Connecting Chandeliers And Lamps

Connecting Chandeliers And Lamps
Connecting Chandeliers And Lamps

Video: Connecting Chandeliers And Lamps

Video: Connecting Chandeliers And Lamps
Video: How to Install a Chandelier - Installation Tips from Lamps Plus 2023, June

As a rule, the junction box has a hook on which a chandelier or lamp is hung. The hook is screwed into the plastic box. Over time, the plastic loses its strength and the chandelier may fall. Therefore, before hanging the chandelier, it is best to drill a new hole in the junction box so that the dowel goes into the ceiling, having previously marked the place so as not to get into the wires, and screw the hook into it.

There may be many wires in the junction box. You only need to find three: zero and two phase wires after the switch, if the switch is double. And one phase after the switch, if the switch is single.


1. Chandelier.

2. Box of connections.

3. Two - key switch.

4. Connection terminals.

0 - Zero - black, white or blue wires.

~ F - Phase - wires of a different color.

Turn on the switch - one key. We put an indicator screwdriver on the expected wire. The indicator screwdriver lit up, the phase wire from the switch was found.

Turn off the switch. Put the indicator screwdriver on the same wire again. Indicator screwdriver is off. We repeat the steps two times to make sure that the wire is found correctly.

In the same way, we are looking for the second phase wire from the second key.

Now we are looking for zero (blue, white or black wire).

We put the indicator screwdriver to the expected zero. Indicator screwdriver is off. This is zero.

And so zero and two or one phase wires were found in the junction box, which go after the switch.

Turn off the voltage. We hang a chandelier or lamp on a hook. There are three wires in the chandelier, the lamp. All wires are different colors. Zero (black, white or blue). We connect it to the neutral wire in the junction box. We connect the two phase wires of the chandelier to the two phase wires in the junction box. Sometimes there is a fourth wire - yellow-green - this is ground. If there is one in the junction box, we connect them together.

We connect all the wires with each other using chandelier clamps.

A tool is needed to connect the chandelier and lamp.

If the ceiling needs to be drilled

It is necessary to choose a place for drilling such that it does not fall on the directions to the switches and wires in the neighboring rooms (our builders are great magicians). Pay attention to the distribution boxes of wires (sometimes under the ceiling). In any case, 3-4 centimeters can be safely deepened. The second point is not to forget to turn off the upper electricity. Just in case. Third point. As a rule, in new houses, the top layer of ceiling tiles is loose, which cannot be said about deeper layers. Therefore, in order not to turn the ceiling at all, use a good punch, with which you will do everything the first time. Also, if you are afraid to go deeper, arrange 2 pins (dowels) in the ceiling, and throw a jumper between them. The load will be distributed between them. And further. Builders rarely do anything outside of right angles. Those. wires are likelylie in a quite definite way. In general, there are special devices for detecting hidden wiring: any wires through which current flows create pickups. Old receivers picked them up well, if you bring them closer. The light must be on.

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