Half-timbered House

Half-timbered House
Half-timbered House
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Recently, there has been a tendency to build environmentally friendly housing. The mass of advantages of half-timbered technology is of interest to all numbers of people.

Fachwerk is a method of wood construction, in which the frame is formed by a system of horizontal and vertical elements from a wooden bar with filling in the gaps with stone, brick, and other materials.

In half-timbered houses, walls can be removed and installed where necessary, because they are only enclosing elements and do not carry any load.


Half-timbered buildings are 500-700 years old. Most of the early half-timbered buildings that have survived to this day were built in the 15th century. This is a technology that has proven its reliability over time.

The use of modern insulation allows you to survive the cold winter, while in summer the tiled roof provides coolness, making the house suitable for living in it at any time of the year.

Half-timbered house, built from environmentally friendly materials that do not harm human health, is also fire resistant. During construction, not a simple tree is used, but a wooden glued beam, which burns much less often.

The wood from which the supporting elements are made is thoroughly dried. It is coated with a protective composition, which includes natural oils, which ensures that the house is hardly flammable, it is resistant to atmospheric precipitation, bright sunlight and protection from wood insects.

Unlike other frame technologies that use metal fasteners, a half-timbered structure uses precise methods of joining parts like a thorn on a thorn - on a secret thorn, cuts, etc. This ensures the strength, stability and durability of the structure. The construction of such houses is economically beneficial. The first half-timbered houses required renovation every 40-50 years, but now, thanks to the wall materials, it will be needed in 80-100 years.

The lightness of the half-timbered structure is due to a decrease in the load on the ground, which ensures the use of more economical types of foundations, and hence a reduction in construction time. It takes no more than six months.

Half-timbered house is not only reliable, but also beautiful. The load-bearing timber frame is not hidden by the finish, which creates an atmosphere of unity with nature. Panoramic glazing is often used in such houses, so natural light prevails in the house, which has a beneficial effect on a person's vision and mood. In country houses, when using panoramic glazing, a magnificent view of the garden or of the mountains and forest opens up. In addition, the glass used is at least 6 mm thick and will only break when hit with a heavy object. Modern technologies make it possible to darken windows at the request of the customer.

Fachwerk is not only a constructive, but also a decorative element of the building, it dismembers the facade into panels of various shapes and colors, which gives the building a unique look and original style. Depending on the design of the facade, the house can fit into the surrounding landscape or, on the contrary, stand out against the background of the terrain and other houses. In any case, such a house, with its bright personality, attracts attention and testifies to the delicate taste of the owners, causing the envy of others.

The half-timbered house is truly a real masterpiece. Belonging to the elite class, it combines quality, proven over the centuries, comfort of living, durability of the building, adherence to ancient traditions, and an exclusive, impeccably aesthetic style.

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