Plastic Windows. Buyer's Memo

Plastic Windows. Buyer's Memo
Plastic Windows. Buyer's Memo
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So, you have decided to purchase a plastic window, where to start? How to make a purchase that you will not have to regret, because windows are bought not for a year or two? At arm's length, through the eyes of an ordinary person, all windows are the same, how to choose quality products?


Here are some simple rules to keep you from getting confused when choosing products.

1. We are not rich enough to buy cheap windows!

Quality doesn't mean cheap! The lion's share of the price is borne by the PVC profile, it is he who mainly affects the quality. I must say right away that the price of a high-quality profile can be two or even three times different from cheap materials, the price of a good German profile will differ greatly from the price of a profile produced in Turkey and Poland.

Do not forget about high-quality seals, double-glazed windows and fittings. When ordering a window, pay attention to this, consult with the seller, ask about the availability of certificates.

2. The excellent quality of the material is only half the way to success! Go to the samples, look at them. Immediately pay attention to the work of the fittings, open, close the window, if the handle is loose, listen to creaks, if they are, if there are any jams. Take a close look at the quality of the seams, they should be cleaned neatly and evenly. In the corners of the product, look at the cuts, they should be even, there should be no gaps.

3. Installation of windows. Did you know that windows are transported only in an upright position. If you see horizontal transportation, do not even go to this company, they are unlikely to produce quality work. With a poor-quality installation, after a year, cracks may appear at the junction of the slopes and window frames, condensation will start to fall on the glass unit, and the fittings will jam.

4. When replacing windows, as a rule, window sills are also changed. Mosquito nets and ebb tides are also desirable attributes. Specify this issue when placing an order.

So that the purchase and installation of a plastic window will please you for a long time, contact the services of a well-established company that will do all the work, from measurement to installation, which uses high-quality materials in production. Your task is to correctly form your wishes and requirements, and make sure that all the conditions are reflected in the contract.

Don't trust pseudo-specialists!

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