How To Choose Roofing Material

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How To Choose Roofing Material
How To Choose Roofing Material
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  • Roofing material
  • Slate
  • Ondulin
  • Decking and galvanized painted sheet
  • Metal tile
  • Soft roof, flexible shingles
  • Ceramic roof tiles

Today, the variety of roofing materials amazes the imagination, or even earlier - I wrote out the slate and do not think about anything. And then go, puzzle over what to choose, but how not to miscalculate, and is there any point in taking a roof with a guarantee of 100 years, when you yourself will not live so much, and extra money will come in handy during life.

In general, let's try to think from the point of view of the average consumer. To begin with, of course, we determine the ratio of the object and the material, that is, if the question of saving is still not an empty phrase for you, and you do not prioritize the stylization of the entire site in one key, then, probably, the roof of a shed or garage under an elite ceramic tile is not the most the best option.

Roofing material

The most "economic", if I may say so, material is roofing felt - quite popular for the roofs of utility rooms, garages in particular. A little advice - roofing material deftly and wonderfully spreads with a construction hair dryer.


The cheapest and most versatile option is slate, but, according to the price, it also has a lot of drawbacks, the material is rather fragile and short-lived, quickly losing its appearance and is actively losing ground against the background of better and more modern materials. For example, against the background of Ondulin. Due to its fragility and weight, it is difficult to install and, to some extent, even dangerous if it is not securely fastened in the event of stormy winds - when it falls, it breaks into sharp pieces.


Ondulin does not contain asbestos, it is light enough (about 4 times lighter than slate) and flexible material, which allows it to be used on curved surfaces with a radius of curvature of more than 5m, it is more durable, retains its aesthetic properties for a long time, has an attractive appearance. Plus to everything - the manufacturer's rate for completeness (skates, valleys, fasteners, etc.) and ease of installation makes it very attractive for demand at an affordable price. In addition, its important advantages over metal roofs include the absence of noise from rain, practically no heating, the impossibility of rust and paint peeling. Ondulin has confidently occupied his niche in the roofing market and his popularity is increasing every year.

Decking and galvanized painted sheet

Galvanized painted sheet and corrugated board is not the best option for a roof, be that as it may, first of all, it is a wall material for metal structures, so if someone decides to use it as a roofing of a balcony, for example, in a good rain, very much about it will regret it, double-glazed windows will not save from the roar. But for non-residential buildings (garages, pavilions, boxes, etc.) it is very appropriate and not expensive with a good service life and aesthetic appearance.

Metal tile

A more acceptable option - metal tiles - these are roofing sheets made of galvanized steel, the shape of its slopes allows you to muffle the sound, and the profile completely imitates a tiled roof. When choosing a metal roof, it is better to give preference to a better and more durable polymer coating than powder coating. There is also a whole set of accessories, including weirs and fasteners, and, which is important for aesthetics, in a single color scheme. Modular metal tiles are most convenient for installation - these are sheets of several standard sizes that are multiple in length between themselves, so the buyer can significantly reduce the cost of surplus and trimming, calculating the required amount as accurately as possible. Compared to ondulin and slate, the metal tile has more variability due to its thickness and shape (step and profile height).Also, due to the dyeing technology, metal roofs have a more diverse and vibrant color range and, of course, a solid service life. Depending on the design, metal thickness, roofing manufacturer, there is a choice in the price range. Today it is the most popular roofing option for individual construction.

Soft roof, flexible shingles

Soft roof or shingles. It looks like a tile very distantly, only by the edge of the form. Among the main advantages of such a roof is a high degree of sound absorption, convenience and low consumption when installing roofs of complex shapes, resistance to deformation, as well as the lowest weight in comparison with other types of roofing. Soft tiles are dielectric and prevent the possibility of an avalanche of snow from the roof. But this type of material has a fairly high price, both of the sheets themselves and of components, including, and one significant drawback for Russia is the impossibility of installation in the cold season. In addition, not everyone likes its "flat" appearance.

Ceramic roof tiles

Ceramic tiles and their analogue, cement-sand tiles. A very, very expensive material, has the longest service life, of the order of hundreds of years. It has, perhaps, most of the positive characteristics, ranging from aesthetic to functional, beautiful, diverse, resistant, durable, has high sound-absorbing and heat-insulating characteristics. But since it is a typesetting material, it is very difficult to lay and has a lot of weight. However, for whom the financial question is not worth it - in terms of quality and appearance, this is an elite material.

Of course, it is impossible to immediately consider absolutely all types of roofs and their analogues, in addition, new types regularly appear, or rather natural well-forgotten old ones, which today can be attributed to exotic (reed roofs, for example). But we have briefly described the main and most common types from the point of view of the consumer, which may help you in the future when choosing.

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