Protective Films For Plastic Windows

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Protective Films For Plastic Windows
Protective Films For Plastic Windows
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  • Protection of a plastic window from the human factor. Glazing
  • Shatterproof films for plastic windows
  • Heat preserving films for PVC windows
  • Fire retardant film for insulating glass units
  • Protective film for plastic window and ultraviolet
  • Protecting windows from ears and eyes
  • Spectral selective film filters

Plastic windows can be equipped with protective films. Their list is not as short as it seems. Double-glazed windows can be protected from many influences, including the sun, fire, noise, physical activity, vibration, human intervention and much more. For this, a special film is applied to the entire area of ​​the glass unit of the plastic window. Each type of coating protects against influences of interest. We will now consider some of the methods of protection.


Protection of a plastic window from the human factor. Glazing

Everyone's home is his fortress, and each fortress requires protection. Depending on the way of life, place, time, you can defend in different ways, relative to the prevailing situations. And most often you need to protect yourself from people. For this type of protection, a method such as glazing is used. Thanks to it, a special film is applied to the glass, which makes the glass unit shockproof. And here, according to technical characteristics, glazing is divided into three classes.

Class A. First class, has the lowest protection. Glass of this class is not able to significantly protect the house. But if a person does not need such protection at all, it will be very relevant, like minimal insurance. Class A glasses protect against the least physical exertion. They will protect the window from a thrown pebble, they will not scatter from an accidental but rather strong blow, for example, when washing a double-glazed window. This means, in general, a pretty good option for a quiet area.

Class B. This class has great impact resistance. Here, a brick, already thrown with all its might, is unlikely to break glass. If the habitat is hectic, this is a good defense. In addition, class B glasses have a good anti-burglary property. In addition to the alarm, such a house will be very difficult to get into in the event of a robbery. And the secret of the peculiarity of class B glasses is simple, the film protects the glass unit from the scattering of the entire glass sheet. If the force of the impact is excessive, only a funnel will be formed here in the size of the object with which they wanted to break through the glass. If this is, say, a nail, there is only a small hole from it, all the glass will still be in place. The meaning of such protection is simple, a thief who gets into a house needs to scrape off a hole piece by piece according to its size (or the size of a TV),and this is a very long process.

Class B. This class is the most protective of the house from intruders. A double-glazed unit with films of this class cannot be broken by ordinary physical human force. In addition, it can easily withstand handguns, that is, it is bulletproof. And this class is very well suited not only for home, but also for shops and other protected areas.

Shatterproof films for plastic windows

This is a specific protection. Here, in the first place is not whether it is possible to break the glass, and another - whether it will hurt during the breaking. This type is similar to class B glazing, but has its own characteristics. Safety glass is also difficult to break, but the specificity is that if it is broken, it still shatters, but into large parts. Moreover, each has no sharp ends and is absolutely harmless.

Such glasses are very well suited for shop windows, for children's rooms at home, schools. Moreover, these films are widely used in automobiles. In the event of unforeseen situations, accidental breakage or special, a double-glazed window with a shatterproof film will not harm anyone around or objects.

Heat preserving films for PVC windows

Plastic windows by themselves retain a sufficient amount of heat compared to similar windows of older types. But if it is necessary to further increase the thermal insulation, then a heat-preserving film must be applied in addition to the euro-window.

The data show that such a film retains another 40 percent of the additional heat in the house, which flows out into the street through the glass. The figure is significant, so this is an important innovation for the window.

Fire retardant film for insulating glass units

This type of film protects the house from the invasion of fire. Of course, you don't really need to protect from the street, but between the rooms. This is why it is mainly designed to be applied to glazed doors. Practice shows that fire can be kept indoors for about 45 minutes without passing through glass, which is often the very first cracking and letting fire in. And if we take into account the statistics that the living room burns for no more than half an hour, such a film can completely protect other rooms from fire. Although a lot depends on the doors themselves, but still.

Protective film for plastic window and ultraviolet

Ultraviolet light is known to be harmful to health. Especially now, when the ozone ball is not strong enough to protect our body. In some climates, this is very important. After all, cancer, one of the most dangerous diseases, often comes from this. And to avoid the negative consequences of ultraviolet radiation, protective films from this factor have been invented.

The percentage that remains outside the window, without going into the room, is simply shocking with its figure, because as much as 99 percent is held. And this is literally everything, 1 percent, will not harm, and possibly slightly protect us, help develop immunity. Therefore, such films are popular and people are increasingly using them.

Protecting windows from ears and eyes

Many organizations, and not only secret ones, have to worry that their secrets do not go outside the premises. And founding an office in a basement without windows is not attractive. In order for people to be able to protect themselves from the intrusion of unauthorized downloading of information, specialized films are used. They often have two positives, which are the main ones in this kind of defense.

First, such a film on a glass unit protects the room from prying eyes. Remembering the films, now the spy will no longer be able to see anything in the room, or read secret information on his lips. Agree, these are important points.

Secondly, such films are made in such a way that they simultaneously serve as mufflers of certain frequency ranges. Therefore, even if the radio beetle is installed in the office, it will not be able to transmit data, since the glass, the most vulnerable place, will not let the signal through. This factor is no less important and, as already mentioned, goes in addition to the first method of protection.

Spectral selective film filters

This is already a novelty and has several advantages. These film filters protect windows from several factors at the same time, but they all boil down to increasing comfort.

Double-glazed windows equipped with such a novelty reduce noise, reflect heat emitted by objects in the room and themselves, reduce convective flows inside the glass, reflect infrared rays of the sun. And everything to increase comfort, which makes the plastic window even more effective.

All of the listed types of protective films for plastic windows have their own characteristics, and each type is popular in its own way. All that remains is to choose the right look for yourself and make the house, the workplace even more comfortable and reliable. And we end there, although we can continue to talk, high technologies are developing, and every year even more sophisticated models that can protect a person with even greater efficiency and zeal come to the market. Which is very pleasing, because too much protection never hurts.

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