PVC Windows. Operate Correctly

PVC Windows. Operate Correctly
PVC Windows. Operate Correctly
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Fulfilled your dream, the plastic window finally took its place in the window opening? What's next - you want it to last for many years - just follow the simple rules for caring for plastic windows.

The installation of the window is completed, the foam has hardened, the slopes on the outside and inside are sealed, it's time to make the final adjustment of the operation of the opening and closing devices of the window sashes. It is better to call a specialist from the company that performed the installation work, if the handles turn tightly, you need to make significant efforts to press the sash against the frame, when opening, there is an extraneous noise). Everything should open easily without significant efforts on your part, excessive loads on the window elements should be excluded.

There is no need to try to fix the window sashes by putting whatever comes to hand, it is better to just close the sash in a strong gusty wind, strong draft. If there are small children in the house, or people with impaired coordination, in order to prevent falling out of the window, you can additionally add: a window lock (it opens only with a special key), the opening of the sash can be limited with a special limiter.

Yes, and of course it is necessary to remove the protective film in no more than 15 days in order to avoid the appearance of dirty spots from the adhesive.

The figure below shows options for the standard position of the window handles for opening or tilting it.

PVC windows
PVC windows

For swing-out window sashes, there is one more position - the handle deviates slightly from the vertical position to tilt the sash towards the position for opening the sash - while the sash leans back only 3-4 mm, which is very good if ventilation is necessary in winter (excess moisture is removed from the room, and heat losses are minimal). And once again we remind you - all actions to turn the window handle without fanaticism, do not allow excessive efforts!

Over time, the PVC window profile becomes dirty, you can wash it with special means, but without abrasives, for example, dishwashing liquid. Apply soapy water to the frame, wait until dry and wipe gently with a damp cloth.

Unfortunately PVC by its characteristics does not have good resistance to acidic solutions. Do not treat the window with substances with high chemical activity - acetone, all types of organic solvents, nitro varnishes and other nitro compounds, alcohol, gasoline, etc.

Window fittings also require your attention. Naturally, it needs to be protected from contamination, and every six months, everything that is movable with technical vaseline should be lubricated; clean machine oil for sewing machines is also suitable. Do not use cleaning agents that could damage the anti-corrosion coating on the fittings! Seals - in order to maintain their elasticity and protective properties for a long time, it is necessary at least twice a year to clean them from dirt with a damp cloth and cover with special products. The rubber of the seals must not come into contact with concentrated cleaning agents and oily substances.

Do not forget about the existence of drainage holes outside the frame, in its lower part, periodically clean them from dirt, otherwise the thermal balance of the window will be disturbed, and the appearance of condensation on the glass will increase. To prevent the formation of condensation, reduce the humidity in the rooms by ventilating by opening the window sashes for at least 10-20 minutes a day.

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