Choosing A Wooden Window

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Choosing A Wooden Window
Choosing A Wooden Window
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  • How to reduce heat loss
  • Tips for beginners

Modern wooden windows are real engineering systems. Frames play an important role in them; they are made of different materials. Which have their pros and cons. Wood, for example, has insulating properties, but requires regular maintenance. Aluminum, which is stronger than wood, does not require repairs. But it does not hold heat either. Famous PVC products are inferior to aluminum and wood in terms of environmental characteristics. Nevertheless, the current consumer still chooses plastic windows for their obvious advantages.

Different types of wooden windows
Different types of wooden windows

PVC frames have good sound insulation properties, which is very important in urban conditions. In addition, they do not need to be repaired, they do not change their size during use, do not dry out or warp, retain heat remarkably and are affordable. In addition, the installation of such windows significantly reduces heating costs. Because ordinary glass can cause high heat losses. To avoid them, two or three designs of double-glazed windows are used with air gaps, hermetically connected to each other. The air is usually replaced with an inert gas.

How to reduce heat loss

To reduce heat loss, glasses with special films that have a minimum emissivity are often used. These packages allow to reduce heat losses of air by 7-10 times. So that the window does not fog up from the inside, absorbent condensate formed during changes in internal and external temperatures and absorbent are poured into them. The advantage of a double-glazed window is its relatively small thickness and complete tightness.

By the way, it is even possible to insert all kinds of glass into a double-glazed unit: tinted, mirrored, colored, patterned - for example, you will see everything that happens on the street from the room, but absolutely nothing will be visible from the street. For those who live on very busy streets, it makes sense to install a double-glazed window.

Tips for beginners

As they say, so that then it would not be offensive for the money spent, you do not need to place an order at the first company that comes across for the production and installation of windows. Don't trust beautiful booklets. They are not considered normative documents. You also need to familiarize yourself with certain technical indicators of future windows. In addition, ask about the warranty period of the specified products, the degree of readiness of the factory finish, installation times and completeness. Make sure that all this is indicated in the order or contract. It is also important to find out the parameters of resistance of adhesive joints and possible deviations from the nominal geometric proportions.

By the way, the service period of the frames depends directly on the current state of the fittings. In order for it to function flawlessly, once a year, the moving units need to be lubricated with special grease …

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