Where To Start Repair

Where To Start Repair
Where To Start Repair
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How to prepare for it so that you will not live on suitcases for years, swallowing dust, cursing the "shabashniki" and collecting money for missing materials?


Step one: define a goal

First of all, figure out what kind of repair you need: cosmetic, major, or you are ready to spend money on renovation. Redecoration includes new wallpaper, ceiling painting, etc. It is worth starting if you want to "update your wardrobe". By the way, redecoration is recommended every five to seven years.

Overhaul also involves replacing doors and windows, plumbing, covering floors and walls with new tiles, replacing electrical wiring, and more. If you decide to do a redevelopment, then, of course, you will have to get involved in a major overhaul. Such repairs are usually enough for 15-20 years (provided that you do not forget to periodically "put on makeup"). Renovation implies a major overhaul, but carried out to a higher standard, using expensive high-quality materials, installing filters, replacing pipes and various "excesses" such as a jacuzzi or fireplace.

Step two: sketch

Having decided on the goals and objectives, try to draw what you would like to see in different parts of your apartment. The simplest freehand sketch is good - the main thing is that it helps you define your desires and relate them to reality.

Next, you should measure the entire apartment, centimeter by centimeter, and write down all the data, preferably in several copies, since the most important information is usually lost at the most inopportune moment.

Step three: calculating the estimate

At this stage, you will have to get off the couch and proceed to one of the most tedious, but also the most exciting activities - shopping and markets. It's no secret that money usually ends earlier than repairs. And most often this happens because you spend much more money on materials than you expected. Be sure to come across some cute wallpapers, tile borders, lamps and so on along the way. To reduce such surprises to a minimum, it is better to immediately familiarize yourself with the offer, figure out which materials and in what quantity you will buy, make sure that they are not cheaper in the neighboring market.

So, we roughly estimated the quantity and price of building materials. Now we need to calculate the cost of work and make a general estimate. We warn you right away, the result will be disappointing, but you will know in advance what you are going for. This means that you can calculate the timing, sequence of actions, as well as the amount that you need to postpone for repairs.

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