Choosing A Door. How To Choose The Right Door

Choosing A Door. How To Choose The Right Door
Choosing A Door. How To Choose The Right Door

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The choice of the door should begin directly with the inspection of the door frame, which should not have defects and is made from the same material from which the door was made. Some boxes are adjustable for wall thickness, painted or decorated with keyway, laminate.

Door frame
Door frame

What to do if the wall is thicker (thinner) than the door frame

If it is thicker, then you can purchase a boron board - this is a subscribed chipboard sheet. The boron board allows you to increase the width of the box to the required volume. If the wall is thinner, then the box can be cut off. With this, the width of the box cannot be less than 75 mm.

How to maximize the protective functions of iron doors

Nowadays, new locks and other locking devices with the highest level of secrecy are installed in the entrance doors, the number of key compositions of a difficult lock is visited at least 25,000. On a metal door, at least 2 locks are taken into account, which, in most cases, are installed at a distance of 300 mm between themselves. At the same time, the main lock is traditionally felted with a crossbar overhang of at least 35-40 mm, the second (additional) is of a different system. In addition to locks, security (STEEL) doors are supplied with additional means that prevent the opening of a metal door.

Where should the entrance steel door open

Using high quality doors from fashionable manufacturers, there is no fundamental difference. This touches both those brought from other countries and Russian doors. Truthfully, it should be noted that global stereotypes predict the opening inward. But overseas manufacturers release doors suitable for both external and internal (steel) door opening. When opening outward (stereotypical for the Russian Federation), there is a significant saving in living space. For almost everyone, this is the guiding argument. When opening the front door, it does not interfere with neighbors inward and is often recommended by the fire protection.


What doors are fireproof

These doors, first of all, must undergo a special check and receive the certification of the Madam Inspection according to GOST fire resistance from 15 to 360 minutes, i.e. the time during which the fire brigades are ready to take real actions to eliminate the exact fire. The main function of fire doors is to localize the initiation of a flame, to avoid its subsequent spread. The outer door leaf must be made of non-combustible plastic, laminate, melamine, and the system consists of two sheets of zinc-coated predetermined thickness, the place between which is filled with heat-insulating substances: non-combustible mineral wool, basalt fiber glued with a special glue, and so on. The most effective is heat insulator made of silica (up to 1200 ° С and higher). Also around the perimeter of the entire refractory,The steel door has a foaming anti-smoke insert, which is used in a specific melting episode and thus the gap is sealed. The most reliable fireproof steel doors are statistically able to withstand high temperatures for about 2 hours.

At the same time, progressive fire doors have all the chances to be not heavy, of good design, one-, two-leaf, and also suit other customer requirements. The latest technologies take into account the presence of glass up to 25% of the door area. The door and frame can be painted in virtually every color (epoxy-polyester paint is used).

Will the sound insulation in the room improve when installing a metal door?

Such doors receive soundproofing properties in the event that an insulator is laid between the iron sheets (it is better, as long as this mineral wool). Without such an insulator, the steel sheet can, on the contrary, increase the noise. If you have installed a fresh door, although you are afraid that it will not protect against the hum, it is worth throwing the decrepit wooden door. To destroy the drone, first, you need to upholster the door. For this, various materials are used, for example leatherette, which is relatively inexpensive and looks quite aesthetically pleasing. A few layers of padding polyester or batting should be put under the upholstery. If you wrap around the door on both sides, the return of the insulation will be higher. There are other options for solving the problem. For example, the sound permeability decreases as soon as the door is upholstered with wood. A good result is highlighted by the most labor-intensive entrance door system,consisting of 2 door leaves with a weightless layer in the middle. Also, the sound insulation of entrance doors is usually increased with a seal.

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