Operation Of A Plastic Window

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Operation Of A Plastic Window
Operation Of A Plastic Window

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  • Care on PVC profile of a plastic window
  • Care for plastic window fittings
  • Care for a glass unit of a plastic window
  • Maintenance of plastic window seals

Plastic windows do not require special handling and increased attention. This is one of the reasons for their popularity. After all, it is not necessary not to paint or insulate a plastic window for the winter, and this is a significant saving. Although the main positives are different, in the increased insulation of premises from cold, noise, dust, as well as the plus of PVC windows lies in durability. But, like everything else, windows also require some maintenance, and it is on how to look after your windows that the service life of the euro windows will depend. In order to extend it as long as possible, and this is at least 25 years, if the window is of a quality manufacturer, we will talk about this important topic - the operation of a plastic window.


Each plastic window consists of such components as PVC profile, glass units, seals and fittings. These are the most important and, in theory, almost all parts of any plastic window. Each is made according to special requirements, and each has its own characteristics in care. Even the manufacturers of all components are basically different firms. This means that we will separately talk about the care of each component of the PVC window. After all, you need to treat each one with care, they are all important, and an integral quality depends on each.

Care on PVC profile of a plastic window

PVC profile is made from polyvinyl chloride, a specialized plastic. This part of the window is the most basic, since it is the basis of the window, and everything else is already attached to it. Therefore, the care here should be the most thorough, but at the same time it is the easiest.

Let's start from the very beginning, when the window is installed, a film remains on it, which protects it from unnecessary scratches during transportation. Most likely, the workers will not remove this film, which means that you yourself must remove it. The reasons why it is not removed are simple, it is often believed that it protects the window and it is better not to remove it at first. This opinion is not true, this film will only damage the window, as moisture, rain acids and dust with dirt will get under it. After removal, wipe the window. This process needs to be done constantly, but do not think infrequently. The first 3-5 years, it is enough to wipe the window 2-3 times a year. Then, two is enough, or even once a year.

The process of cleaning a PVC profile is as follows. A special plastic care product is bought or an ordinary soap solution is taken. With a linen cloth, this solution is rubbed all over the window, all the dust is erased at the same time, and when the window seems clean, it is left for a while until it dries. When everything is dry, a crust of soap forms on the plastic, it must be removed. To do this, either with a damp or dry cloth, everything is wiped again until the window shines with novelty. That's all, as said, quite simple.

When choosing specialized tools, you need to pay attention that they are designed for polyvinyl chloride, and it is better if they are specifically for PVC windows. The main thing is that when buying, the cleaning agent with an abrasive base does not get in, it will scratch the profile, and the window will quickly fade. Also, do not allow acetone or acidic solvents in the detergent. It is also a taboo for plastic, they quickly destroy the window and do not care, but cripple the profile.

In addition, you need to understand that plastic is afraid of fire, which means that nothing hot can touch it, you can easily burn a hole. Also, the negative of plastic is in its fragility, which means that it is afraid of blows. You need to try not to make dents and, most importantly, not to scratch the profile. But it is worth rejoicing that when the window is damaged, not everything is hopeless. Many companies are engaged in updating PVC profiles. Such a process from any window will make a completely new and beautiful, but when left, as described above, it will look like it was installed yesterday for decades. And care is not at all difficult, everyone will agree that everything is much easier than with old wooden windows. But this is not all, we continue and move on to the next component part.

Care for plastic window fittings

Hardware is everything that relates to the system of opening and closing the window. In short, the hardware is the window mechanism. And every mechanism requires lubrication. This is what all the care of fittings comes down to. Twice a year, you need to lubricate the fittings, while two drops of oil are enough.

When choosing lubricants, we pay attention that they do not contain acids and resins, as well as substances that destroy anti-corrosion coatings. Machine oil is fine, you can also use ordinary grease, which many recommend.

Also, it is worth mentioning the pens. They are also part of the hardware and they often get loose. Therefore, you need to monitor this and with obvious signs that are visible immediately, it is imperative to tighten the handle fastening. If you do everything on time, you will not have to change this element, which is more expensive than attention.

Care for a glass unit of a plastic window

Here the care is special and even though you need to wipe the glass unit, everything is the same here as in the case of ordinary glass of any other window or even the glass of the sideboard. Such attention is understandable and we will not dwell on it, we will talk about the other side. Due to the fact that plastic windows insulate the room very well, there is a problem with ventilation. And stagnant air leads to an even greater problem - high humidity. But this can be eliminated, for this, it is imperative to ventilate the room every day or install ventilation, for example, an air conditioner. With this approach, you can cope with this negative, although the new PVC windows are already equipped with a ventilation system, which is very pleasing.

In addition, you need to ensure that nothing interferes with the passage of air from the batteries to the double-glazed windows, that is, nothing should stand in the way. After all, not ventilating and blocking the batteries promises fogging of the windows in winter. And this is not very happy when nothing is visible through the windows. Moreover, it confirms that the humidity is high and is a more global problem. The humidity of the room should be approximately equal to about 30 percent (on average, normal humidity is 30-45% in winter and 35-50% in summer, with a room temperature of 20 degrees), if more, it causes not only sweaty glasses, but also diseases. It is not common for humans to live in high humidity, especially if they grew up in a dry climate. You can fight this or, as already mentioned, by installing ventilation and not interfering with the convention in the room,or simply airing for 5 minutes about 3 times a day. By the way, it is very useful to do this, because many microbes live indoors. And by opening windows, we, firstly, weather them, and, secondly, we kill with ultraviolet light. So we think.

But that's not all, it is worth attributing to this section and drainage. Condensation and moisture can form inside the glass. To prevent this from happening, all windows are equipped with drainage systems. They are easy to find from the bottom of the window sash, such small holes. They also need to be monitored so that they do not clog, otherwise the window will lose its qualities from the inside. On this, perhaps, everything, let's proceed to the seals.

Maintenance of plastic window seals

These small parts play a very big role compared to the others. All sound insulation no longer depends on the listed parts, but on the seals, which means that so that the window does not lose its dignity, you need to monitor them. The material for the seals has not yet been invented eternal, and it is aging and losing its qualities. If you do not take care of him, he will be the first to fail, which means that you must definitely follow him. Seals protect the room not only from the penetration of sounds, cold, but also dust. And it is the dust that leads them to destruction. Therefore, you need to constantly clean them so that the dirt that remains on them does not destroy the material, which is very elastic. But not everything is so scary, it is enough to do it only once or twice a year, but in the first years it is recommended to clean them four times a year.

To care for the seal, you need to buy a special cleaner that is designed for this material. Although it is possible to clean them with ordinary soapy water, the main thing is that at the end, wipe them thoroughly from the cleaning agent so that no moisture remains on them. And at the end, they still need to be lubricated so that they do not lose their properties, for this they use silicone oils. If this is done, then the window will be quiet and comfortable for a long time.

So we told everything about caring for plastic windows. It turns out that the operation of a PVC window is not so difficult. In the early years, setting aside 1 hour of your time for leaving every 3-4 months, you can extend further service for many years. And this is only the first five years, then, it is enough to do the above once every six months for the window to be in order. Also, do not forget that it all depends on the place where the windows are installed, if it is in a very dusty place, it is better to do this every month or two. Similarly, if the windows are installed outside the city, in nature, where silence and cars pass once a day, or even less often, then these procedures can be done once a year, which will not affect the duration of their functionality.

Everything requires care, both people and the house. Therefore, we treat our home correctly, take care of it, and then it will always give us wonderful moments behind our walls, which will not protect us with their reliability, but with warmth.

Take care of your home.

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