How To Buy A Country House

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How To Buy A Country House
How To Buy A Country House

Video: How To Buy A Country House

Video: How To Buy A Country House
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  • Step one: prioritize
  • Step two: counting finances
  • Step three: look to the future
  • Step four: deploy on the ground

It is also difficult to decide to move out of town because it is not clear where to start. Indeed, what is the first step towards your own country house? Where should you start to make your home buying decision a reality?


Step one: prioritize

Where to start the journey to your own country house? Naturally, with the definition of the purpose of the purchase and the funds that you are willing to spend on it. If the house is intended for summer vacations, you can sacrifice the proximity to the capital and give preference to the picturesque nature. If suburban real estate is chosen for year-round living, then the mileage becomes especially important: the daily commute to work should not tire more than the work itself, just as it should not take about the same amount of time.

Tellingly, distance to distance is different. For example, if you live or work in the southeast of the capital, then the time spent on the road from the prestigious villages of the 20-kilometer zone of Rublevka will be comparable to the time spent on the road from the 60-kilometer zone of Novoryazanskaya highway. It is most likely that it will not work to combine both proximity to the capital and good ecology: the 30-kilometer zone around the capital is being developed no less actively than Moscow itself, and it is very problematic to find, for example, a house on Rublevka with a large number of adjoining acres.

The most prestigious and expensive destinations are still New Riga, Rublevka, Mozhaiskoye and Minskoye highways. “The presence of nearby forests and water bodies, the general wind rose, the absence of a number of large enterprises and excellent transport accessibility - here New Riga has practically no competitors,” explains Ivan Vorobyov, an analyst for suburban real estate at Inkom-Real Estate Corporation. Dmitrovskoe, Kievskoe, Kaluzhskoe highways are also gaining popularity.

Step two: counting finances

It is no less important in the preparatory work to determine the price factor, because the cost of a country house can vary from a couple of hundred thousand to several million conventional units - the situation is now such that the price of the most expensive offer differs from the price of an economy class offer by more than 100 times.

The price of a house is raised by each of the following points: the prestige of the direction, the minimum distance from the Moscow Ring Road, the quality of the house (building materials, the presence of a sauna, a swimming pool, etc.) and the degree of its readiness to move in, the terms of the loan (interest on the loan, insurance, etc.). And, of course, the level of infrastructure (a house in a village or in a cottage community, security guards, shops, etc.). “One of the emerging trends is the removal of many public facilities - shops, restaurants, sports facilities - outside the cottage community, - says Ivan Vorobyov, - and the creation of a single developed infrastructure for a whole complex of villages”. Such proposals are now appearing in New Riga. So decide which price-to-value ratio is right for you.

Step three: look to the future

Ideally, the price of a house should be of concern to a potential buyer, not only in itself, but also in terms of capitalization. “You need to buy a house so that over time it grows in value,” explains Alexander Leichenko, head of the training center of the Babylon real estate agency. - It would be most correct to consult with a specialist, since trends and fashion tend to change. For example, buying a house on the banks of the Oka River is now considered promising.

As the expert says, future owners often prefer to buy 3-4 acres solely for building a house near Moscow, which is comparable in value to the standard 15 acres in an 80-kilometer zone from the capital. But it should be remembered that the capitalization of such an object will occur much slower than if the site was of a larger area: the quality of such housing and, accordingly, its cost upon delivery or sale, all other things being equal, will be lower.

Step four: deploy on the ground

Of course, theoretical knowledge of the location of your future home is clearly not enough. You should know which settlements and cottage settlements are located there, in which places the most favorable ecological situation is, how the reservoirs are located, etc. The most logical and at the same time the most laborious option is a personal visit to the village. You can go to the area, look at the future place of residence with your own eyes, talk with residents, contact the village council. There are cases when retirees in villages on prestigious destinations sold land at an order of magnitude cheaper than it is offered in agencies. In addition, agencies prefer to deal with tradable objects of the middle price category, and they are not interested in selling several acres of land from a private owner in the garden.

However, if the subject of your interest is not a village house, but a cottage in an organized village, you will still have to contact the agency. By the way, the help of a realtor will also be required for those who strive for a closed, but most comfortable lifestyle. “To meet the demand in this segment, there are now quite large land plots on the market, several hectares each,” says Ivan Vorobyov, “on which it is quite possible to create, for example, your own“ranch”. Of course, it will hardly be possible to acquire a multi-hectare plot near Moscow - the easiest way is to pay attention to the regions neighboring the capital. A number of Moscow agencies are just engaged in buying "wholesale" land in the regions adjacent to the Moscow region. Then the land is sold, so to speak, in small wholesale.

Of course, after you have chosen your future home, it is unlikely that you will be able to breathe calmly: the purchase and registration procedure itself is fraught with many surprises for an unprepared person. But this is a topic for a separate conversation.