How To Choose A Country House

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How To Choose A Country House
How To Choose A Country House
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  • Will they give you a loan?
  • What are the most popular destinations?
  • Where are the best deals?
  • Disadvantages of living in your own home
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Compared to apartments in prestigious Moscow districts, suburban cottages have already ceased to seem dizzyingly expensive. After the cost of the most inferior metropolitan apartments exceeded 150 thousand dollars, realtors started talking about the increased interest in cottages and townhouses in the near Moscow region. How much money should a Muscovite have to acquire a country house for permanent residence?


- If you are interested in a "weekend house", then if you have $ 50 thousand, you can start looking for a suitable building in the far suburbs. But if we are talking about a house where you want to live permanently, happily ever after, prepare at least $ 500,000, - says Mikhail PURYSHEV, General Director of the Russian-Finnish holding Vuokatti-Rus. - For this money, you will receive a solid house with an area of ​​about 250 sq. m with all the achievements of world civilization in the field of communications, quality of construction, architecture.

Developers do not hide the fact that they mainly focus on buyers with an average annual income of 150-200 thousand dollars.

The main part of new cottage buildings today is business class. - One of the sad tendencies of the modern suburban market is the almost complete absence of economy-class villages, - says Igor LEBEDEV, head of the marketing analysis department of the Marketing Analysis Department of the Managing Company "Masshtab". - Those objects that are, as a rule, are located far from Moscow. Realtors and developers call cottages and townhouses costing up to 450 thousand dollars "economy class".

It is this kind of real estate - a small area (170 - 250 sq. M.) - which is traditionally bought up the fastest, but the least profitable for builders. On average, according to Park Group LLC, such settlements account for about 5-10% of the total, although over the past year this figure has risen to 10-18%. Where to look for cheaper houses? According to Oleg MARININ, President of Park Group LLC, it is possible to purchase an "inexpensive" cottage for $ 300,000 even in prestigious areas such as Novorizhskoye or Kaluzhsky, but only at a distance of more than 30 km from the Moscow Ring Road.

On less popular destinations, prices start from 200-250 thousand dollars for a house with an area of ​​200-230 sq. m. But we must bear in mind: the northeast, east and southeast are not very popular, in particular, because the main highways there are extremely busy.

You can go the other way: buy a townhouse. Their popularity has skyrocketed over the past year. The minimum area of ​​such housing is usually 120 - 150 sq. m, and it is quite possible to find a suitable option costing within $ 300 thousand.

Depending on the class of houses, cottage settlements are divided into three main categories:

Economy class - up to $ 450 thousand per house, Business class - from $ 450 thousand to $ 800 thousand, Premium - from $ 800 thousand (there is no upper limit).

Typical offers on the suburban market:

Townhouse - Average price per sq. m, $ 1500, Average housing area, sq. m 190, Land area, are 1.5

Cottage - Average price per sq. m, $ 2500, Average housing area, sq. m 210, Land area, are 15

(According to the UK "Scale")

Will they give you a loan?

Now the suburban mortgage market is only 3 - 4 percent of the total number of lending transactions. “The transaction itself for the purchase of suburban real estate from the legal side is much more complicated and voluminous than the acquisition of a city apartment,” explains Igor Lebedev. - After all, in fact, you buy two objects at once - a house and the land on which it stands. This means that the number of required documents is increasing.

What are the most popular destinations?

Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway. The most expensive estates are still located here. Despite sky-high prices and congestion on a narrow highway, "ruble" real estate is in great demand - prestige!

Novorizhskoe and Kaluga highways. There is the richest selection of cottage settlements in New Riga - over 60.

Here you can find offers ranging from luxury to economy class. A big plus for both Novorizhskoye and Kaluzhskoye highways - the highways are wide and, by Moscow region standards, are not heavily loaded.

Minsk and Kiev highway. Traditionally popular dacha destinations - therefore, the infrastructure is more or less developed here. Minka can seriously complicate life with traffic jams.

Dmitrov highway. Popular due to the "big water" - in this area, most of the reservoirs are concentrated. The downside is the low bandwidth of the track.

Where are the best deals?

Mikhail PURYSHEV, General Director of the Russian-Finnish holding "Vuokatti-Rus": - If we talk about the optimal combination of price and quality, these are Varshavskoe and Simferopol highways. The places are beautiful, the tracks are modern. The territories are beginning to be developed, but it is still possible to purchase land at a reasonable price.

Disadvantages of living in your own home

One of the drawbacks of living in your own home is the more expensive utilities compared to city services. In addition, there are also operating payments - for cleaning the territory, security, maintaining communications in working order, garbage disposal. If there are shops, a fitness center or a beach on the territory of the village, which work only for "insiders", then their maintenance will also have to be paid for with these "insiders". On average in the market, the cost of further maintenance of a cottage or townhouse is from $ 1 per sq. m per month, but this is the "average temperature in the hospital."

Our experts warn: payments can be different in different villages of the same price level - and at this moment it is extremely useful to understand even before buying a house.


Although suburban prices at first glance look far from low, let's pay attention: the most modest apartment within the third transport ring is now quite comparable in cost to a cottage with an area of ​​250 sq. m, and "treshka" in the outskirts - with the cost of an average (not the cheapest) townhouse. In other words, if you have a Moscow apartment, but you are striving with all your heart for the city, away from the city noise and smog, this dream is quite realistic.

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