Caring For Plastic Windows

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Caring For Plastic Windows
Caring For Plastic Windows
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  • Regular ventilation of the room
  • Care of rubber seals
  • Drainage
  • Care of fittings

These measures will help you avoid high humidity in rooms and prevent its undesirable consequences:

  • ventilate all rooms 3-4 times a day for 15 minutes and every morning for 20-30 minutes (especially the bedroom);

    during ventilation, the windows should be as wide as possible (and not tilted), which will ensure effective ventilation in a short period of time;

    do not lower the temperature in rooms below 15 C.

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    Regular ventilation of the room

    Windows made of PVC profiles are characterized by a high density of all joints and, when closed, allow very little air to pass through. Thus, moisture accumulates in the premises (especially in the kitchen), which falls on the coldest parts of the external enclosing structures, i.e. on double-glazed windows, in the form of fogging and condensation, and in severe frosts, ice along the aluminum frame. To prevent such phenomena, it is necessary, first of all, to reduce the humidity of the room by regular ventilation, which does not require additional costs, or by installing a ventilation or air conditioning system. Based on the comfort conditions, the humidity in the premises should be no more than 30%. To prevent fogging on the inner surface of the glass, do not block the flow of warm air from the radiators to the glass.

    Care of rubber seals

    The gaskets are made of modern material, which, nevertheless, is subject to natural aging. To extend its life, i.e. preservation of elasticity and ability to trap any drafts and showers, it is necessary to clean them from dirt once or twice a year and wipe them with special means. Use a highly absorbent cloth for processing. After that, the seals on your window will remain elastic and water-repellent.


    Each plastic window has drainage channels for removing moisture accumulating inside it. Drainage channels are located in the lower part of the frame; they can be easily found by opening the sash. It is necessary to monitor the condition of these channels, and from time to time to clean them of dirt.

    Care of fittings

    Your windows are equipped with high quality fittings. To increase its useful life and maintain an impeccable appearance, lubricate all moving parts with oil that does not contain acids or resins at least 2 times a year. For the care of the fittings, use agents that do not destroy the corrosion protection.

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