Pros And Cons Of Building A House In Winter

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Pros And Cons Of Building A House In Winter
Pros And Cons Of Building A House In Winter

Video: Pros And Cons Of Building A House In Winter

Video: Pros And Cons Of Building A House In Winter
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  • Construction in the winter has many advantages:
  • Although construction in winter has negative aspects:

Basically, construction of country houses begins in the summer. Poor owners, suffocating from the stuffiness, standing for hours in traffic jams in order to purchase an order of magnitude more expensive (in summer prices for building materials are usually overstated) building materials, their abandoned wives sweat with their children in the city or live in a trailer, making sure that the hired workers do not drag away materials.

Wealthy citizens will conclude a contract, which is called "turnkey", while overpaying at least twice. But on the other hand, upon arrival from Turkey or Cyprus, in autumn, not believing their happiness, they carefully and thoroughly examine their new possessions, in which there are such cracks and cracks that one can hide the same "key" in them.


There is nothing you can do about it, because construction is not an easy task. However, let's forget about stereotypes and look at this problem in an open-minded way. After driving through any large city, focus on the areas of new buildings. And you will be aware that construction does not stop in winter, and workers are not looking for a new job this season. At the same time, you need to understand that multi-storey buildings are being built of brick or concrete.

So what's stopping you from building a wooden house in winter? Frost? But in the cold it is more fun to work, and the smoke breaks do not drag on. You just need to get a warm trailer, which, upon completion of the construction, will miraculously turn into a bathhouse or a summer kitchen. Or you can sell it to a neighbor.

Construction in the winter has many advantages:

1. In winter, building materials are several times cheaper, since demand falls at this time of the year, and you can save a lot.

And if you manage to buy wood that was cut and processed at the beginning of winter (this is quite possible if you buy from "wheels"), then you can consider yourself lucky.

Because from time immemorial in Russia logging took place in winter, before Christmas, when there is a small amount of sap in the tree, and the snowdrifts are not yet so large as to somehow prevent the export of wood from the forest. Building materials made from such wood dry faster and more evenly, as a result there are fewer cracks and shrinkage.

2. Even at this time of the year, many construction firms provide significant discounts.

3. In winter, it is easier to find a worthwhile team of workers who will take less money for their work.

And having learned about a warm trailer, they will not be picky.

4. Usually in winter there are no traffic jams on suburban roads, so you can come to the construction site at any convenient time.

Although construction in winter has negative aspects:

1. The trailer must be heated. Therefore, even in the summer, it is necessary to make a small brick oven, "potbelly stove" will not work here. With a "potbelly stove" it may be comfortable for the watchman, but not for the team of builders. At the same time, it is necessary to write down with wood or other fuel for the stove.

If electricity is supplied to the site, then you should get good electrical wiring and heating elements so that the builders do not tinker with you, fearing to burn alive.

In addition, they need to eat, so you need to put on a gas stove and a supply of gas cylinders.

2. Problems with the foundation. It is better to do it in the fall, when the summer season has come to an end, and the cold has not yet come.

The construction of the foundation is a laborious process, but very quick, especially if it is possible to pour it using a special machine, which contains ready-made factory concrete. If you have not worried about pouring the foundation in advance, then there is nothing wrong with that.

Nowadays, there are cement additives and the so-called "winter concretes" that will allow you to build a foundation in winter. Although such work is more expensive than, for example, in the summer. But these costs will be more than compensated by the money saved on building materials and builders. In addition, there are other structures of the foundation, for example, columnar, during the construction of which there is no need to fill anything at all.

When all the problems are over, and it's spring already in the yard, you can start decorating your home.