The Procedure For Obtaining Permission For Redevelopment

The Procedure For Obtaining Permission For Redevelopment
The Procedure For Obtaining Permission For Redevelopment

Video: The Procedure For Obtaining Permission For Redevelopment

Video: The Procedure For Obtaining Permission For Redevelopment
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According to the legislation, redevelopment is allowed only after receiving the Permission of the Interdepartmental Commission and the Order of the Prefect (Head of Government) for redevelopment. These documents are the final documents when issuing a redevelopment permit. Without them, the work will be illegal.

In order to obtain such a Permit, you must first collect a huge package of documents: make a Technical Conclusion on the structures, develop a project and agree on it. In stages it looks like this:

The first stage is the development of project documentation:

The first thing you should know is that a design project and a redevelopment project are two completely different projects.

A design project is a project that is done so that you can understand how your apartment will look like. A designer makes such a project, he will offer interesting options and even "arrange" furniture on the project, but please note: a design project has no legal force, since the designers do not have a design license: in other words, this project is just for you, and you cannot agree on it.

Redevelopment project. For approvals, another project is being developed that has legal force - the "redevelopment project". This project will contain the ideas of a design project, it is developed in a design organization that has a design license, and it is this project that is subsequently subject to approval. (but more on that below).

You should also be aware that often due to the designer's ignorance of SNiP (building codes and regulations), the ideas recorded in the design project may turn out to be illegal and subsequently it will be impossible to agree on them. Ideally, a professional designer should warn you about the existence of building codes and whether you are breaking them or not - but this is rare.

In the practice of our company, there are often cases when Customers come to us with ready-made design projects, for which they have already paid money to the designer (and even worse, they ordered furniture), and then it turns out that the ideas proposed by the designer cannot be coordinated, and you either have to deviate from the project, or redo the project. Therefore, we advise all our customers to consult with our company in advance, at the initial stage of working with a designer, about the possibility of authorizing your ideas. By paying about 500 rubles for such a consultation, you will protect yourself from trouble and be sure that your ideas are legitimate and they can be agreed upon.

And now we will tell you what a "Redevelopment Project" is.

A redevelopment project is an official document that is developed by a design organization. You can order it yourself at the design institute. But by making such an order yourself, you run the risk of overpaying (since you do not know the real prices for such services) and getting a low-quality project (since you are not a professional in this matter and cannot check the quality of the project).

The second option is to order a project from a firm dealing with redevelopment approval. As a rule, design organizations give substantial discounts to such firms with constant cooperation, and a project ordered through a firm will cost you less. The most positive aspect of this choice is that the firm is responsible for the content of the project, and eliminates its shortcomings at its own expense in the process of approval.

If your apartment or office is located in a new building (standard series or monolithic), it is better to do the project with the organization - the author of the house (because by making a project not with the author, you are violating copyright, and the district architect has the right to demand the author's approval of the project). Not only do the authors of the houses agree on such projects on a paid basis, but they also, on legal grounds, may refuse to agree on it at all.

If the supporting structures are affected and the house is new, then the project must be done only by the author of the house, since only he has all the construction documentation for the house. The author keeps a record of openings in his house, and is responsible for his calculations. And if cracks appear in the house, or a disputable situation arises, the author of the house, and not the owner of the apartment, will bear responsibility. (If the project was not created by the author of the house, and the above problems arose, then the burden of responsibility for them will fall on the shoulders of the owner, that is, on your shoulders)

Such an Author's project may cost you more, but keep in mind that you receive not only security guarantees and a high-quality project, but also reduce your risks to a minimum. A qualified redevelopment agreement company that values its reputation and its clients, first of all, will help you order a project from the author at home.

Technical report on the state of structures:

The project, which we talked about above, is being developed on the basis of the refueling complex - the Technical Conclusion on the state of the House Structures The refueling complex is developed specifically for your apartment or office and contains information on engineering surveys of the supporting and enclosing structures of the house, as well as conclusions on the technical possibility of redeveloping the surveyed premises according developed project.

The second stage is the approval of the project in the authorities:

All projects by themselves do not have legal force, even if they are made by the design organization, they do not enter into legal force after the approval of the IAC.

The developed project must be coordinated with the authorities responsible for the safety and security of housing. These instances are:

- Authority of Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision of the District (SES);

- District Fire Supervision Authority (UGPS);

- Balance holder or owner of the house, (DEZ or HOA);

- Architectural planning department (district);

- Gas technical inspection (if there is gas in the house);

- Mosgosexpertiza (if bearing structures are affected);

- Mosgaz;

- Mosenergo, Energonadzor;

- Heating systems and Mosgorteplo (if batteries are transferred);

- County Housing Inspectorate.

The third stage is the collection of additional documents and their submission to the IAC:

In addition to approvals, you still need to collect a "modest" list of documents required for the MVK:

- The consent of all owners and registered persons with redevelopment (for an apartment);

- Floor plans and explications for your premises and adjacent premises;

- A copy of the technical passport for the house and a certificate of the condition of the building;

- Author's supervision agreement;

- Technical supervision agreement;

- Insurance contract;

- Contract for garbage collection;

- Copies of licenses of design and construction organizations;

- Extract from the house book (per sq.);

- A copy of the financial and personal account (per sq.);

- Acts-agreements with neighbors;

- Certificate of verification of living conditions (per square meter).

Also, an electrical project, a ventilation project, a permit for an increase in capacity and other documents may also be required.

Please note that this list is not complete. If during the redevelopment the facade of the building is affected (glazing, the arrangement of winter gardens, the laying or cutting of windows, etc.), then in addition, a Permit for reconstruction work is required - see below for this.

After collecting all these documents, the issue of agreeing on your redevelopment is considered by one or two commissions - the Interdepartmental Commission of the Administration and the Interdepartmental Commission of the Prefecture, and you receive the long-awaited Permission.