The Choice Of A Heat Gun - We Take Into Account All Factors

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The Choice Of A Heat Gun - We Take Into Account All Factors
The Choice Of A Heat Gun - We Take Into Account All Factors
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  • What are we going to heat and how much does it cost?
  • Choosing an electric heat gun
  • Choosing a gas heat gun
  • Choosing a diesel heat gun
  • conclusions
Heat gun selection
Heat gun selection

Well, for example, not everyone will be able to immediately answer the exact volume of the room in which the heat gun will be installed. There is no need to talk about whether the consumer knows the heat loss of the room. So let's make our choice correctly and consciously using a specific example. We will consider the three most common types of heat guns - electric, gas and diesel guns. It has long been no secret that tariffs for electricity and other energy carriers are growing every year. The Russian consumer pays for the same energy resources at the moment slightly less than consumers from the CIS countries. Unfortunately, sooner or later this difference in tariffs will become minimal. So we will try to look at the choice of a heat gun with an eye to the future, taking into account all the costs that the consumer of this heating equipment will have to bear.

What are we going to heat and how much does it cost?

Before proceeding with the selection of a heat gun, we have to collect information about those objects where we are going to use our acquisition. Let's imagine that we need to purchase a heat gun for a small object, such as a service station, car wash or warehouse.

But let's immediately remember the tariffs. For example, a Russian company pays about 3 rubles 30 kopecks for 1 kW / hour of electricity, or about 11 cents in dollars. These prices are valid in cases where the enterprises do not go beyond the declared limit.

The cost of 1 meter of cubic gas for a Russian enterprise is about 1 ruble 90 kopecks (0.06 cents). Diesel fuel costs about 18 rubles per liter (0.6 cents).

As it becomes clear from the above prices, the lowest prices at the moment are for electricity. Gas is still one of the available types of fuel, but given the dynamics of growth in its cost (only this 2010 prices are forecast to rise by 15%), one needs to think about it. Diesel fuel is quite expensive, but this is compensated by the high mobility of such heat guns.

We found out the fuel prices. Let's now deal with the room that we need to heat.

First of all, we need to know not just the area of ​​the room that we are going to heat, but its capacity (in cubic meters). In addition, for calculations, we need a parameter such as the coefficient of thermal insulation of our premises. And the last parameter that will be needed for calculations is the temperature difference between the initial (that which was in the room before the heating was turned on) and the temperature that we plan to get in the room as a result of using heating equipment.

Calculation of the area of ​​the heated room
Calculation of the area of ​​the heated room

Let's designate the volume of the heated room as V. Let's designate the coefficient of thermal insulation as K = 2.2 (partially insulated hangar or box). The temperature is designated as T1 (required temperature) and T2 (actual, before using the equipment).

For a production facility, the temperature is considered normal from 15 to 18 degrees. Let's take this figure (18 degrees) as a basis for calculations. Let's say that the temperature before the start of heating the room was -2 degrees. Accordingly, T = 20. The volume of a relatively small box for 4 workplaces (4 cars at the same time) is about 500 cubic meters. Now we can get the result (in kilocalories), which will allow us to choose the right heat gun. In our case, Q = 22000 kcal. Accordingly, the heat gun must be chosen either of equal or higher power in order to achieve the desired result. It is not at all necessary to have one gun. Several can be purchased, but their capacity must match the design capacity. There is one more calculation option, it is not entirely accurate, but it also allows you to determine the parameters of the equipment,which you need to choose - for heating 30 cubic meters. the premises consume approximately 1 kW of energy. The fact is that some manufacturers do not always indicate product parameters in kcal.

Choosing an electric heat gun

First of all, consider the option of heating with electric heat guns. This version of thermal equipment is convenient because there is no need to coordinate its installation with various regulatory organizations. Electric heat guns are quite durable and do not require any maintenance.

As an example, we took the MASTER B 22 EPA electric heat gun and the Termiya 12000 electric heat gun. Both heat guns are designed to operate from a 380 V network.


Heat gun MASTER B 22 EPA

The MASTER B 22 EPA heat gun has 4 stages of air heating regulation. The maximum power of the product is 22 kW. The heating temperature is regulated by the stepwise switching on of electric heating elements (TEN) into operation. The body is made of sheet iron, the product has a special overload protection. The heat gun weight is 26 kg.

The heat gun "Termiya 12000" has 2 steps of temperature control. Also, as in the heat gun discussed above, the temperature is controlled by stepwise switching on the heating elements. The power of the product is 12 kW, which is significantly less than that of the equipment discussed above. The heat gun also has built-in overload protection, the body is made of sheet iron, painted with a special powder paint. The heat gun weighs 1 kg.

Both heat guns are guaranteed for 12 months. The products use heating elements that do not burn oxygen from the air. But then those things begin that we usually think about only later.

First of all, in order to use these heat guns at full capacity, you have to prepare and approve a project for an electric line that can withstand such a load. Not every object has a 380 volt line connected, and even such a high power. Do not forget that in addition to heat guns, you have to use a number of other equipment that can also consume large amounts of electricity (hoods, compressors, air conditioners). It is necessary to take into account the fact that the most comfortable temperature will be in the immediate vicinity of the heat gun, and the configuration of the room itself should also be taken into account.

In addition, it is not recommended to place any objects in the immediate vicinity of the hot air outlet. These recommendations apply to any thermal equipment. The power of the MASTER B 22 EPA heat gun will be enough to heat our premises. However, in our opinion, it will be more convenient to use two heat guns "Termiya 12000", since by placing them in different corners of the room, it will be possible to achieve a more uniform heating of the air and, accordingly, save energy.

Thermia 12000
Thermia 12000

Heat gun Thermia 12000

The fact is that when operating at full capacity, a heat gun such as the MASTER B 22 EPA will consume 528 kW of electricity per day. Considering that this equipment will not operate at full capacity all the time, it can be assumed that the average power consumption of the MASTER B 22 EPA heat gun will be about 10,000 kW per month (taking into account the lower temperature in the room during the weekend). In monetary terms, this figure will be about 33,000 rubles per month. The cost of the MASTER B 22 EPA heat gun is about 14,500 rubles, the “Termiya 12000” heat gun costs about 5,500 rubles, but considering that we need to purchase 2 heat guns, the cost will be about 11,000 rubles.

There is even an option to get a discount if you purchase such equipment in a specialized trade. The use of two heat guns can slightly reduce these costs, due to the fact that the room will warm up more evenly. On the positive side, you do not need to coordinate the installation of such equipment with various regulatory authorities. As for the cost of heating a room with two guns, we have the following result. The total power of 2 electric heat guns “Termiya 12000” is 24 kW, which is only 2 kW more powerful than the MASTER B 22 EPA heat gun.

Even if two “Termiya 12000” heat guns operate for the same time at full power, the power consumption will not increase significantly, and the room will be warmed up faster and more evenly, since the nominal heat flow of these heat guns is approximately the same. Accordingly, the cost of electricity will be approximately at the same level.

Choosing a gas heat gun

Let's try to compare now gas heat guns. We have already decided on the power of the product, we will consider gas heat guns in the same way as electric ones - two guns of lower power or one powerful heat gun. As a sample, we take the GENERAL Grisou 25 heat gun, 25 kW and the SIAL KID 15 gas heat gun, 15 kW.

GENERAL Grisou 25
GENERAL Grisou 25

Heat gun GENERAL Grisou 25

In addition to power, fuel (gas) consumption is an important parameter for gas heat guns. Gas cannons can operate both from mains gas and from liquefied gas, which is supplied in cylinders. The cost of gas heat guns is lower than electric ones of similar power. So, the GENERAL Grisou 25 gas heat gun costs about 6,700 rubles, the cost of the SIAL KID 15 gas heat gun is about 5,500 rubles (but do not forget that we need to purchase two such guns to heat the room).

The gas consumption of the GENERAL Grisou 25 heat gun is 1.94 kg / h, the SIAL KID 15 heat gun consumes 1.17 kg / h (respectively, 2.34 kg / h are consumed by two guns). The best option is to connect this equipment to the main gas pipeline. However, this is possible only if there is a project that is coordinated with all services (gas facilities, firefighters, sanitary stations, etc.). Power can also be supplied from gas cylinders. The standard capacity of a large gas cylinder is about 21 kg of liquefied gas (this is about 42 liters), the cost of refueling one such cylinder is about 350 rubles. It is easy to calculate that one bottle of liquefied gas will be enough to operate the GENERAL Grisou 25 gas heat gun for 10 hours at full power. Easy enough to countthat it will cost about 18,000 rubles a month.


Heat gun SIAL KID 15

In the event that your gas heat gun will operate from main gas, the cost of consumed gas will be 2,000 rubles, the cost of electricity that is consumed during the operation of these heat guns is very low due to low consumption. Compared to the cost of electricity, which is spent on heating with electric heat guns, there are huge benefits and cost savings. But this is only subject to obtaining all the necessary permits and carrying out all the prescribed measures. Especially when you consider all those gas explosions that have become more frequent lately.

There is one more thing - a gas heat gun burns a lot of oxygen during operation. And people will work for us. It is not safe for your health to be constantly in a room that is heated with gas heat guns without a sufficient supply of fresh air. It is for this reason that the cost of preparatory measures for the use of gas heat guns for space heating is very high. This is not only the cost of all permits, but also the cost of the equipment (fire-fighting, ventilation) that you will be forced to install.

Choosing a diesel heat gun

Considering that there will be people in our room, we need to choose a diesel heat gun with indirect air heating (there must be a chimney for removing combustion products). As an example, we took a diesel heat gun with indirect air heating Kroll MAK25, with a power of 26 kW, a fuel consumption of about 2.2 kg / hour, a fuel tank capacity of 46 liters and a diesel heat gun with indirect air heating MASTER BV 110 E, with a power of 33 kW, fuel consumption 2.71 kg / hour, fuel tank capacity 65 liters.

Kroll MAK25
Kroll MAK25

Heat gun Kroll MAK25

It should be noted right away that such products are distinguished by high power even in the smallest models of heat guns. The cost of a Kroll MAK25 diesel heat gun is about 50,000 rubles. The cost of the MASTER BV 110 E heat gun is about 53,000 rubles. The MASTER BV 110 E heat gun will consume about 18,000 rubles of diesel fuel per month, the Kroll MAK25 heat gun will consume about 16,200 rubles of fuel during the same time.


Heat gun MASTER BV 110 E

You will not need any special permits for the use of such heating equipment, and in everyday use diesel cannons are safer than gas cannons - as in all products, diesel cannons have automatic equipment that prevents overheating, and there is no risk of fuel ignition as a result its leaks. Experience has shown that gas equipment sometimes fails and the results of such accidents are very sad.


Despite the huge difference in the cost of energy, it is safer to use an electric or diesel heat gun as a source of heating for a production facility. Despite the low fuel consumption, the gas cannon requires not only a number of permits, but also a large list of measures to ensure the safety of personnel when working with this heating equipment. Strict observance of safety rules and instructions for the operation of equipment is a guarantee of durable, trouble-free operation of the equipment and our health. I hope that this information and calculations will allow you to make the right choice of a heat gun.

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