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Admit it, how often do you think about how you breathe? Most likely you don’t think at all. Well, perhaps, frown occasionally when a gust of stale city wind brings the smell of gasoline from the nearest intersection to the apartment, and complain about the bad ecology of the metropolis, if in the middle of a busy working day you suddenly feel tired and sleepy.


It is not surprising that with such an attitude to the air around us, very few people know what a modern air conditioner is really capable of. Much, very much! For example, Panasonic, a world leader in enrichment and air conditioning products, claims that the latest generation of air conditioners have learned how to transform dead city air into living natural air. Sounds impressive, perhaps. However, if a person has never thought about how an air conditioner works and why it is needed, he simply will not pay due attention to such facts.

Stereotypes are always difficult to destroy. Meanwhile, inattention to household air purification has become almost the norm for most people. In office buildings, air conditioning is often left to the housekeeping services, who treat it in the same way as screwing in burned-out light bulbs or patching holes in the carpet - as long as no one complains, there is nothing to worry about. A home air conditioner often causes bewilderment or amazement of the guest and the embarrassment of the owner. Although its presence is worth, if not proud, then certainly be satisfied.

It would seem, well, really - not a telephone, not a TV, not a computer, without which it is impossible to imagine modern life. Air?! Yes, you can open the window! But inattention to the conditions of life and work is, first of all, inattention to oneself. Take the same unmotivated bouts of fatigue, from which neither an extra cup of coffee nor a fist will save you. The problem has a very simple explanation: elementary oxygen starvation. As a result, the state of health worsens, efficiency decreases, heaviness and headaches are piling up. How much easier it is, in fact, to avoid such troubles than to deal with them!


Since we are talking about prevention, let's return to the question of the "skills" of air conditioners. One of the unique technologies used by the same Panasonic company in the production of air conditioners is equipping most models with an oxygen generator (O2air function). The normal oxygen level in the atmosphere is 21%, which corresponds to natural fresh air and allows you to feel as comfortable as possible. Using a membrane system, Panasonic air conditioners take air from the street, increase the oxygen concentration in it to the required level, and then supply it to the room.

How is this possible from a technical point of view? The point is the enriching silicone film, through which the sucked air passes under pressure, which allows fresh air to be supplied to an apartment or office without even turning on the air conditioner. The membrane made of this film allows oxygen molecules to pass through it more than twice as fast as nitrogen molecules, as a result of which the oxygen content "at the outlet" can reach 30%. Then, the enriched air is supplied to the indoor unit by means of a vacuum pump and then to the interior. Moreover, the membrane does not have large holes, so particles of dust, sand and other suspension of street dirt, which the air of cities is so rich in, cannot penetrate the room. As a result, your lungs only deal with clean, fresh and healthy air. By the way,and the dust on the desktop becomes noticeably less. This means that the risk of all kinds of allergic and respiratory diseases is also reduced.

Another Panasonic technology that is interesting for its novelty, used in most models of air conditioners from this manufacturer, is a three-level Super alleru-buster filter. The filter combines three protective effects: antiallergenic, antiviral and antibacterial, which makes the air not only clean, but also as healthy as possible. It is known that more than 90% of allergens that each of us encounters in our home are dead dust mites and their waste products, pollen, microscopic particles of animal hair. The ions of a special catalyst contained in the filter bind and neutralize the allergen, after which it becomes safe, even after entering the body. This is followed by an antiviral catechin filter that traps dust particles, tobacco smoke and the most common viruses. Catechin is an extract of tannin, an astringentcontained in tea leaves. As air passes through the filter, the catechin compounds surround the virus, rendering it completely non-viable.


One of the main obstacles to installing an air conditioner at home, in the mind of most, is its size. It seems that it is not so easy to harmoniously "fit" a rather dimensional device into the interior of the apartment. But tell me - does anyone think that one bookshelf is too big? And most modern models of Panasonic air conditioners are much more compact, and they are located where usually essential things are not placed. At the same time, for the remote control - an invariable part of any Panasonic air conditioner, there are simply no inaccessible places in the apartment.

For example, Panasonic CS-E15DKDW. Slim and compact body, beautiful, even graceful, appearance. Unique engineering solutions have allowed to minimize the volume of each component of the indoor unit, resulting in the depth of the air conditioner is now less than 14 centimeters. This allows you to save the internal space of even a small room, while maintaining the integrity of the interior, which makes it almost an ideal choice for living rooms and dining rooms - rooms where a person spends a significant part of his life at home.

But, perhaps, placing an air conditioner on the wall of the apartment is out of the question? Then the ceiling models of air conditioners will come to the rescue, say, the Panasonic CS-E18DTEW device. The air flow control function will distribute air throughout the room or concentrate it in one direction. At the same time, the small linear dimensions of the air conditioner will not attract attention to it, and the silent operation mode will make it completely invisible. A perfect model for the bedroom, where nothing should disturb your calm sweet sleep.

By the way, about the silence! According to the results of numerous tests and tests, Panasonic air conditioners are recognized as one of the quietest in a series of similar devices. The sound pressure level in them does not exceed 26 decibels, which is comparable to the rustle of a summer breeze or a conversation in a whisper in the far corner.

What's in the next room, nursery? If you have children, it makes sense to supplement your oxygen generator and alleru-buster filter with an air ionizer. The Panasonic CS-HE12DKE can do this. It is well known that areas rich in negatively charged ions, such as the vicinity of water bodies or large forests, have a beneficial effect on human well-being. Panasonic air conditioners are able to generate up to 20,000 negative ions / cm3, which perfectly refreshes the air in the room, making it look so much like the air after rain in the forest. And the odor elimination function and the Sleep timer mode will allow you to forget about the device for a long time at any time of the day.

However, the mentioned model with an ionizer will look great in your office too. Both home and office. And not only her. For example, the Panasonic CS-PE12DKD model. This fairly compact (less than 80 cm wide and less than 20 cm deep) air conditioner does not pretend to work efficiently in large rooms, because it is specially designed for only one room. At the same time, it has a complete set of basic functions, including inverter control, which reduces the current loss from the power supply and increases the power of the device. The current in the household network has a constant frequency of 50 Hz. The inverter power supply allows this frequency to be changed, which in turn changes the compressor speed and power output. In this way,Panasonic Air Conditioning Inverter System saves energy and provides more flexible temperature control with minimal energy consumption.

Making your home as comfortable as possible, do not forget about the workspace where most of us almost live. The problem of many office premises is their location in the internal space of buildings, which does not have not only windows, but also full ventilation. In this case, the Panasonic CS-E12DKDW air conditioner will come to the rescue. Its functional feature is a long pipeline connecting the outdoor and indoor units, which allows the device to be used in rooms that are not adjacent to the outer walls of the building. Moreover, the unique Supersonic Air Purifying system, which generates ultrasonic waves, in combination with a catechin filter, not only disinfects the air, but also accelerates the collection of dust, which is extremely important for confined spaces with poor natural air circulation.

Another common problem in office space is the large area to be ventilated. Not every air conditioner can ventilate a huge space, and even divided by partitions. In this case, it's time to think about cassette models such as the Panasonic CS-E21DB4ES. In appearance, this device may seem somewhat bulky, but remember how often you look at the ceiling in your office. But its indisputable advantage is the four-way air distribution, control of the direction of the air flow, high cooling and heating power. The gentle dehumidification mode will reduce the air humidity without lowering the temperature, so as not to disturb the healthy microclimate in the room, while the Powerful mode will allow you to cool or warm the room almost instantly at the beginning of the working day. By the way,this model is perfect for sales areas of any profile.

So is air conditioning necessary in everyday life? Perhaps no one will be able to refute the fact that we spend most of our life in confined spaces, and therefore our health directly depends on the composition of the air in residential and administrative premises, its temperature, humidity, oxygen saturation. A modern air conditioner is a step towards improving not only air quality, but also the overall quality of life. Panasonic is always ready to help you with this, because the company's credo is to give ideas that make life more modern, easy, beautiful and healthy.

Of course, the line of Panasonic air conditioners is not limited to the models presented in this review. A complete list of models can be found on the website of the GORVOZDUH service, where, with the help of a well-thought-out model selection service, you can easily decide which device is right for you.

And let you breathe easier!


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