Ideal Doors For Stylish Interiors

Ideal Doors For Stylish Interiors
Ideal Doors For Stylish Interiors

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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If a theater begins with a coat rack, then an apartment and a house begin, first of all, with a door. Interior doors are also one of the foundations of your individual interior. Experts from the Krasnoderevshchik factory in Chelyabinsk, which has been a leading manufacturer in this market sector for many years, will help to understand the variety of offers on the market and choose the best.


It is believed that Italy, Spain and Germany are recognized as the trendsetters of door fashions not only in Europe, but all over the world. Judging by the latest trends, the best door for those who want to keep up with the times is a strict and at the same time elegant, dynamic, not dominant, but perfectly complementing any interior. As for the flowers, the most demanded in 2005 were Wenge and Bleached Oak. It is these shades that underlie the most fashionable styles from ethnic to country. Naturally, it is necessary to select doors, taking into account the individuality of your interior - all elements should be well combined and harmonized. Moreover, residents of Chelyabinsk, who have decided to introduce innovative trends into their interior, do not have to worry about ordering exclusive door models from the catalog, or go abroad.The Krasnoderevshchik factory has released a new collection that embodies the latest solutions of 2005. Austere graceful outlines, silky veneer structure, wenge and bleached oak colors alone and in contrasting combinations - these are the hallmarks of the 900 series doors.

This product is innovative not only for the Krasnoderevshchik company, but for the entire door production industry both in Russia and in Europe. Thanks to successful design and technological developments, the use of special materials, products of the 900 line, in terms of quality characteristics, not only stand on a par with the best foreign samples, but in some parameters significantly surpass them. And this is without taking into account the price. Since the price of the offered products is 2 - 3 times lower in relation to the compared best foreign samples.


It took about 40 weeks to develop the technology for this line. In addition to their own employees, four European companies took part in the work. In particular, the German "Plantag" spent more than 6 months on the development of a varnish composition for the topcoat. The company "BauschLinnemann" carried out work on the adaptation of edge cladding materials and the creation of a pattern of wood structure on them, practically indistinguishable from the front surfaces of the doors.

Choosing a model - beauty and quality are equal

No matter how trite it sounds, doors are needed everywhere. Moreover, it is quite natural that a door that looks appropriate, connecting the hallway and the hall, is completely unsuitable for a bathroom. The specialists of Krasnoderevshchik took care of this - in the presented model range of the 900 series there are both fixed and glazed doors. This will allow you to install doors of the same series throughout the room, be it a bathroom or a bedroom. They differ not only in external form, but also in “content”. For example, in rooms with high humidity, Krasnodrevschik experts recommend using doors without overhead elements, baguettes (for example, models 900, 950). Glazed doors will decorate any interior - they will look harmonious in the hall or dining room. For models 910, 909, 960 we use 4 mm glass of our own production.

There are several positive points in this:

- The work was done by professionals, using professional materials and goes through all stages of quality control.

- "Three in one" is always cheaper than three separately - glass selection, cutting, installation.

In addition, the glass is not simple, but specially designed, which is an integral element of the overall design of the product, where the pattern, the degree of haze and sheen are matched to the texture of the door material and the shape of the glass. The glass is manufactured at the company's production facilities using a number of know-hows that allow combining exclusive and very expensive operations (volumetric engraving, diamond milling and polishing) with a price that is several times lower than the closest analogues.

The glass is inserted at the factory, which guarantees a high-quality installation, and therefore safety during operation.

It is better to choose a door with perfect sound insulation for an office, bedroom or nursery. The doors of the presented series combine two main properties required for residential premises - lightness and strength - the weight of blank panels with filling does not exceed 17 kilograms. Cellulose is made from wood, and the world's best honeycomb fillers for doors and furniture are made from cellulose. It would be logical if the absolute world leader in this matter were a country with rich forest resources, for example Russia. But no. This is Holland. And while half of the world buys Dutch flowers, the whole world buys the best patented honeycombs from the Dutch. "Cabinetmaker" too. As a result, the doors are very durable and lightweight.

The low weight of the door means a pleasant and quiet closing, as well as greater safety (especially for children). Imagine: an accidental draft picks up and slams the door. If the door is heavy, the blow is so strong that half a block will hear. Unpleasant, but not a problem either. But if at this time your child is holding onto the door frame …

All canvases after pressing undergo a calibration operation, which ensures the ideal plane of the product, the error of which is 0.3 mm. All 900 series models are made with a rebate (double rebate). What is better, or what are the advantages in comparison with the "straight" porch, widespread in Russia? The fact that the gap (gap) between the door leaf and the frame is not visible.

A wooden door is known to change its size when exposed to temperature and humidity. Some consumers do not like the large gap between the canvas and the box, and during installation they ask to make it smaller. If the installers meet the persistent client halfway, then during periods of high humidity the door, as a rule, stops closing, this is also not pleasant. And he begins to make demands on the one who sold it to him.


A rebated door is guaranteed to have a sufficient (i.e. really large) gap that can compensate for the most significant changes in temperature and humidity. The seam closes this gap, which is its main purpose. It also somewhat improves sound insulation, which is not relevant for the doors of the Krasnoderevshchik factory. In these doors, a seal is responsible for sound insulation, which, in addition to its main function, also allows the doors to close almost silently.

Installing a door is simple and cheap

Simple, because assembling the frame and hanging the door takes just a few minutes. After all, all dimensions and all holes are already made at the factory on CNC machines (with numerical control), i.e. very accurate. "Cheap", or rather cheaper than usual, because the lock and hinges have already been installed, and in the price lists of installation services these works are usually highlighted separately.


Another place where it is cheaper than usual. The door has a very good lock, made by a European company with a proven track record. If a consumer tries to purchase such a lock on his own, he will pay several times more for it than it is already installed in the door. After all, "Cabinetry" acquires accessories, which is called "first-hand" and a very large wholesale. A few hundred rubles saved on each door is not a bad argument.

Trademark and anti-counterfeiting

Unfortunately, there are cases when the doors of another company were sold to people under the guise of products of the Krasnoderevshchik factory. Some of them were later not satisfied with the purchase and tried to get satisfaction from the alleged manufacturers. “In general, because we are forged, we enjoy more than annoyance. Annoyingly misled customers,”say the factory representatives. To eliminate such misunderstandings, Krasnoderevshchik decided to supply the doors with a brand name, which is installed in the upper part of the edge from the side of the lock. The badge is made by pressing from 2 mm thick brass.


The ability to "keep up with fashion" is one of the features of the Krasnoderevshchik factory. But it's not a secret for anyone that being fashionable and relevant is not so easy. This skill requires certain costs and opportunities. For this, as well as for the exceptional quality, the products of the factory are appreciated not only in Russia, but also in the near and far abroad.

Today the company manufactures international class doors using the best imported materials and technologies. In terms of technical equipment, the factory is not inferior to the most reputable European manufacturers. For example, a unique finishing method has been introduced here: the veneer is sanded on modern machines and covered with UV acrylic varnishes. This allows you to reveal all the beauty of natural material, ensures environmental friendliness in the production and use of doors, as well as their durability. By the way, if the door is installed in a residential building, the factory gives a full brand warranty for it for 24 months. During the warranty period, the consumer has the right to have the defect rectified free of charge. In the event that the repair of the products is technically impossible, KD guarantees their replacement.

All products are certified as interior doors, GOST 475-78, which provides a guarantee, product quality.

Based on materials from ZAO FSSI Krasnoderevshchik.

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