Smart Home Is The Future Today

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Smart Home Is The Future Today
Smart Home Is The Future Today
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  • What can a smart home do?
  • What is a smart home
  • Home security is now managed by a smart home
  • Smart home provides self-service premises
  • Robot vacuum cleaner in a smart home
Smart home system
Smart home system

Only one problem with real estate has remained unchanged for thousands of years - there were not enough hands and eyes that could keep track of all the affairs in our homes. For thousands of years, this problem was solved in the same way - using other people (slaves and servants) to solve all everyday problems in the house. And today, for the first time in the history of mankind, the situation has changed: technical solutions have appeared that make our life much easier - systems that have received the general name "smart home".

What some ten years ago seemed like a fantasy, today it is possible - a house with intelligence, capable of independently solving many everyday tasks. What can this system, called a smart home, do? Provide the highest level of comfortable life for its owners, independently managing engineering and multimedia systems, security systems and even providing some medical services. In a smart home, all internal systems are connected by a single control center, acting according to the tasks set by the owners.

The smart home is multifunctional and therefore unique, smart homes with different functional capabilities are offered to customers. One of the main differences will be the control of a smart home, it can be carried out via a mobile connection or via a remote control, or maybe it is more convenient for you to control a smart home using a pocket personal computer, or you want all the controls at once - please!

What can a smart home do?

Depends on the package of functions selected by the customer. For example, you want to take a bath, returning home after a hard day - give a command and the smart home will prepare a bath for you, and the water will be exactly the temperature you prefer, accurate to a tenth of a degree Celsius. Or, returning from a trip in hot summer, you want the smart home to activate the air conditioning system and set a certain temperature in the premises - only your team is needed, as soon as the smart home receives it, everything will be done. Smart home is really good - that's why in translation from English the name of these systems sounds like "clever", "quick-witted".

Smart home equipment
Smart home equipment

A smart home is not intended only for some luxurious mansion; you can use these systems in a private house or in one of the apartments of a high-rise building. The comfort and maximum convenience that a smart home provides is widely available thanks to the versatility of the system, which is widely and increasingly popular in the West. In Russia, these systems are less popular, but interest in them is growing from year to year.

What is a smart home

A smart home is created by an electronics system linked by a single center. All currently existing systems of this kind have two main directions: a highly environmentally friendly and economical option, united by a single goal - comfort for the owner. The smart home system has two main tasks - maintenance and entertainment.

Inside the premises of a smart home, control is carried out using the remote control, there can be several or only one general (universal) one. The brain of a smart home is a server that contains control programs in its memory, it is extremely important, therefore it is duplicated by a second similar server - thus completely eliminating the possibility of stopping the functioning of the smart home due to some malfunction in the main control computer.

Almost the entire set of equipment that makes up the smart home system, the owners can purchase on their own, they are easy to find and there is plenty to choose from. The problem arises when trying to install a single control center for these systems - it is extremely difficult to optimize them, especially if amateurs are engaged in this. The costs incurred by the owner of the house for self-purchase and attempts to optimize all systems will be especially high when you take into account the consequences - the lack of comfort and moral costs. It is better to entrust optimization issues to professionals who guarantee the result - and then the customer will receive not just an automated home, but a full-fledged assistant - a real smart home. Outwardly, a smart house is no different from neighboring houses or apartments, it's all about its internal content, ease of management,which even a child can use. The universal smart home control panel is equipped with an intuitive interface, has a Russian menu - it's not difficult to use it.

A smart home is equipped with entertainment functions for its owners; technically, they are controlled by media server and multiroom subsystems. For example, if earlier the hosts were looking forward to an advertising break in the broadcast of their favorite show, the miltirum system will now allow them to visit the kitchen and not interrupt watching a TV show or a movie. The multiroom system manages all audio and video devices in the smart home, all audio and video information entering or already available in the house. The last detail remains - this information needs to be contained and stored somewhere. For this, the smart home contains a media server - a home library of audio and video information. An important feature of a modern smart home is the complete interaction of all systems assembled under its control - for example,the connection of the media server with the telephone line allows you to hear the signal of an incoming call at any point in the smart home and answer the call without picking up the handset and without leaving the room where the owner of the smart home is at the moment of the incoming call.

Media server, multiroom
Media server, multiroom

Thanks to the multi-room system, family members of the owners of the smart home can enjoy listening to their favorite music - each his own, regardless of location and how many family members will listen to it at the same time. The multiroom system is a complex technical complex consisting of TVs and monitors, amplifiers and speakers, and the heart of this system is a media server. When building smart home systems, the greatest efforts and costs are spent on building a multi-room system, the most expensive and complex part of which is the media server. The creation of a multi-room system in a smart home is carried out according to the wishes of a particular customer, and the equipment that makes up this system allows you to find the best solutions for premises of any architectural complexity and size, regardless of the number of video and audio zones.

Home security is now managed by a smart home

The system of video cameras and audio devices, which together are the eyes and ears of a smart home, will completely exclude the penetration of strangers. The smart house itself will let the owners and pets into the premises and will not allow the entry of strangers, whose persons are not contained in its database and whose access is allowed.

Smart home provides self-service premises

Smart home systems work automatically, its owners do not need to independently monitor the lighting and temperature levels in the premises - the system will do all this itself. At first, the owners of a smart home find it difficult to get used to its independence at the moments when the lighting turns on and off on its own, adjusting to weather conditions and time of day. When designing, design engineers will adjust the location of lighting fixtures and the intensity of their illumination for maximum comfort of the owners, with maximum efficiency and safety.

Household appliances for a smart home
Household appliances for a smart home

In a smart home, household appliances are able to perform their functions independently - the refrigerator itself will order the necessary food via the Internet, the vacuum cleaner will clean the premises. Smart home control looks like an interesting game, isn't it?

If the owners of the smart home have or decide to have a pet, the smart home will take care of them in the absence of the owners. All you need is food for your pet (s) and an automatic feeder controlled by the central computer of the smart home. This solution is perfect in cases where the owners need to leave for a long time - on vacation or to the country.

Robot vacuum cleaner in a smart home

One of the wonders of the latest generation of technical innovations is a robot vacuum cleaner controlled by a smart home system - this miracle device can perform the entire range of cleaning, from dust collection to wet cleaning of premises. The robot vacuum cleaner is able to go down stairs, avoid touching walls and corners, remove dust even in the most inaccessible places, and then return to its place to charge the batteries.

This household appliance can do more! The design of the robot vacuum cleaner includes an ultraviolet light lamp, with the help of which the robot vacuum cleaner treats the surface of the floor from bacteria and germs, spreading an aroma pleasant to the owners during its work. This device can be purchased both in combination with the complete smart home equipment, and separately.

Robot vacuum cleaner
Robot vacuum cleaner

A smart home is obedient to its owners, like an affectionate pet, and, unlike an animal, is not capable of causing any harm to the owners. A smart home completely obeys the commands given by its owners and only by them.

After reading this article, do you have a feeling of unreality of what was described? Does the smart home seem so familiar from science fiction novels and films that depict people's lives in some future? The future is already here, it has come, and today it is quite possible to live in a smart home, although it requires some costs.

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