgent orders.
  • The ability to carry out non-standard orders. For example, manufacturing a diamond drill of non-standard length.
  • Supplier: manufacturer or reseller.
  • Multiple use. This implies the possibility of multiple reconditioning of diamond core bits, which significantly reduces costs. This function allows you not to purchase a new diamond bit every time, but to restore it.

As a rule, only a small fraction of diamond tool suppliers can meet all the criteria for high-quality diamond core bits. This is due to the fact that in Russia the manufacturers of diamond drills are "counted on one hand", and only they are ready to take on non-standard orders and give an accurate guarantee for each batch of bits, as well as promptly execute and deliver an urgent order. So, among the manufacturers of diamond tools in Russia, there are about 5 companies, including the Adel Group of Companies, which is able to guarantee the fulfillment of all the above factors.


Considering the specifics of the work of diamond core bits when laying cables for the Internet, the specialists of the Adel Group of Companies, who repeatedly encounter a similar task, recommend paying special attention to the diameter of the drilling bit. Most often, for such work, construction companies choose diamond core bits d 52 mm. However, for a more efficient and long-term operation of the tool, it is recommended to use crowns with a larger diameter - d 56 mm or even d 58 mm. It is important to take this nuance into account, since when laying the Internet cable, a crown of d 52 mm drills a hole "close" for the cable (pipe diameter - 50 mm). However, in the process of drilling, due to the erasure of the segment on concrete, the hole diameter becomes smaller and, accordingly, the pipe with the cable does not pass. To avoid such problems, it is recommended to use crowns of large diameters.

When laying the Internet cable, you must also pay attention to the length of the crown - the recommended length is 450 mm. Such a diamond bit can be restored up to 5 times, which significantly reduces the cost of work, because no need to buy a new diamond bit. With a professional approach and the choice of quality tools, for example, Adele's crowns, one diamond drill can drill up to 50 floors (the average thickness of which is 25 cm).

High technologies do not stand still. That is why, in order to fulfill modern telecommunication tasks, and above all the availability of the Internet to every Russian, only advanced and effective methods of their implementation are used - diamond drilling technologies.