What Documents Are Needed To Sell An Apartment?

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What Documents Are Needed To Sell An Apartment?
What Documents Are Needed To Sell An Apartment?

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  • Documents that must be obtained without fail
  • Documents you may need

So, let's figure it out: what documents do you need to get to sell an apartment? In the article you will find answers to all questions regarding the necessary documents for the sale of an apartment.


It is impossible to sell an apartment without presenting the necessary documents. But which documents are required? You can get the answer to this question at any real estate agency for 10,000 rubles, and for 40,000 - a full package of consultations on the conclusion of the transaction. Of course, it makes no sense to spend such a significant amount, if you can get all the necessary information from this article. So, let's figure it out: what documents do you need to get to sell an apartment?

Documents that must be obtained without fail

- documents of title;

- certificates from the BTI. They include a certificate "floor plan + explication" and the cadastral passport of the apartment. It will cost you about 5,000 rubles to get these certificates through a commercial organization;

- an extract from the house book;

- certificate (report) on the market value of the apartment. It is required if the apartment is purchased with a mortgage. Appraisal of an apartment is a rather laborious procedure. You will need to bring the appraiser to the apartment, then go to the appraisal firm, pick up the report, take it to the bank and to the insurance company. Please note that the appraisal company must be accredited by the bank that issues the mortgage to the borrower. The cost of evaluating an economy-class apartment will cost 4-4.5 thousand rubles, and apartments with an elite renovation will be estimated at 20-30 thousand rubles.

- permission of the board of trustees for sale. This permission is required if a child who is the owner lives in the apartment. In cases where the child is only registered in the apartment, but is not its owner, a sale permit is not required. The exceptions are cases when the rights of the child were violated during privatization. It is considered that the rights were violated if during the privatization (1991-1994) the child was not included in the list of owners. Going through the board of trustees is a very difficult process. Requirements for the form of submission of documents differ not only in cities, but also in different offices in the capital.

- the consent of the spouse to sell the apartment. It is required to provide it if the apartment was purchased during the marriage. In this case, the apartment is a joint property, so it can be sold only with the consent of both spouses.

These are the main documents. Perhaps they will not be enough for you, so it is better to immediately stock up on all the "pieces of paper" that you may need.

Documents you may need

- certificates from narcological and neuropsychiatric dispensaries. These documents will never interfere, but only once again confirm the seller's sanity at the time of the transaction;

- certificate of absence of arrears in payment of utilities: electricity, water, telephone, etc. Realtors have to deal with apartments, the sellers of which hide a debt of several tens of thousands of rubles.

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