Buy An Apartment Without Cheating

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Buy An Apartment Without Cheating
Buy An Apartment Without Cheating
  • 1. Look carefully!
  • 2. Pay attention to the docs
  • 3. A good home is good neighbors
  • 4. Entrust the drafting of the contract to professionals
  • 5. Buy directly or use the services of an agency?
  • 6. Professional technical expertise is important!
  • 7. Signature of an unread document - threatens with consequences
  • 8. Attention! The apartment is secured!
  • 9. Safety comes first!
  • 10. Mortgage risk

Often, especially in the secondary home market, buyers are faced with common seller tricks, which sometimes lead to serious problems or negatively affect the quality of life of new owners. Below is a detailed diagram of how you can avoid cheating.


1. Look carefully

Never buy an apartment without first examining it. This will help you avoid situations of buying low-quality housing.

2. Pay attention to the docs

Each of the documents must be confirmed by the other. For example, documents for an apartment must correspond to the passport details of the owner and vice versa. The quality of the check depends on the desire, as well as the financial capabilities of the participants in the sale and purchase. Also, a complete package of documents mainly depends on the situation and corresponds to different goals of the buyer and seller. Special attention should be paid to the "cleanliness of the apartment" in legal terms. Speaking in a professional language, carry out a "title check". This means: to identify all persons who have or potentially may have a relationship and rights to this living space, as well as to find out if there has been a violation of any rights by the former owners.

3. A good home is good neighbors

Sometimes, only with the help of a lawyer or expertise, it is quite difficult to identify the flaws of an apartment. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to have a conversation with residents of neighboring apartments, as well as with a local policeman or former residents of this apartment, since it is in a conversation with these people that especially piquant details can become clear. For example, you can find out that the apartment is in critical condition and there are “rotten” walls under cosmetic repairs, or that the apartment has been rented out for a year to temporary residents who are simply not there now.

4. Entrust the drafting of the contract to professionals

The sales contract also matters. So, a correctly drawn up agreement and competent legal registration of the results of its execution will help to minimize the possible risk of the transaction and avoid any negative consequences in the future. Therefore, if possible, contact a specialist who will competently draw up and fix on paper such conditions as the actual release of the apartment, the transfer of money, and also certify the receipt of a loan or an act of transferring the apartment to the new owner.

5. Buy directly or use the services of an agency?

It often happens that agencies represent and protect the interests of the seller, not the buyer. If you are buying an apartment, try to find either a direct seller, or contact your real estate agency, which can only represent your interests. So, in a deal, you can get decent protection, although you will spend a little more.

6. Professional technical expertise is important

Remember that all statements by the seller about the condition of the apartment must be supported by certified documents. Especially if you are buying an apartment on the secondary market, you may come across a leaking ceiling, flimsy walls or a leaky floor that has been neatly "covered up". Therefore, when buying a house, you have every right to know: the age of the building and when the last repairs were made, both major and "cosmetic". It is best to hire an independent specialist who, having examined the apartment, will be able to give his written opinion, indicating all the pros and cons of this apartment at the time of inspection.

7. Signature of an unread document - threatens with consequences

Never sign documents without reading their contents, and even more so, do not do it in a hurry. It is better to have a copy of the original contract taken with you, and you can familiarize yourself with its contents at home, in a relaxed atmosphere. Also pay attention to the footnotes, and if you have any questions, discuss them with the seller before signing the papers.

8. Attention! The apartment is secured

Often in the ads you can see the sale of apartments in good areas for a low price. After examining the apartment, you understand that it suits you perfectly, besides, its condition is quite suitable for life. Of course, it may well turn out that the price of an apartment has been reduced due, for example, to the urgent departure of former residents from the country, but in order not to become a hostage to your own stupidity, you should definitely check certain points. Firstly, whether there are any arrears on the apartment or whether it is pledged; second - whether all tenants have checked out of the apartment before the signing of the deed of purchase and sale. It is also worth considering that the “discharge” stamp is easy to forge, so it would be impersonal to contact the passport office.

9. Safety comes first

Such settlements as safing or letter of credit virtually eliminate the risk arising from settlements in such transactions.

10. Mortgage risk

Today, some companies offer special "savings schemes" for buying an apartment, calling them a mortgage. Caution! It is easy to give money away, but, unfortunately, to return it is often not just difficult, but completely impossible. Recommended: the purchased apartment should always be registered in the ownership of the borrower at the time of payment of his own funds, and the rest of the funds are paid by the organization dealing with loans.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell about all the nuances of such transactions, therefore, when concluding contracts, be careful and do not skimp on security. It may cost you too much!

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