Structures Of Wooden And Metal Building Change Houses

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Structures Of Wooden And Metal Building Change Houses
Structures Of Wooden And Metal Building Change Houses

Video: Structures Of Wooden And Metal Building Change Houses

Video: Structures Of Wooden And Metal Building Change Houses
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To complete the construction of a house or carry out a major overhaul of a building as soon as possible, it is best not to waste time on useless transfers from the facility to the resting place. To solve this problem, there is a structure for temporary residence and storage of working equipment, called in everyday life - a change house, it is also a "temporary house" and it is also a construction trailer.


In its shape, the change house is somewhat reminiscent of a railway carriage. But unlike the latter, these "temporary huts" are made smaller. Construction cabins do not have to be large, as they often have to be transported from place to place, and for this they must be well placed on a railway or car platform.

Depending on where they are used, change houses can be country and construction. Country "trailers", most often, are made of wood. But the construction "makeshift", in order to make the structure more solid and durable - made of metal.

Outside or inside, these rooms can be finished with a board, timber, clapboard, galvanized metal sheet, special wool or film.

They can be made with or without windows. For cabins made of wooden building materials, windows are installed, as a rule, simple ones - made of wood, which are insulated or double-glazed in the cold season, shutters are also made for safety. For metal premises, at the request of the Customer, windows can be of various designs. And for both windows, in addition to shutters, protective blinds can also be used, which will help protect the trailer from breaking or undesirable weather phenomena.

In fact, a change house is a miniature house, in which there are certain amenities for living, and it is possible to easily move it from one place to another.

Metal change house

If you want to use your "temporary hut" for a long time, and, moreover, use it on various construction sites, it is better to opt for a metal change house. A strong welded metal structure will allow you to transport the room, without various damage, many times.

From all sides, the trailer is upholstered with a metal profile with a galvanized or polymer coating. The sheets are fastened together by welding. Then, the room is insulated with special construction wool and a protective film. For greater aesthetics and heat retention, the walls are finished with clapboard. The floor is covered with a board, which is laid on a wooden frame from a bar and insulated. Particular attention is paid to the roof. Since they have a flat surface in metal cabins, make sure that there are no slots or holes. After all this, you can safely wait out any bad weather in the change house.

In order for the change house to be easily loaded onto vehicles with a crane, various lugs are provided in its design. Thanks to them, the "temporary house" can be moved from one place to another in a very short time.

When buying a metal change house, pay attention to the following points:

  • all metal must be well treated with a special anti-corrosion coating, primed and painted;
  • the sheets with which the change house is sewn must be galvanized or polymer coated;
  • welding seams must be smooth and free of any smudges.

The service life of such a metal room, with proper operation, is 20 years or more.

Wooden shed

A simpler and more inexpensive version of the "temporary house" is a change house made of wood. Most often, such structures are used by summer residents. They move easily without special equipment. You can spend the night in them, store a working tool, and after completion of construction work, use it as a kitchen, warehouse or bathhouse.

Lumber for the manufacture of such premises is mainly used for conifers. For good thermal insulation, walls, floor and ceiling are made in several layers. The roof is additionally upholstered with galvanized or polymer coated metal sheet. Unlike the metal one, the roof of the wooden change house is not made flat, but with a certain slope. This prevents moisture from entering the wooden surface and protects the structure from decay.

Such a room, like a metal one, is insulated with special mineral wool, a protective film, clapboard or orgolite.

When buying a wooden "makeshift", pay attention to the following points:

  • the tree must be coniferous;
  • the lumber must be well dried and heat-treated.

The disadvantage of such cabins is less durability and insufficient structural rigidity for frequent transportation. But, for living, a wooden room is more comfortable and environmentally friendly.

And what kind of "temporary house" is needed in each individual case - it's up to you, first of all, to decide. Happy shopping!