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Real Locks For Real Protection
Real Locks For Real Protection

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What would you call a person who painstakingly equips his house, spends time and money on it, furnishes it with furniture and household appliances … and then leaves and leaves the key under the rug? Probably at least strange.


However, many of us, in fact, do the same with our own home. Not everyone lives in guarded entrances, not all apartments have alarms. And nevertheless, for some reason, it is considered in the order of things for us to have material values ​​in the house with a total value of hundreds of thousands of rubles - and to put a lock on the front door at a cost of a thousand! Although everyone understands that the simpler and cheaper the lock, the easier it is to open it …

Security experts believe that for an apartment in a city house, a high-quality metal door in a reinforced door frame should be installed as a minimum protection. And equip it with two modern locks with additional burglary protection - or at least one, but multi-point.

Moreover, this applies to houses with concierges, and even to apartments that are "guarded". Because, as a rule, we do not have video surveillance systems, neighbors often do not know each other … and the security usually does not come within two minutes.

Unfortunately, even good metal doors in Russia are rarely equipped with locks of the appropriate level. As a rule, the choice of brands of locks for doors of mass series is very limited. Therefore, it often turns out exactly as stated above: an apartment "for a million" - and a castle for a thousand … Those who want to improve the quality of protection of their own home need to think about it on their own.

This does not mean that you need to set hunting traps at the door or order homemade locks from craftsmen. Those who want to reliably protect an apartment and not sacrifice the convenience of opening and closing doors, need premium locks, which are made using modern technologies and with a quality guarantee.

In Russia, such door locks under the KFV brand (Karl Fliether Velbert) are presented by the German company SIGENIA-AUBI. KFV locks are manufactured directly in Germany, at the plant in Velbert. Zigenia-Aubi is a European leader in the development and production of window and door fittings, a group of companies that includes the KFV plant.

Zigenia-Aubi is known for its innovative solutions for the "smart home" of the 21st century. An “intelligent home” is a comfortable and secure home in which the owner can calmly go about his business and relax: automatic systems provide doors opening and closing, lights switching on and off, ventilation and other necessary functions. And the security of this smart home begins precisely from the entrance doors equipped with KFV locks.

Precision processing and mating of parts, coupled with the high quality of German steel, ensure long-term trouble-free operation of the mechanism. And the breadth of the assortment allows you to choose a castle for every taste and for every need. KFV locks are single-point and multi-point, mechanical and electronic with remote control, for plastic, wooden, steel and even glass doors, for apartments, cottages and public buildings … At the same time, due to their standard sizes, they can be easily combined with push fittings (i.e. there are, roughly speaking, with door handles) of all leading manufacturers.

In this article, unfortunately, there is no way to analyze in detail the characteristics of all models of KFV locks. Therefore, we will limit ourselves to a general mention of the most interesting and modern products of the German company.

Locks with the Soft Lock system are ideal for work and living spaces where silence is important.

Multi-point, multi-directional hook-and-loop locks not only provide unique burglary resistance, but also protect doors from warping.

Electronic multi-point system Genius is a 21st century technology that provides European comfort of use. The system has a modular structure, so that it can be customized according to personal needs and add additional functions: a remote control to open and close doors from a distance, a timer, etc.

Biometric sensors respond to fingerprints and allow you to forget about keys by literally opening the door with one finger. This provides a fundamentally new level of security compared to any keys that can be forged or lost.

It is worth mentioning separately that a premium-class castle is not a luxury item, and it does not cost a thousand dollars, but money that is quite acceptable for the average Russian. In any case, the difference in price between any of the KFV locks and an ordinary cheap lock is incomparably less than the technical and consumer advantages of a German product. The Germans are a fairly economical people.

More information on KFV products can be found at In Russia, KFV locks are sold from the official representatives and dealers of the Zigenia-Aubi company, from whom you can also learn more about KFV locks and watch them live. Contacts of the Russian representative office of the company, regional representatives and dealers are available on the website


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