How To Build A Cottage

How To Build A Cottage
How To Build A Cottage

Video: How To Build A Cottage

Video: How To Build A Cottage
Video: Minecraft | How to Build an Aesthetic Cottage 2023, June

You want to build a cottage. Where to begin? Of course, with the choice of the organization that will develop the project. It is the project, otherwise your construction site will turn into a bottomless barrel into which money will flow all the time. Because, without calculating the cost of the project, you will not know how much your cottage will cost you. It often happens like this: a person, trying to save $ 200-500 on project development, loses thousands due to alterations or any unaccounted-for standards in the construction of the house. Then he has to look for specialists, bring them up to date (and this is an additional expense), and as a result, it becomes clear that the idea of building a cottage on his own has failed.


The second stage is the choice of a company that will build your cottage. There are also some nuances here. Be sure to make sure that the company has a license, registration certificate. We recommend that you look at the already built cottages and, if possible, talk to the owner of one of them. Find out what specialists will build your cottage, whether they have qualification certificates, how their life will be arranged. If the builders are foreigners, you need to ask whether they have documents for the right to work in the Russian Federation, and the company has a certificate for attracting foreign labor.

Find out:

  • what is the construction technology;

    what materials will be used;

    how the delivery of materials to the site is ensured;

    does the company have construction equipment;

    whether she is engaged in approvals;

    whether your construction site will be guarded;

    whether it will be illuminated at night;

    whether the company uses dry closets;

    how the garbage will be collected;

    how the access road to the cottage under construction will be arranged.

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    Be sure to agree on the completion date. By the way, pay attention to how the office of the company you have chosen to build the cottage is equipped with. And only then draw a conclusion - is it worth trusting her to build your cottage.

    Further - be sure to appoint a supervising foreman on your side, who will monitor compliance with standards and conduct hidden work.

    Building a cottage is a serious investment of your funds. Therefore, we recommend: think first about the project of your cottage, then you will know how much it will cost. And don't forget about inflation! We live in a country where anything can happen. So do not delay, develop a project and call us. And we will be happy to listen, give recommendations and provide our services for the construction of your cottage.

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