Interior Design Of A Studio Apartment: Maximum Space For Life And Space For Imagination

Interior Design Of A Studio Apartment: Maximum Space For Life And Space For Imagination
Interior Design Of A Studio Apartment: Maximum Space For Life And Space For Imagination

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The main disadvantage of most projects of apartment buildings is a small footage, which is also "crammed" with unnecessary corridors, corners and walls. An ingenious solution to this problem was proposed several decades ago by French designers - the creation of their small one-room studio apartment. Today it is a popular housing option in America and Europe, so anyone who is planning today apartment renovation or redevelopment, we invite you to listen to the ideas proposed by leading foreign architects.


Planning space

A studio is a single space of an apartment without internal walls, its classic "formula" is a dining, living and sleeping area, which are harmoniously combined in one room without overloading it. For example, for a rectangular apartment, they can be arranged sequentially from the front door: a living room, a kitchen with a bathroom and a bedroom, and so that the latter, if desired, can be separated from the rest of the apartment by light or stationary partitions.

When planning a studio setting, it is worth considering that cabinets with mezzanines, dressers and bedside tables visually take up space - this is especially true for small apartments, the total area of ​​which is less than 30 square meters. The ideal option is a dressing room or alcove, inside which you can place all things, shoes and outerwear. An additional option for storing clothes or, for example, bed linen is a podium for a bed with shelves and doors.

Another important point is that the interior of the apartment should look "dynamic", this effect can be achieved with the help of bright interior details, the attention to which is attracted by lighting. An interesting idea is the relief pattern of the ceiling, which repeats the bend of the bar counter, the transition of floor levels, podiums, the unusual arrangement of paintings or photographs on the walls.

Invisible boundaries

In order to subtly focus on the boundaries between the zones, you can highlight each of them with color - for example, the kitchen can be kept in white and light green colors, and the bedroom and living room - in warm and soft shades of olive. The main rule here is that the colors should be contrasting, but harmoniously combined with each other, it can be either a fresh and aggressive contrast of red and green, or a soft combination of gray and pink.


You can also use the difference in the texture of the floor - choose functional porcelain stoneware for the kitchen, a fleecy carpet for the bedroom, and parquet for the living room.

Borders are easy to define with the help of furniture - coffee tables, transparent and light shelving, a soft corner, a bar counter or partitions - for example, wooden screens in Japanese style or blinds installed in the walls.

Color and light

An ideal studio is a spacious room filled with sunlight, so the color scheme should visually expand the space. Calm pastel shades - blue, peach, pale lemon, light olive - are best suited for this task; silver tones also look very advantageous. Lighting can perform similar functions, for example, lamps along long walls in a rectangular apartment visually "expand" it. In addition, with the help of light, you can zone the space - bright spotlights around the bed or at the head of the bed “highlight” the bedroom, and several lamps in the living area with a clear line of shadow visually separate it from the rest of the space.


In order to let more sun into the apartment, an ordinary window can be replaced with a French one - from floor to ceiling, these are the windows that Parisian artists choose for their studios. Another classic solution - mirrors, their large surface "doubles" the space, and located opposite the window - fills the room with natural light.

Focus on detail

  • To ensure that the interior design of a new home does not become boring over time, think over bright accents in it that can be changed in advance. These can be paintings, bar stool covers, carpeting or lighting schemes;
  • To save space, pay attention to transforming furniture - folding sofas and armchairs, tables; another option is a bed that is removed for a day in wall niches;
  • In a studio devoid of internal partitions, sounds and smells spread very quickly, so it is worth equipping the kitchen with a powerful and silent hood.

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