Types Of Decorative Plaster For Facades

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Types Of Decorative Plaster For Facades
Types Of Decorative Plaster For Facades

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  • Colored lime-sand plaster
  • Stone plaster
  • Terrazzite plaster
  • Sgraffito plaster

For the decoration of facades, in addition to ordinary plaster, decorative plaster is used. This makes it possible to diversify the color scheme of the house and imitate more expensive finishes.


There are several types of decorative plaster:

  • colored - on a lime-sand mortar with the addition of coloring pigments;
  • stone - on a cement mortar with stone chips of a certain rock;
  • terrazitic - from specially prepared terrazite mixtures (quartz sand, stone chips, mica, lime-fluff and cement);
  • sgraffito - on two or more colored solutions of different colors, making it possible to create a relief colorful pattern.

Colored lime-sand plaster

Colored lime-sand plaster is more economical. It is composed of lime dough, Portland cement grade 400 (white or gray), quartz sand or rock seeding and pigments. With the help of various methods of applying a covering layer (by spraying, creating inlaid and combined textures) and its finishing (in a plastic or semi-hardened state), a variety of textured surface finishing is obtained.

Stone plaster

Stone plaster is the most labor-intensive and complex. Stone chips of a certain rock are used as a filler in the solution. The hardened surface of the stone plaster is treated with percussion tools (trojan horse, bush hammer or chisels). After such treatment, the surface resembles natural stone (marble, granite). Instead of processing with percussion instruments, another method is also used - after hardening, the stone plaster is etched with a 5-10% solution of hydrochloric acid, and then washed with water. In this case, the surface (cement) layer of hardened plaster is destroyed by acid and a relief expressive pattern of stone chips is formed.

Terrazzite plaster

Terrazite plaster is prepared on solutions of fluff lime, cement, mica. Quartz sand and stone chips of various sizes are used as aggregates. In a semi-hardened state, terrasite plaster is treated with nail brushes, scrambling with toothed cycles, and a sandblaster. After this treatment, the surface looks like tuff or sandstone.

Sgraffito plaster

Sgraffito plaster is a special type of plaster for decorative and artistic decoration of buildings. First, a colored preparatory layer is applied, then 2-3 colored covering layers, after which the top layer (layers) are scratched (partially cut off) using the immature solution (no later than 5-6 hours after application) with special tools (staples, shovels, chisels) … Thus, the underlying layers of plaster are exposed and a relief colorful ornament or pattern is created.

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