Outpost Doors: Model 11TSY

Outpost Doors: Model 11TSY
Outpost Doors: Model 11TSY
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Forpost products are new generation doors made of metal. The production of such doors is carried out by an industrial method. The company's products are very popular among the residents of Russia, as they have a high consumer reputation.

Doors Outpost
Doors Outpost

A distinctive feature of each Forpost door is an increased level of thermal insulation and sound insulation, three sealing circuits, hinges that are hidden and adjustable, MasterLock, a "no key" system.

Model 11TSY is a standard door that has the following specifications:

  1. door thickness - 67 mm;
  2. three sealing circuits;
  3. locking system - five-channel;
  4. lock - "no key" system;
  5. cylinder MASTER-LOCK 3 + 1 + 5;
  6. complex cylinder protection - SHIELD2;
  7. additional lock (lever);
  8. hinges - hidden, adjustable, with an opening angle of 97 degrees;
  9. fittings - ML 200;
  10. external coating with UV varnish;
  11. various colors of the canvas on both sides (inner, outer);
  12. key highlighting - Masterlight;
  13. outdoor installation;
  14. 1 year warranty.

The overall dimensions of this door are available in two versions:

  1. width - 960 mm, height - 2050;
  2. width - 860 mm, height - 2050.

Any door can be made with both right and left opening, depending on what will be needed in a particular case of the customer.

Model 11TSY
Model 11TSY

By design, the door is a leaf, which is made of two sheets of alloy steel. The door has a surface with a stamped panel and a special anti-vandal coating that imitates quite valuable wood species. The volume inside the door is filled with a special material, which, in addition to being fireproof, is also considered environmentally friendly. Three sealing circuits located around the entire door perimeter ensure excellent closing tightness. Two of these contours are placed on the door leaf and one is installed on the frame. The latter is magnetic because the closed door is stuck to the frame.

It is thanks to this design that high thermal insulation and sound insulation are provided. For the manufacture of the door frame and platband, two-millimeter steel is used. Composing a single whole, the platband and the frame ideally protect the door-to-wall fasteners from access. The four hidden, adjustable hinges also act as anti-pull pins. The use of special protection for the cylinder lock mechanism provides optimal protection against any mechanical impact. The Masterlock “no key” system in the locks of this door allows quick opening and closing: handle up from the outside - the door closes, handle down from the inside - opens. The cylinder "Masterlock" 5 + 5 "included in the package of this door has 3 sets of keys (5 - green, 1 - yellow, 5 - red).It is possible to use red and green keys at the same time. The yellow key overrides the actions of the green keys, i.e. serves for transcoding.

Forpost 11TSY doors have all the characteristics that are required to ensure safety and comfort in modern conditions. In addition, the design of these doors will easily fit into the interior of any room. A large selection of interior and exterior coatings will allow you to choose an individual color option that will best match the environment.

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