We Are Building A Turkish Bath On A Personal Plot

We Are Building A Turkish Bath On A Personal Plot
We Are Building A Turkish Bath On A Personal Plot
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Finnish, Russian, Turkish baths
Finnish, Russian, Turkish baths

Today, thanks to modern technologies, there is a unique opportunity to build a Turkish bath on a personal plot. This requires the following conditions:

  • sufficiently large free area;
  • the presence of warm sun loungers made of stone;
  • heated floor.

Do not forget about the standard set of equipment, without which it is impossible to equip a Turkish bath. This kit consists of the following components:

  • a steam generator located outside the steam room itself, and equipped with an automatic water supply control;
  • control panel located outside or inside the steam room;
  • steam nozzle located under the bench;
  • dispenser, as well as containers with aromas, which are an attachment to the steam generator;
  • decalciser - another attachment to the steam generator, with which it is washed after each use, which, in turn, prevents the formation of calcium plaque inside the steam generator container itself;
  • a special glass door with a frame made of aluminum;
  • special waterproof lamps designed for 12-24 volts;
  • a step-down transformer;
  • high-quality waterproof fan;
  • an electric cable, as well as a regulator designed for heating both benches and walls.

Everything else is a matter of technique. So, you can start building. First you need to decide on the location of the bath, because the following communications must be suitable for it: water, electricity, ventilation, a steam pipe and, of course, a steam generator. The very structure "hamam" should be made exclusively of environmentally friendly, durable, moisture-resistant, heat-insulating and durable materials.

Traditionally, the Turkish bath is built in accordance with the principle of the palm: for example, five fingers of the hand correspond to five rooms (or "niches") in the bath, where the air temperature slowly but surely rises from 70 to 100 degrees.

For example, the temperature in the dressing room varies from 28 to 34 degrees (the body warms up), while in each subsequent room the temperature gradually rises until it reaches 100 degrees. In the middle of the so-called "palm" (center of the steam room) is a large and hot marble stone called "soup", which can be translated as "stone for the stomach." They lie on this stone with their stomachs upward, periodically pouring water over it.

Turkish bath construction
Turkish bath construction

The floor deserves special attention in the Turkish bath, which must be warm, only under this condition the steaming person will not feel the cold when leaving the steam room. I must say that the temperature of the floor is quite high, but not scalding. Heating of various surfaces in an oriental bath is provided by laying thin pipelines, directly through which hot water flows.

A prerequisite for a Turkish bath is high air humidity, for the creation and maintenance of which a powerful steam generator is simply needed (for example, the volume of a steam room "hamam" is larger than the volume of a Finnish or Russian bath), which is placed in a technical room together with a plumbing board, as well as a step-down transformer. Such an equipped technical room should be located at a distance not exceeding 15 m from the constructed bath room.

In general, a classic Turkish bath should have three pools: warm, neutral, and cold water. If the area of ​​your personal plot does not allow you to build a truly Turkish bath, then one pool will also be enough. Don't forget about the kurnas, which are large stone bowls equipped with a tap for water supply.

Pools in the Turkish bath
Pools in the Turkish bath

And finally, the ceiling is a true work of art, with a dome and fiber optic lighting system "starry sky". It should be noted that the ceiling in an oriental bath serves both an aesthetic function and a practical one, since the steam condensed into drops does not fall on the heads in soaring large drops, but simply flows from the dome onto the walls, and from there onto the floor. In the Turkish bath, everything is calculated to the smallest detail, so nothing will prevent you from enjoying the process of cleansing your body and soul.

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