Choosing A Steel Door For A City Apartment And A Country House

Choosing A Steel Door For A City Apartment And A Country House
Choosing A Steel Door For A City Apartment And A Country House

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What are the main differences between front doors in a city apartment and in a country house?


There are three main differences:

Firstly, doors for a country house have contact with the street (with all its unfavorable conditions) and, accordingly, should be made of moisture and weather resistant materials, both in design and in decoration. To solve this problem, STAL's assortment includes several types of moisture-resistant panels, accessories with particularly resistant coatings and durable locks. You should also take into account the increased requirements for the rigidity of the door frame: walls and foundations of country houses (especially log houses) at different times of the year can "float" or "breathe", change their geometry, which can lead to jamming of the door. To solve this problem, it is recommended to use doors with a reinforced frame.

The second difference, oddly enough, is the lower requirements for general burglary resistance specifically for doors to a country house. If the door in the apartment is the main "line of defense", then in a country house there are windows, a roof and even walls within the reach of a potential intruder. There are known cases when the attackers did not tinker with the door, but simply sawed off the corner of the house (both in logs and in foam blocks), pulled out the bars from the windows with a truck, lifted or "pulled off" the roof.

The third difference between doors to a country house and apartment doors is the mandatory requirement for a thermal vestibule, a second door (most often wooden) installed after a short interval after the first. The task of the thermal vestibule is to cut off warm and humid air from the room from the cold entrance door, and also to delay the ingress of cold air into the room. An entrance metal door cannot remain warm from the inside if it is -20 ° C outside, respectively, condensation will fall on the door and its frame and ice will form. The thermal vestibule solves this problem.

What are the essential qualities of a reliable front door?


First, the steel door must provide some protective functions, namely:

resistance to brute physical force (determined by the strength and reliability of the structure);

counteraction to "intellectual hacking" (determined by the complexity and "cunning" of the locks);

counteraction to all kinds of non-standard influences (there are fire doors, bulletproof doors, doors equipped with access control devices - from simple glass to audio and video systems, etc.)

Secondly, the front door must provide initial functionality, protection from the external environment: it must have certain heat and sound insulation properties.

Thirdly, the steel door must be decorated in some way, must not squeak or knock, must be made without the use of toxic materials.

And fourthly, the door and its parts must be reliable, the seller must give and fulfill guarantees for his products.

The degree of importance of each of the listed items is determined by each customer individually. For a city apartment, most likely, in the first place will be protective properties, sound insulation and a beautiful finish from the inside, and for a country house, the weather resistance and strength of the box are more important.

What door options can your company recommend for apartments and for a country house?

It's no secret that the vast majority of steel doors are installed in city apartments. Naturally, the main efforts of STAL are directed precisely at this sector. To meet the demand of our customers, we offer five different models of doors with different degrees of security properties, with a wide range of finishes, locks, cylinder mechanisms, security and decorative fittings in several colors.

Steel door models are divided into two groups - "ready-made solutions" and "constructors". The first group contains our best offers: models STAL-70, STAL-80 and STAL-100. When developing their design and choosing a complete set, we focused on the options and wishes most demanded by most of our customers, as well as on the current market requirements for appearance, safety, heat and sound insulation and fire safety requirements. The cost of the structure does not depend on the size, the locks are installed only of the best models and are maximally protected. The customer only has to choose the most suitable model and exterior finish.

The second group - "constructors" - are popular models STAL-60 and STAL-50. There are practically no restrictions on the size and combination of locks in the doors of these series. The customer can decide for himself which components of the door should be emphasized - protection, appearance of the model and the number of locks.

As for the recommendations, there are no model restrictions for a country house. All of the above doors can be installed in country houses. But it is for them (country houses) that STAL's assortment has a fairly wide selection of various moisture-resistant components: fittings, finishes based on ship plywood of various thicknesses with the ability to apply drawings. Durable PVC finish and powder paint are also available. Doors for country houses are additionally treated against corrosion at the production stage.

For log houses, first of all, you should pay attention to the strength of the box: it must withstand seasonal movements in the wood - here STAL-50 on a reinforced frame is recommended, and for stone buildings our doors with a concrete frame are very well suited - STAL-60, STAL-70, STAL-80 and STAL-100.

In addition to burglars, vandals are also dangerous, what can you suggest to counter vandalism?


On a closed door, a vandal can ruin two things - the trim and the locks. Experience shows that "pioneer" tools - carnations, paint cans, felt-tip pens - cannot be resisted by any coating. A nail is stronger than any paint, therefore, positioned by some firms as "anti-vandal" powder coatings, alas, they are easily scratched, and their maintainability is low - the door can be repainted only in a workshop.

Our advice: to install a panel on the outside of the door, for example, "melamine" - quite a budget proposal with an excellent appearance: the panel is always easier and cheaper to replace than to repaint the entire door.

As for anti-vandal protection of locks, STAL offers a whole line of special DiSec protections with magnetic keys that block access to keyholes. You can't put matches, needles, chewing gum and other debris in a well. Additionally, DiSec protections prevent intruders from studying the castle.


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