The Beginning Of The Heating Season. Time To Buy A Humidifier

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The Beginning Of The Heating Season. Time To Buy A Humidifier
The Beginning Of The Heating Season. Time To Buy A Humidifier

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  • Traditional humidifier
  • Steam humidifier
  • Ultrasonic humidifier

You drew attention to the fact that as soon as batteries begin to work in our apartments, it becomes unbearably stuffy in the rooms. Why, it seems, the temperature is not high, but the house is stuffy?

The main reason is that we all love comfort. One of the components of this comfort is the indicator of relative humidity. If it is 45-60%, then we feel very good, but as soon as this indicator decreases, at the same time the level of our well-being decreases.

People suffering from allergies are the first to sound the alarm. Also, dry air has a negative effect on the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose, especially in children, plants, furniture, parquet do not like dry air. Therefore, if you are allergic, if you have small children, then you just need to get a home air humidifier. But how to choose it? What could be a home humidifier?

There are three types of humidifiers that are fundamentally different from each other. The first is a traditional humidifier, the second is a steam humidifier, and the third is an ultrasonic one.

Traditional humidifier

So let's start with the traditional one. A conventional humidifier has a cassette filled with a porous material soaked in water. On sale you can also find special cassettes impregnated with antibacterial compounds. In the simplest humidifier, this material is a porous paper that must be periodically replaced with a new one; more expensive humidifiers include a reusable cassette, which, as it gets dirty, must be washed with water.


The operation of such a humidifier is very simple: a fan drives air through a moist porous material. The air is humidified from this, slightly cooled, cleaned of dust and other small particles that remain on the walls of the cassette.

Manufacturers advise placing such humidifiers closer to heating sources - to batteries, so that warm air is more actively saturated with water vapor.

The main advantage of this traditional humidifier is its rather economical energy consumption.

Steam humidifier

The principle of operation of a steam humidifier is based on the principle of operation of an electric kettle. The water in it boils, the steam is removed through the fan. Such a humidifier is not very suitable for children's rooms, it is better not to put it next to plants, wallpaper. The most important merit of such a humidifier can only be considered that it can be used not for humidifying the air, but for inhalation.


To do this, you just need to use the special attachment that is included in the kit. If you are fond of aromatherapy, then here too, you can find use for a steam humidifier. Steam humidifiers are usually equipped with special bowls. These bowls are located near the steam outlet. You just need to pour a mixture of essential oils in there and enjoy your home aromatherapy session.

Ultrasonic humidifier

Now it remains to say a few words about the ultrasonic humidifier. Each ultrasonic humidifier has a piezoelectric plate that must be submerged in water. When the humidifier is turned on, an electric current is applied to this plate and high-frequency vibration occurs. As a result, the water seems to boil at room temperature, breaks up into small pieces and turns into a cloud of water dust. With the help of a fan, this fog, or "cold steam" is discharged through the opening into the room.


There are also ultrasonic humidifiers on the market that preheat water in order to destroy pathogenic microbes in it. But, despite the fact that the water in such humidifiers is heated to high temperatures, they still spread a “water cloud” of room temperature throughout the room. It is possible to disable this function, which will lead to the fact that a really cold "water cloud" will spread over the room.

This type of moisturizer is also very useful for people with allergic reactions, for children who are often sick. During humidification, the air is qualitatively cleaned from both dust and pathogenic bacteria.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are usually equipped with a special device that can sense the level of humidity in your room. They can automatically turn on if the humidity level drops below a critical level, and turn off under normal conditions. There are models that can constantly maintain a certain level of humidity in the room. For maximum comfort, humidifiers have been created that can operate in two modes: day and night.

If you have acquired a humidifier, you only need to remember one thing: such devices like distilled or pre-purified water. If this condition is met 100%, then your humidifier simply must work flawlessly!

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