Stretch Ceiling Or How To Get Out Of The Water Dry

Stretch Ceiling Or How To Get Out Of The Water Dry
Stretch Ceiling Or How To Get Out Of The Water Dry
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Ceiling repair, like any repair, is always associated with a long and laborious process. This is familiar to every Russian who has ever started a traditional whitewash. Meanwhile, this problem was solved in Europe decades ago, when the now widely used stretch ceilings were mastered. Stretch ceilings first appeared in France in the mid-70s. Since then, this country has been a leader in their production.


In Russia, they appeared relatively recently and immediately gained popularity. The main advantage is ease of installation, reliability, minimal maintenance and, which is important for our quality of construction, such a ceiling hides all defects. Such ceilings make it possible to adjust the height of the room. Also, lighting and air conditioning systems are easily installed under their protection.

Strength and ease of installation are not the only advantages of a stretch ceiling. It absorbs noise, does not accumulate static electricity, is absolutely safe from an environmental point of view, is not subject to combustion, which is confirmed by the State Standard Certificate, the Hygienic Certificate, the Fire Safety Certificate.

It will protect you and your household from dust that collects on an ordinary ceiling and falls from it. These are the exceptional properties of this material. In addition to the fact that it functionally solves your problems with the repair of the ceiling, you get an exclusive interior and real French quality.


It is a 0.17 mm thick, heavy-duty decorative vinyl film that is stretched over a plastic (aluminum) frame (baguette). The surface of the film can be different: lacquered or matte, velvety or metallized, any color - only about 150 colors.

Different textures and shades will help you create a traditional classic style with a matte ceiling in pastel colors or a modern one with a glossy ceiling that almost reflects your room in a mirror. This trick is perfect for small spaces, as it visually increases the volume, and finally, it's just beautiful.

There are many other textures: marble, wood, imitation leather, moire, mother-of-pearl. No other finishing material has such a range. In addition, a new opportunity has appeared to use light guides (or optical fibers) built into the ceiling and shimmering in different colors, they allow you to create the effect of the aurora borealis, the starry sky, and a flying comet.


Despite the fact that the film is quite thin and light, it is very strong, capable of withstanding up to 100 liters per square meter and only sagging under the weight of water. It's easy to guess what a great property this is for those whose neighbors forget to turn off their taps.

In the event of flooding from the upper floor, you just need to urgently call a team of installers who, having detached one corner of the canvas, carefully drain the water, dry your capital ceiling with a heat gun, and put the stretch vinyl film in place. At the same time, it completely restores its previous size. The waterproofness of the film, as well as the absence of condensation, makes it ideal for the bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool. The range of their application is practically unlimited.

To install a stretch ceiling, experts measure the room and then the film itself with the edging is made according to the measurements - the future ceiling. The ceiling of the required size is welded from canvas 1.4-2.3 m wide and 0.5 mm thick. First, a plastic (aluminum) frame is attached to the walls around the perimeter of the room. Usually the frame is fixed at a distance of 5 cm below the main ceiling, if it is planned to embed a lamp into the ceiling, then it must be lowered by another 5 cm.

The minimum distance should be about 3.5 cm. Then the film is hung in the corners on special clips. With the help of a heat gun, the room is heated to a high temperature (from 50 to 70C). The film mounting process begins when the film edging is tucked into special grooves of the frame, forming a kind of "lock". After all the edges of the film are tucked in and the air in the room has cooled, the film shrinks. And the ceiling is perfectly flat.

It is possible to build into it not only various lamps, chandeliers, although their power imposes restrictions: incandescent lamps - up to 60 W, halogen lamps - 36 W, but also ventilation, alarm and fire safety systems. Lamps are attached to the main ceiling, holes are made in the tension for them, which are glued around the perimeter with a special ring. All lamp installation work is carried out by specialists.

The ceiling is usually installed at the last stage of the renovation: the work takes several hours, depending on the area and complexity of the room. The work is carried out by a team of two or three people, leaving no trash behind and, in most cases, even without moving furniture. Usually, such ceilings are guaranteed for their flawless operation for 10 years.

The lifespan of the stretch ceiling is practically unlimited, it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth or ordinary detergent. Only in no case should you use products containing solvents and kerosene, in addition, you can purchase special polishes for stretch ceilings. In no case should you scratch them with a brush - the film installed tightly can break, and you can also use these ceilings in rooms where it is very hot: in saunas, for example.

The cost of such ceilings is on average $ 30-40 per sq. m. If three years ago the price for them was very high, now they have become available to the middle class. This is primarily due to the constant growth in demand. As the volume of sales increases, manufacturers give good discounts on their products.

If we take into account that it will stay with you for a whole century without repair, and its cost is almost equal to any good finishing of the ceiling, then it fully meets your needs.


- the ability to hide defects in floors (irregularities, cracks);

- no "dirty" processes during installation, the ability to install at any time of the year;

- withstand up to 100 liters of water per sq.m. (in case of a leak), after removing which the previous tension is restored.


- difficult access to the ceiling space;

- one of the most expensive types of finishes;

- the width of the film is usually 1.4 meters, therefore, a thin joint line is visible on lacquered ceilings (it is not noticeable on matte);

- the surface is not strong enough.


- Stretch ceilings can be washed with any detergent, while scratching or sharp objects cannot be used - the film may break.

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