How To Privatize An Apartment

How To Privatize An Apartment
How To Privatize An Apartment

Video: How To Privatize An Apartment

Video: How To Privatize An Apartment
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If you decide to start privatizing an apartment yourself, the procedure will be as follows:


1. Visiting BTI (bureau of technical inventory), receiving a floor plan and explication. Additionally, you will need copies of these documents certified by the BTI.

2. Visiting EIRTS (single information and settlement center).

In the accounting department of the EIRTS you need to get:

  • original warrant or social contract;

    financial and personal account;

    a certificate of verification of living conditions (for rooms in communal apartments);

    certificate of the date of putting the house into operation.

At the passport office you will receive an archival certificate from the house book and a certificate on the replacement of passports of all citizens registered in the apartment (room).

If the privatization participants registered in the apartment after September 1991, extracts from house books from all previous places of residence will be required additionally.

If someone registered on the living space has already participated in the privatization, you need a notarized copy of the ownership certificate, or other documents that contain information about the certificate and the transfer agreement (sale and purchase agreement, exchange, donation, etc.).

If someone registered as of September 1991 did not live in Moscow, a certificate from the BTI is required stating that this citizen did not participate in privatization + an extract from the house book.

3. With the documents collected in paragraphs 1 and 2, we go to the privatization department at the place of residence or to Moszhilregistratsiya. It will be necessary to add the originals and photocopies of the passports of the participants in the privatization to the previously collected documents.

Documents: housing privatization

Regardless of whether you will privatize housing on your own, or contact us, you will need the following documents:

  • copies of passports of all registered citizens in the privatized area, including children from 14 years old (the first spread with a photo and registration is required);

    copies of birth certificates of minors (under 18 years of age) registered on the privatized area;

    copies of death certificates of citizens who were registered on the privatized area;

    copies of documents confirming the change of surname, name, company;

    notarized copies of documents confirming participation in privatization, if any of the family members used the right to privatization (transfer agreement, certificate of ownership of the dwelling or certificate of registration of the right or a subsequent purchase and sale agreement in which there is a link to privatization documents);

    in case of a change of residence in the period from September 1991 to the present from other regions of Russia, it is necessary to provide an extract from the house book from all places of residence;

    certificate of non-participation in privatization (for citizens who arrived in Moscow from other regions of Russia):

    - from BTI, if they were registered at the place of residence in the region of the Russian Federation from September 1991 to December 1997;

    - from the Office of the Federal Registration Service (former institution of Justice) in the region of residence from January 1998 to the date of departure to Moscow;

    - originals of documents for the apartment, which are kept on hand (order, exchange order, passport of the dwelling, social contract, extract from the order);

    - notarial refusal from an adult family member (in case of unwillingness to participate in privatization). The waiver must be made in favor of ALL participating in the privatization of the dwelling;

    notarized power of attorney to represent your interests by an employee of our company (drawn up after signing the Service Agreement).

In some cases, additional documents may be required to privatize housing.

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