Manual Garden Cultivator - Assistant In Work At The Summer Cottage

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Manual Garden Cultivator - Assistant In Work At The Summer Cottage
Manual Garden Cultivator - Assistant In Work At The Summer Cottage

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  • Manual garden cultivator - varieties and principle of operation
  • What to look for when choosing a manual garden cultivator
  • Manual garden cultivator - price
  • Advantages of manual garden cultivators
Manual tine cultivator
Manual tine cultivator

Manual garden cultivator - varieties and principle of operation

The first, simpler type of hand cultivator, is a steel attachment for a long handle, consisting of 15 - 30 cm, straight or curved metal teeth (from 3 to 8). With its help, you can quickly loosen caked soil and weeds. The cultivation of the soil is carried out in a standing position - holding the handle-handle with both hands, the summer resident plunges the teeth of the cultivator into the soil and loosens it, stretching the toothed nozzle towards him.

Using a hand-held tine cultivator, you can cultivate the soil 2 times faster than using a conventional hoe.

The second type of manual garden cultivator is even more convenient for land cultivation - it is a walking cultivator or, as it is also called, a hoe with wheels. This garden tool, in comparison with the tine cultivator, has a more complex design - it is equipped with two sets of wheels (large and small), a handle with a variable height and several star-shaped knives-attachments for soil cultivation. The owner of such a manual cultivator will be able to plow the land and cultivate it, and quickly weed the weeds. For each type of work, it is necessary to install wheels of a certain size - for open areas of land, large wheels are suitable, which will allow you to develop a sufficient speed of work, when weeding near cultivated plants, you need to install small wheels and work more carefully.

Walking cultivator
Walking cultivator

The main advantages of a walking manual cultivator: high speed of land cultivation (compared to manual cultivation with a hoe - 6 times), soil cultivation in forward and reverse motion (which improves the quality of loosening).

A hand-held garden cultivator is especially good for cultivating land with soil that does not contain a lot of stones - otherwise it will be rather difficult to use a walking cultivator, because stones will get stuck between the "beams" of the star knives.

What to look for when choosing a manual garden cultivator

The manual garden cultivator must have a removable plastic-metal handle, the height of which can be adjusted to the height of the user. In addition, the removable handle can also be used for other garden tools. It is important to pay attention to the metal from which the cultivator's star knives are made - high-quality knives are made of special structural steel that is resistant to breakage. The completeness should be maximum - two sets of wheels (large and small diameters), at least four star nozzles for cultivating the earth to a depth of at least 4 - 5 cm. It is necessary to pay attention to the possibility of removing the central star wheels from the working axle with fixing the intermediate distance - in In this case, it becomes possible to remove weeds on both sides of the garden bed, placing it in the middle of a manual garden cultivator.

Manual garden cultivator - price

The market offers buyers manual cultivators, both domestic and imported, and the cost of this garden tool in the second case will be twice as high. The cost of domestic toothed cultivators ranges from 300 to 1,200 rubles, depending on the model, while imported ones - from 600 to 2,000 rubles.

The price for walking cultivators with star-shaped attachments ranges from 400 to 1,500 rubles for domestic models (depending on the size and configuration) and from 1,000 to 3,000 rubles for foreign models.

Often, the main differences between cultivators of domestic and foreign production are more careful execution of imported garden tools (ergonomic handle, convenient adjustment of the height of the handle-handle) and the wide popularity of the brand that produces it.

Advantages of manual garden cultivators

Hand cultivators for garden work can be used by retirees and children, since the use of these tools requires significantly less physical effort than working with other hand tools (hoe, shovel, etc.). The wheel cultivator's star knives are capable of effectively weeding the beds, damaging the root system of the weeds and pulling them out of the ground. Manual garden cultivators can greatly facilitate the processing of small land plots - using this garden tool, summer residents will be able to devote more time to outdoor recreation.

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