You Bought An Apartment Without Finishing

You Bought An Apartment Without Finishing
You Bought An Apartment Without Finishing

Video: You Bought An Apartment Without Finishing

Video: You Bought An Apartment Without Finishing
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It often happens that we buy a new apartment and immediately start repairing it: we change the doors, wiring, change the ventilation system, re-glue the wallpaper, install new plumbing fixtures. To what extent is all this justified and consistent with legal and other norms? And can we go another way?


The most important thing today, experts say, is to choose an apartment for yourself in the place where it is convenient for you to live. Best of all, if the option develops in which you have a small apartment in the city and a nice house outside of it. But it is not always possible to commute to and from work on such long distances every day, and then you find refuge in city housing.

Why is it more profitable to buy a new apartment without finishing? This initially saves about 30% of funds in terms of its market value. In the future, these funds, or even a little more, will still be spent, but taking into account your tastes and preferences.

When buying a home, you probably don't need to take high floors. It should be remembered that elite houses are 4-5-storey. In addition, settling on high floors causes a lot of side problems, because for the first year or two, owners of housing in new houses will settle down: change something, re-glue something, bring something in … Elevators will be overloaded, and this, you see, is unnecessary Problems.

Immediately you need to take into account the size of utility bills and other overhead costs. You are settling for many years, but will your solvency always be so guaranteed stable? Sometimes such payments are fabulous and often unjustified.


If you have finally decided on the choice of a new apartment without finishing and want to redevelop it, then what to do in this case?

In order to avoid dangerous consequences, it is imperative to conduct a survey and order a project from specialists. For high-quality repairs, no approval is needed. But when the BTI plan changes, they will be required. You cannot change the architectural appearance of the building yourself, make changes to the supporting structures, etc. In some cases, even criminal liability may arise here. In order to protect yourself and not make mistakes, you will have to contact the Interdepartmental Commission, which will determine a list of all lower levels for approvals, and after receiving all permits, you need to go back to the same Interdepartmental Commission for the final resolution of the issue.

The list of these subordinate authorities is significant - DEZ, REU, Architecture Department, SES, housing commission, MoszhilNIIproekt, etc.

Errors during redevelopment work can lead to obvious and latent construction defects, up to the weakening of the supporting structures of the building, which will affect its performance in a few years.

Often violations are detected when working with ventilation systems, heating, hot water supply. Neighbors and the tenants themselves who are repairing their apartments suffer. Discovered flaws in these systems must be eliminated without fail and even forcibly, encouraging the culprits to do so.

There are times when, not withstanding high pressure, radiators burst; baths, jacuzzis fall on the heads of the residents of the lower floors; pipes burst rigidly embedded in the walls of new houses when they shrink, etc.

Responsibility for all actions performed in the apartment and for possible harm to third parties lies primarily with the customer, that is, most often with the owner himself.

To avoid many mistakes and unnecessary trials, you should already have a design project, an estimate and an agreement with a contractor at the beginning of work. The cost of a typical design project ranges from $ 10 to $ 35 per 1 m2 of housing space. You can agree to have it done at a cost estimate of $ 300 for the entire apartment. The cost of the estimate can be $ 200-300. But this is all very arbitrary. The main thing is that, having received these documents in his hands, the customer will begin to understand why he pays money, what he should receive in the end, etc.

When decorating an apartment, you need to immediately perform high-quality wiring of electrical, television, telephone and other cables and wires, and the alarm system wiring. It is better if several electrical groups are laid, consisting of a copper stranded wire 3 × 2.5.

A single-core aluminum wire breaks down quickly and is inferior in its physical properties to a copper stranded one.

The main principle is that the reserve of the wire cross-section should cover the current demand of all power sources and be calculated for the future.

You should also take care of backup sockets in case of moving furniture, hanging carpets, etc. Before the final finishing of the room, all the wires and cables need to ring out so as not to hammer the wall in search of a break and not to connect inconvenient carriers and extension cords.

Windows play an important role not only in heat saving, but also in aesthetics. In our RF band, double-glazed windows are most suitable. When installing them, you should think about air exchange in the home.

Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and other windows have special ventilation holes. French systems have a special membrane that reacts to air humidity. The ventilation openings open automatically as required. The slot machines are good, but they are not always necessary. For example, in large rooms with high ceilings, where there are few people and there are proper ventilation hoods, they are hardly needed.

In rooms where devices for forced air outflow are installed on ventilation risers, certain difficulties can also arise. It must be remembered that the fan, even when not in operation, should not impede air exchange.

There is no shortage of finishing materials on the market today. But when buying goods, one must bear in mind that some unscrupulous suppliers can buy goods abroad as illiquid assets and offer them to everyone as supposedly high quality products. It is always necessary to require certificates and carry out visual inspection.

So, when buying a tile, you should pay attention not only to its safety (chips, cracks, etc.), but also to ensure that it is of the right color and has the correct shape and size. All you need to do is lay one tile on top of another and look at the edges and corners.

When decorating and decorating a dwelling, it should be borne in mind that it must be beautiful (otherwise there will be a feeling of irritation), convenient (so that there is no discomfort) and reliable (constant repair and alteration of the road). Housing should correspond to the owner's lifestyle, his inner world.

Interior doors must be perfectly dry. When we buy them in a market with no storage facilities, or in a store from suppliers who do not meet technological requirements, we may soon find that our doors begin to crack, warp or, worse, are driven by a "screw."

Imported fittings are good. Fittings imported, for example, from Finland compares favorably in terms of price and quality. It is functional, beautiful and available to many consumers.

As for paints, this position in our market has not been in short supply for a long time. But here the rule should be observed: all the components necessary for the technological chain must be compatible with each other. Reliable products come to us from Holland, Finland, Sweden, Germany and other countries. Many Russian varnishes and paints are also good, differing in excellent hiding power, rich colors, wear resistance.

Thus, today there are no contraindications for us to buy an apartment on the primary market without finishing. The money saved earlier will be spent later to tidy it up in accordance with your personal tastes and preferences.