Classification Of Plastic Windows

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Classification Of Plastic Windows
Classification Of Plastic Windows

Video: Classification Of Plastic Windows

Video: Classification Of Plastic Windows
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  • Pivoting plastic window
  • Tilt & turn window
  • Blind windows

Any product can be classified by variety, and hence plastic windows. It turns out that there are many models of PVC windows and each has its own advantages, disadvantages, as well as price, which is the main driving force behind the emergence of some of them. Let's look at the most famous types of plastic windows, so that everyone can decide for themselves, before coming to the store, which windows are needed in the house, apartment. Moreover, some of the varieties can be installed in rooms, others in the kitchen, and others in the bathroom.


Plastic windows are classified according to the opening mechanism, the most famous and often used by customers are pivot, swing-out and blind. The list does not end with these three types, but buyers often use only these, the most popular. If you want to innovate and show off with a more gourmet window model, you can learn about other types, but this is already an increased price. We'll stick with this list as most of the population only installs these models. Let's start about all types in order.

Pivoting plastic window

This is a classic version of a window that opens as usual - to the side (right). Here, in principle, there is nothing to rant about, which means we will move on to a more interesting model.

Tilt & turn window

This type is the most interesting and popular. Its structure has mysterious fittings; at one of the turns of the latch, the window opens as usual, turns to the side, but if you turn the latch at a different angle, the window opens. It is very good to use it in summer when the rooms are very hot, but when opened, the sash takes up a lot of space in the room. In this case, the window leans back by a certain degree in the upper part, allowing fresh air. It is also worth saying that these opening methods depend on the fittings, although, in fact, they are exactly the same everywhere. But there are fittings that are equipped with a winter ventilation mode. If in windows with such fittings the handle is installed diagonally, that is, in the position between opening for turning and tilting, such a window only slightly leans back by a millimeter or two. It's enough,so that fresh air enters the house, in the required amount, without cooling the room too much. As you can see, in fiberglass windows everything is provided, and each model pleases with its additional properties.

Tilt-and-turn plastic windows have a price that exceeds the price of hinged windows, but due to the two methods of opening in one window, they are very popular and often used by ordinary citizens. Therefore, this model can even be called one of the most popular, can the excess of the price by a certain percentage pay off the increased amenities? Those who use tilt-and-turn windows know that it was worth paying more for it. But if you want to save money, there is a third model, which is considered the cheapest of all.

Blind windows

Deaf plastic windows are tightly installed, they cannot be opened at all. Why does such a model exist? Its price is minimal, which means that there is popularity in it. But, of course, it is impossible to wash such a window on the nth floor; ventilation is also not permissible in this case. And it would seem that because of this it is wrong to buy such a window. And this would be so, if not for the combination, plastic windows, like ordinary ones, can be combined. For example, to install a pivoting window and a blind window at the same time, while the percentage depends only on the wishes of the customer. It is possible to install a blind window on 70 percent of the entire area, and the rest 30 percent of the swing or swing-out. In this case, you can already ventilate the room and wash the windows without problems, although this is not as convenient as when the window is open. The popularity of such combinations is only in one,blind windows are very cheap, because one of the important parts is the fittings, they are missing.

Now that the most common types of plastic windows are known, it remains only to choose the right one for each window. Moreover, do not be afraid to combine, there are not many funds in the house. With a good approach, the external design of such windows will be even more pleasing to the eye than with a solid expensive PVC window with a swing-out mechanism installed. And if you have money, you can dream up with other models that you can read about without any problems on the Internet. And to make the house look, it is better when choosing to consult with specialists - designers, stylists, who will always give good advice, even taking into account the desire to save money. The house should be tastefully decorated, and the windows are one of the main parts of any house, because they catch the eye first, right? …