Villa In Thailand Or A House In The Suburbs?

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Villa In Thailand Or A House In The Suburbs?
Villa In Thailand Or A House In The Suburbs?

Video: Villa In Thailand Or A House In The Suburbs?

Video: Villa In Thailand Or A House In The Suburbs?
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  • Brief information about the state of Thailand
  • Popular places
  • Paradise price

Each of us at least once in his life dreamed of his own suburban housing in which he could spend his free time from work and other affairs. But buying a good house, for example, in the Moscow region will cost at least 400-500 thousand dollars. And you need to be patient too - to get to your country house, it will take more than one hour to stand in a traffic jam. Another option to spend your vacation is to travel abroad. Again, the cost of this pleasure will be slightly different from buying a home in the Moscow region, and the living conditions in hotels will eventually begin to become boring. There is another way - the most profitable and tempting - to buy a villa on the beach at an affordable price, for example, in Thailand.


Brief information about the state of Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand is located in Southeast Asia.

The total area of the territory is 513 thousand square meters. km, with the length of the country from north to south - 1860 km.

The population is about 61 million people.

The capital of Thailand is Bangkok.

Geographical position: Thailand is washed by the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. It shares borders with Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia and Laos. The northern part of the country is covered with green mountain slopes and hills, in the south there are picturesque islands.

The climate is tropical and can be roughly divided into three periods: hot (March - May), rainy season (June - September), cool season (October - February). The average annual temperature is 28 degrees Celsius.

State language: Thai.

Time difference: +3 hours in summer, and 4 hours in winter (relative to Moscow).

State currency: Thai baht (about 0.6 rubles)

Popular places

Located on the lands of the Malacca Peninsula and adjacent islands, the Kingdom of Thailand attracts tourists with its amazing landscape, beautiful nature and mild climate. Conditions anywhere in the country are suitable for acquiring land. Buying property in Thailand is the perfect combination of quality and price. Features and level of infrastructure fully meet the standards of civilized countries. The islands of Koh Samui, Phuket and the resort area of Pattaya are in the highest demand among buyers. But you can buy real estate in any major cities of the state, even in the capital of Thailand - Bangkok. And lovers of exotic and unique nature can pamper themselves with a cottage

in the area of one of the national reserves, stretching in the northern lands of Thailand. According to the head of the analytics department of CENTURY 21 Russia, Stroeva Olga, real estate in the Kingdom of Thailand is popular with Russian clients, and occupies a rating position after Bulgaria, Turkey and Spain.

According to experts and buyers, the most attractive criterion for buying real estate in Thailand is acceptable cost. The lowest price starts in Pattaya city. A room or a small apartment here can be purchased from 15 thousand dollars, the maximum price is 100 thousand dollars. A decent house with a swimming pool in a protected area costs 100-120 thousand dollars or more. It should be noted that any housing, be it a small room or a luxurious cottage, is sold with interior decoration, absolutely ready for comfortable accommodation.

You can find very good deals. For example, a two-story house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a living room and open verandas, a parking area and a small garden in South Pattaya can be bought for $ 60,000.

Among the latest projects, the attention of investors is attracted by apartments in the tourist complex Lofts Southshore, which, according to IFA Hotels & Resorts (IFA HR), will be built in the center of Pattaya overlooking the bay, on the hillside of Khao Pratumnak district. According to the project plan, the complex will consist of 720 rooms of various sizes and layouts. These are studios with an area of only 33 sq. m. and one-, two- and three-room apartments 58 - 170 sq.m. It is also planned to build penthouses and duplex apartments (282 - 308 sq.m.) with private gardens. The starting price for an apartment in Lofts Southshore is $ 90,000. But by the end of construction, scheduled for 2011, the cost will rise significantly.

There are also economic benefits of investing in real estate in the Thai islands. The cost of villas on the islands of Phuket and Koh Samui increases by 20-30% per year. The Thai authorities deliberately create luxury conditions at the Phuket resort, attracting the most fastidious tourists and buyers. This trend significantly affects the quality of the projects being created. According to forecasts of many experts, property prices in Thailand in the near future will be equal to the level of popular European resorts.


Paradise price

In addition to such attractive property prices in Thailand compared to Europe or even Moscow, there are options to speed up the process of buying a cherished dream. You can use the services of Russian banks that offer a "pawn" loan, that is, money in exchange for the existing real estate, which the client subsequently invests in overseas housing. Another option is a loan for the purchase of apartments directly from one of the foreign banks. "A rational investor should first of all consider the possibility of obtaining a mortgage loan in the country of purchase and only then look for alternative options in Russia," said Natalya Zavalishina, head of the Distant Property Management (DPM) project at MIEL holding.

Not all banks can provide loans for the purchase of real estate to non-residents of Thailand. Bangkok Bank's Singapore branch is one of the few to carry out such operations. Under the proposed conditions, the borrower receives a loan of up to 70% of the market price of the property being purchased. The minimum loan amount is S $ 100,000, the maximum is S $ 1 million (S $ 1 = US $ 0.71) for up to ten years. At the moment, the interest rate of the loan is 6.5% per annum (equivalent to US dollars).

When buying real estate, in addition to the main contribution, according to the laws of Thailand, the payment of such types of taxes and fees is provided, which are further divided between the seller and the buyer. The CENTURY 21 Russia company provides a number of some of them:

- property transfer tax - Transfer fee - 2% of the declared value of the land plot, - Stamp duty - Stamp Duty - 0.5% when transferring free ownership and 0.1% when transferring lease rights, - Turnover tax - Withholding tax - 1% of the value of real estate from legal entities.

- business tax - Special business tax - 3.3% of the appraised value of the property.

As a rule, Russians do not have problems with visas to Thailand. With ownership, things are different. By law, foreign individuals can own buildings with the registration of a 30-year lease on land, which can subsequently be renewed. Many experts and property owners regard this option as tantamount to land ownership.

Owners have the opportunity to receive regular income from the property they have purchased by renting it out. This income, accordingly, is subject to income tax, calculated according to a flexible system: for income below 50 thousand baht (about 1200 dollars), the tax percentage is zero, it increases to 10% with an increase in profit to 500 thousand baht (about 12 thousand dollars)..). On average, income from renting an apartment in Thailand fluctuates between 40 - 100 thousand baht (1 - 2.5 thousand dollars) per month, depending on the location, size and living conditions in the house.

Of course, the acquisition of your own piece of paradise will not do without drawbacks. First, a ten-hour flight to your villa and a lot of airfare. Secondly, if you are not a connoisseur of Thai exoticism, then you can not rush to become the owner of real estate in Thailand. After all, not everyone can tolerate frequent tropical rains, high air humidity with an equally high air temperature. And the peculiar national cuisine is not suitable for everyone. True admirers of Thailand's delights will be happy to acquire their own cottage in an exotic Kingdom. Many of them even stay in the country and start their own businesses. After all, the economic situation in Thailand and the tax base are fully conducive to the development of the business of foreign property owners.