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Act As An Interior Designer
Act As An Interior Designer
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  • Children's room interior design
  • Living room interior design
  • Kitchen interior design
  • Hallway interior design
  • Bedroom interior design

Children's room interior design


When designing a children's room, you need to know a few basic rules.

  1. In the nursery there should be no traumatic ledges, thresholds, sharp corners, which the child could stumble, catch, etc.
  2. The room should be as lit with natural light as possible and be easily ventilated.
  3. When choosing the colors of the walls, ceiling and floor, pay attention to warm shades of pink, yellow, as well as light green and olive.
  4. When choosing furniture for a nursery, preference should be given to natural materials. No chemicals and toxicity, minimum of plastic, glass, rubber.
  5. Furniture should be low. The child must reach for all objects.

It should be remembered that the room will be your child's personal space for several years - from infancy to adulthood.

Your child's first pieces of furniture are a cot, changing table, chest of drawers, followed by a playpen and high chair, a study or reading table, etc. Depending on the size of the bed, the bed can be transformed and serve a child up to 5-7 years old. The rest of the furniture in the children's room will change with age.

Depending on your kid's propensity for outdoor games, quiet activities, various interests, the children's room will also be transformed in the future. However, every nursery must have three main conditional zones: a recreation (sleep) zone, a quiet activity zone, and a games zone. The play area should be spacious and clean, here a child from one to four years old spends most of the day. From the age of four, it is necessary to develop a zone of quiet activities: a desk, a chair, a bookcase. At the same age, a zone of active games is also developed: a small sports complex, a bench, a swing, etc. For a ten-year-old teenager, the playing zone becomes unimportant, at its expense it is possible to increase the zone of quiet activities or leave the space free. From this age, the child can take part in the interior design of his room,guided by their own preferences and taste.

If there are two owners in the nursery, you should delimit the territory for two. Two sleeping zones, two zones for quiet activities, and the play zone can be shared. The demarcation can be marked with different wall colors. When choosing shades, you need to take into account the opinions of children, because they will spend a significant part of the time in the children's room. In the design of the nursery, it is recommended to use prefabricated and collapsible elements of furniture and interior for simplicity and the ability to change the decor of the room.

For the development and formation of a child as a person, the development of his interests and taste, it is necessary to create a special atmosphere of trust, understanding and love in the children's room. How your child grows up depends on it.

Living room interior design


The living room is a visiting card of your apartment, because it is not only a room for a pleasant pastime with your family while watching a new movie or tea drinking, it is also a room for receiving guests. For this room, space and convenience are important. It is recommended to conditionally divide the room into two zones: a reception area and a recreation area. You can define the boundaries of these zones by various interior design. It can be a different color scheme of walls, the use of different lighting techniques, the correct selection of furniture and textile design.

The reception area or the dining area is usually decorated in various shades and tones of red, yellow, orange. However, modern designers boldly use brown, black, blue and other decor colors that are not quite traditional for the living room. The main task of the color scheme is to create a cozy atmosphere and a favorable atmosphere at the table, and it is successfully solved by warm soft shades of different colors. Bright natural lighting in the daytime in the evening will replace a small stylish chandelier or lamp with semi-antique lampshade and create a unique atmosphere of warmth and comfort in this area. Furniture in this part of the living room should correspond to the overall functional orientation of the design. A table, preferably a sliding table or a "book-table", chairs, a sofa, possibly armchairs, a light serving table - this is not a complete list of furniture,which is appropriate in this area.

The recreation area is very important for all family members. The opportunity to relax after a hard day, sit comfortably on a soft voluminous sofa or in a cozy armchair and watch the evening "News", an old movie or just read a book or newspaper - isn't this the main purpose of a living room in your home? It is better to choose all shades of blue, green as the main colors for the decoration of this zone, olive, sea wave, peach, delicate beige will do. The main thing is that the color relaxes and calms the nervous system. Of the lighting devices, various sconces, floor lamps, table lamps are appropriate here, creating pleasant lighting for a quiet intimate conversation or a relaxing rest. All sorts of aquariums, works of art, small pleasant trinkets and souvenirs are also appropriate here.

Each living room has its own personality and requires a specific design solution on site. Depending on the general problem that you, as a designer, must solve, in a particular case, the following decor elements are applicable: light end-to-end shelves and shelves, mirror, glass and plastic surfaces of tables and nightstands, volumetric chairs and sofas, built-in directional lamps, elements furniture that transforms into compact and small-sized items, furniture on wheels that can easily free up the necessary space, for example, for dancing. Textiles will help to complement the overall picture of your personal design: curtains, curtains, tulle, tablecloths, upholstery, decorative pillows, carpets and tapestries will create additional comfort and an original look of the living room.

Kitchen interior design


What should you pay special attention to when designing your kitchen? For the size of the room, for the height of the ceiling, for natural light, for the color of the furniture? All of these are, of course, important design components, but not the main thing. The main thing in the kitchen is the rational and functional use of space. Based on this, the working area of ​​the kitchen is being built.

Let's start with the fact that not all housewives are lucky enough to have a huge kitchen room that simultaneously serves as a kitchen and a dining room. In a small kitchen, the rational and functional value of every centimeter of space increases. Nowadays, the choice of multifunctional household appliances and appliances that any housewife in the kitchen needs is simply huge and varied. The market for kitchen utensils and dishes is also rich. The correct arrangement and complete set of furniture can turn your small but cozy kitchen into a highly technological production with minimal labor costs for the hostess. This requires wall cabinets of various sizes and configurations and built-in high-tech household appliances: oven, washing machine, freezer and more. At the same time, do not forgetthat the distance between hanging cabinets and the surface of the tables should be about fifty centimeters. Often, to increase the cooking area, a wide windowsill is used as a cutting table. If it is located low, then it can serve as an additional seat for guests.

So, how can you visually enlarge the kitchen space? Bright sunlight, light colors of walls and ceilings, glossy translucent plastic or glass surfaces of tables and cabinets increase the space. Correct arrangement of furniture items will make your kitchen comfortable and cozy.

If in your apartment or house the kitchen allows you to accommodate both the cooking zone and the cooking zone, then the arrangement of furniture, stoves and hoods, sinks and dryers can be concentrated in the center of the kitchen working area, and the dining area can be formed in another part of the room.

In the kitchen of a large area, the flight of your imagination is not limited by anything. A bar counter will also fit here, suitable for both cooking and consuming it, drinking tea or having a heart-to-heart conversation with friends over a glass of stronger drinks. In a large kitchen, you can use brighter and more vibrant colors for the ceiling, walls and furniture, although do not refuse warm pastel colors if they are to your taste.

Psychologists in the design of the kitchen do not recommend using dark blue, brown and black colors, as they are not conducive to normal appetite, the process of digestion and assimilation of food. And this is the main purpose of kitchens and dining rooms in our apartments and houses.

Hallway interior design


If you can roller skate or bike in the hallway, your hallway is called the hall. And since there are no restrictions on the area of ​​application of your imagination, as a novice designer, then you should not limit its flight. For example, you can arrange a relaxation area in the form of a sofa, armchairs, coffee table. It is recommended to use large potted plants, works of art (sculptural, artistic), forged products, unusual lamps in the interior.

In old-style houses, the entrance hall is usually more like an elevator car and is called a vestibule. When creating a design, you are faced with the main problem - tightness. The solution to this problem can be the use of wardrobes built into the walls with mirrored door surfaces, various hanging cabinets and mezzanines. You can also visually increase the space by enlarging doorways, replacing them with arches, using light colors when painting walls and ceilings. The height of the ceiling in this type of hallway allows the use of suspended plasterboard ceilings of various levels and configurations with built-in point or diffused light.

More often than others, there are apartments in which a corridor plays the role of a hallway. A long and narrow space will visually increase the use of large mirrors, the correct lighting solution, the creation of small zones, by means of different lighting, the choice of flooring (for one zone, for example, tiles, for another - parquet or for one linoleum, for another - carpet), competently selected palette of walls and ceiling colors. To expand the space in the interior, it is recommended to use warm light colors. But from bright colors or dark shades, you should refuse or reduce their use to a minimum.

Bedroom interior design


Psychologists are debating about the influence of the color scheme on dreams, the quality of sleep, the mood of the awakening person for a very long time, but they have not come to a common denominator. At this time, designers are experimenting, combining seemingly incongruous. Orange with white or gray, yellow paired with black, chocolate with beige, green with pink, what radial colors modern bold artists combine to create true artistic masterpieces.

Lighting in the bedroom plays an important role. It is very important to fill the room with sunlight, therefore large windows are welcome, preferably French, transparent balcony doors, light tulle. In the dark, it is recommended to solve the problem of lighting using soft, unobtrusive, diffused light. To create such a light, matte chandelier shades, lampshades, elegant floor lamps, all kinds of lamps, sconces, bedside lamps are ideal. The main thing for these light sources is to create a unique comfort, intimacy, a sense of peace and security from the outside world. It is also important that the switches of these lamps are located conveniently, "at hand", allowing the owners of the bedroom to deliberately not get out of bed in order to turn off the light. The lighting of the dressing table area, on the contrary, should be sharply directed to facilitate facial care,applying makeup, etc.

The most important piece of furniture in a bedroom is the bed. The location of the bed affects the health, tone, mood of the owners of the bed. It is appropriate to arrange a double bed so that it is possible to approach the bed from both sides. It is good if the bed is by the window, the possibility of direct sunlight is realized, the possibility of better ventilation, the opportunity to get a pleasant charge of energy of a clear blue sky, bright sun, green foliage, birdsong. The bed should be comfortable, spacious, not soft and not hard (consult an orthopedic surgeon), perform both the main function - a sleeping place, and, if necessary, serve as a cabinet for storing bed linen, pillows and blankets. And, of course, it should match the overall style of the bedroom. Subject to all of the above, you will create such a room,which will satisfy the most demanding and capricious person.

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