Reasons For Fogging Plastic Windows

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Reasons For Fogging Plastic Windows
Reasons For Fogging Plastic Windows

Video: Reasons For Fogging Plastic Windows

Video: Reasons For Fogging Plastic Windows
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  • The window is fogging up because the apartment has high humidity
  • Window fogs up due to violation of convection mode
  • Window fogs up due to too wide glass unit
  • The reason for fogging was a defect in the window

A plastic window can fog up, and this is nothing unusual. The reasons can be different, starting with defects in the apartment and ending with malfunctions of the window itself, or incompatibility of something. And before calling the company where the windows were ordered, you need to try to figure out what the matter is, so you can solve everything much sooner.


The window is fogging up because the apartment has high humidity

First about fogging in general. What it is? Misting is the formation of condensation on the windows, that is, moisture condenses. Having thought logically, it becomes clear that if moisture condenses, it means that the apartment has high humidity and then we will immediately discuss the methods of struggle. Each room should be ventilated, it is enough to open the window three or four times for five minutes and the moisture should be normalized. If one of the readers is indignant, then we remind you that increased moisture affects human health for the worse, which means that this must be done. Moreover, this often manifests itself only by installing a plastic window, because ordinary windows have many small slots through which air passes, which removed moisture earlier. And PVC windows are very tight and these processes are stopped. If the windows are modern, then most likelymust have a ventilation mode, it is turned on by turning the knob and setting it to the diagonal position. In this mode, the window slightly moves away and lets in a little air, moreover, heat losses in this mode are insignificant, which is why it is often called the "winter ventilation mode". This was the first reason and the fight against it, let's move on.

Window fogs up due to violation of convection mode

It is possible that the convection mode is violated in the room. As you can see, the premise is also a complex thing and has its own laws. As you know, convection is the process of mixing, the movement of air, when warm layers rise up and cold layers down. The movement begins from the battery, there the hot air goes up, and then, having passed along the ceiling and cooled down, it falls to the floor on the opposite side of the window. As everyone knows, windows are always installed above radiators, this is done because the window in another place will almost always fog up. But if it is above the battery, then warm air heats the glass and moisture does not condense on it (and it condenses on cold objects). Now, probably, the reader has already guessed that the reason may be a violation of the natural convection of warm air in the room, that is, something, perhapsinterferes with heating the glass.

These can be objects covering the heating or even wide radiators that prevent the air from reaching the very glass. It is possible that by installing plastic windows, the window sills were installed much wider, in the form of a table or something similar. The reason is clear here. In this case, you can get rid of by making holes in the windowsill for air, then fogging will definitely stop.

Window fogs up due to too wide glass unit

The next reason for the fogging of a plastic window may be too wide a glass unit. Only airing the room will help here to reduce the moisture inside, no more. However, you can also install an air conditioner, just do not forget that you need a high-quality split system to keep track of moisture. But it is better if the glass unit is not very wide in thickness, although this is no longer so easy to change if the windows are already installed. The best option for double-glazed windows is up to 70 mm thick, since it no longer retains much heat and only interferes with other window properties.

The reason for fogging was a defect in the window

And the last reason is a defect in the window. It can be determined by discarding the indicated defects. If there are many windows and one fogs up, but there is no difference between them, then in this case the defect is in reality. If all the windows are sweating, then, most likely, the reasons are not in them (we do not take into account wide double-glazed windows), since all windows can hardly be wrong. In case of a window defect, contact the company, if it is confirmed, everything will be eliminated. Of course, you need to apply, discarding the indicated options, and, most likely, the point is precisely in them. Incorrectly assembled windows are rare, so we look for the reasons first for the premises, not the windows.

Hopefully, many readers will be able to easily fix the trouble of a fogged window themselves. Indeed, indeed, the window should show us the world, the sun, the sky, and not drips of moisture, which so resemble a tear …