Silence Is The Key To Health

Silence Is The Key To Health
Silence Is The Key To Health

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Man lives in a world of sounds and noise. Every day we are exposed to sound waves of different frequencies. Sometimes we do not feel the intensity of the sound, but it causes irreparable harm to our health.

Scientists at the University of Michigan found that every 10 decibels of average noise increases blood pressure by 1.5-2 millimeters of mercury, which increases the risk of stroke by 10%. Constant exposure to sound weakens the human nervous system, causing mental illness. Noise becomes the cause of premature aging: in thirty cases out of a hundred, it shortens the life expectancy of people in large cities by 8-12 years.

The effect of sound waves on the human body is obvious. A sound level of 25-30 dB can be considered safe. 130 dB cause pain.

Table of approximate noise levels from various sources

Sound sources Level (dB)
Calm breathing Not perceived
Whisper ten
Rustling leaves 17
Flipping through newspapers 20
Normal house noise 40
Surf on the shore 40
Moderate conversation 50
Loud conversation 70
Working vacuum cleaner 80
Subway train 80
Rock music concert 100
Thunder Strike 110
Jet engine 110
Shot from a gun 120
Pain threshold 120

As a result of the development of industry, transport and infrastructure, new types of noise appear in the life of a modern person. The intensity of sound waves acting on the body today is many times higher compared to the time when standards for sound insulation of premises were developed. Today, these standards are insufficient to ensure acoustic comfort, which is why it becomes necessary to use additional soundproofing materials.

A completely logical question arises: how can you protect yourself from the harmful effects of noise and ensure acoustic comfort at home? The noise that we hear in our home is of 2 types: airborne and structural. Airborne noise, depending on the source, can be external (cars, trains, planes) and internal (audio and video equipment, household appliances). Structural noise arises from mechanical impact on the surface or during operation of the equipment and spreads mainly through the structural elements of the house (a working elevator, knocking on a pipe). A particular case of structure-borne noise is impact noise (clattering of heels, falling objects).

Any kind of noise is familiar to everyone. Excessive activity of neighbors in an apartment or room at least once in a lifetime annoyed each of us.

The optimal solution to this problem is high-quality sound protection at home. This should be thought about even at the stage of designing a house or renovating an apartment, since it is much more difficult to ensure good sound insulation after repair and finishing work.

The main parameter for assessing the sound insulation of any structure is the Rw index. It shows how many decibels the noise level is reduced when using a soundproofing structure. For example, an ordinary concrete wall with plasterboard sheets with a total thickness of 175 mm absorbs 43 dB of airborne noise (Rw index = 43 dB). With this level of sound absorption, a loud conversation in the next apartment will be clearly heard. To achieve a comfortable noise level for a person (no more than 30 dB), interior partitions must have an Rw index of at least 50 dB.

Consider, for example, the new soundproofing material of the Saint-Gobain Building Products company ISOVER SoundProtection, which has an optimal combination of quality characteristics. It consists of fiberglass slabs with a density of 14 kg / m3, a thickness of 50 mm and a width of 610 mm.

Layout of a multilayer partition using ISOVER Zvukozashchita material


1. Metal frame

2. Sound-absorbing material ISOVER

3. Gypsum plasterboard

4. Finishing (wallpaper, paint, etc.)

The Rw index of such a partition is 45 dB with a thickness of 75 mm (25 mm - gypsum board, 50 mm soundproofing layer). If, instead of concrete walls, similar multilayer sound-absorbing structures (125 mm thick) are installed as interior partitions, the Rw index will be 55 dB, i.e. you will not hear the conversation in the next room.

If you install this partition as additional insulation to a concrete or brick wall, the total sound absorption is 88 dB. This option is suitable for noise protection of a house located, for example, next to railway tracks, since in this case the sound of a passing train will be completely absorbed by the material.

From the point of view of safety, the material ISOVER Soundproofing complies with international standards (degree of fire resistance EI30 and the group of flammability "Non-combustible materials"), which is confirmed by fire test certificates. Environmental properties comply with the Requirements "MPC of pollutants in the ambient air of populated areas", Requirements "OSUV (approximate safe exposure levels) of pollutants in the ambient air of populated areas", Requirements of radiation safety standards, Requirements "Hygienic assessment and examination of goods containing natural and artificial mineral fibers ".

The average person solves the problem of soundproofing once or twice in his life, when he buys a new home or thoroughly renovates an existing one. Therefore, such a material property as durability becomes of paramount importance. What is so good about ISOVER Soundproofing product in this respect? Since the material is resilient and elastic at the same time, it fills the baffle evenly and does not slip. This is confirmed by tests carried out by Saint-Gobain Building Products for a long time using special vibration installations. The creep rate in this case is 20% lower than that of stone wool, which is explained by simple laws of physics: the weight of fiberglass material is less than that of stone wool, which means that gravity will affect it less throughout the entire period of operation.

The material does not crumble or break, evenly fills the partition and does not require additional fasteners, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the installation process.

An important quality from the point of view of transportation costs is the ability to compress the material several times during packaging. At the same time, when ISOVER is unpacked, SoundProtection completely regains its dimensions, allowing you to immediately begin installation. Peace and quiet of your home, and therefore your health, is initially the result of careful design and selection of the best building materials. But, having paid enough attention to this once, you will protect yourself and your loved ones from the unsafe effects of environmental noise.

ISOVER - World standard for insulation


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