Glaverbel Will Come To Russian Apartments

Glaverbel Will Come To Russian Apartments
Glaverbel Will Come To Russian Apartments

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The world's largest glass manufacturer Glaverbel Group / Asahi Glass opens production of the first European branded glass units in Russia. In 2005 the new brand will enter the retail market with the help of window companies


The company "Glaverbor Petersburg" has made a decision on new wholesale supplies to customers - manufacturers of windows and facades in the business to business segment. In early October, in St. Petersburg, Glaverbel Vostok presented insulating glass units that will be produced under the Thermobel trademark. In the spring of 2005, at the annual construction forum Interstroyexpo, held at the end of April in St. Petersburg, these double-glazed windows will be presented to customers and partners at the Windoors stand.

The company "Glaverbor Petersburg", which until August 2003 operated under the name "Borskoe glass - St. Petersburg", has been known on the glass market for over 11 years. Today it is part of the Belgian concern Glaverbel - one of the world leaders in the market for translucent structures. The company is one of the first regional dealer centers of the concern in Russia. Glaverbor Petersburg meets the needs of window and facade manufacturers, as well as construction companies in St. Petersburg and the North-West region of Russia. To date, its products have already been used for glazing over 50 large-scale construction projects in St. Petersburg and other major cities of Russia. In September 2004, Glaverbor Petersburg started production of Thermobel insulating glass units.

Glaverbel intends to promote the new product through two distribution channels at once. First of all, these are construction projects that allow receiving bulk orders. It is already known that negotiations are underway with the construction company Skanska. This company specializes in the construction of high-priced elite housing with increased quality requirements for components and materials. In addition, sales of insulating glass units will go through traditional channels, through the manufacturers of windows and facades. Windoors will become one of these sellers (it will also set up its own stand at Interstroyexpo).

The main difference between Glaverbel and its competitors is that the company is not going to directly participate in price competition (according to Glaverbel representatives, its products are not more expensive than current offers on the market). The company is going to promote the new brand by touting Thermobel's advantages over standard insulating glass units. In particular, the company will campaign for large customers for a new product - a single-chamber package with energy-saving glass, claiming that its single-chamber double-glazed window is superior in properties to the widespread two-chamber one. Installation companies want to use sound insulation properties as a bargaining chip. Glaverbel estimates that for homes located in urban areas and near transport routes,It is the sound-insulating properties of glass that are of particular importance (in Moscow, the demand for double-glazed windows is spurred on by active construction, there was even a city order during the construction of the third transport ring).

The company will not limit itself to working with Skanska and will look for partners among other construction organizations. For Russian developers, the main trump card is the favorable price and quality assurance from Glaverbel. The company's materials on Thermobel directly state that double-glazed windows fit into the strategy of the Russian government for the construction of affordable and high-quality housing. So far, no one has promoted their own products on the Russian market under the slogan of cost optimization and increasing construction efficiency. True, this is basically the trump card of foreign companies, and not of Russian house-building factories, which have guaranteed sales and are in no hurry to reduce the cost of their products.

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