How To Remove Stains From Carpet

How To Remove Stains From Carpet
How To Remove Stains From Carpet

Video: How To Remove Stains From Carpet

Video: How To Remove Stains From Carpet
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Many of our readers ask us this question. In addition, people are interested in: how to properly care for the carpet? We consulted with experts, and we were interested not only in special care products, but also in the so-called "folk" methods of dealing with dirt. And here's what we learned.


Indeed, carpet can be cleaned of stains not only with the help of special, sometimes expensive, means, but also with "folk" methods. This is what an English firm, a well-known carpet manufacturer, recommends.

In general, if you properly care for the floor carpet, it will last for more than a dozen years.


Dirt mats are advised to be placed on the carpet at the doorstep in the office

For example, natural carpet should be vacuum cleaned at least once every three days. And it is recommended to do wet cleaning no more than once a month.

Now for the carpet made of modern artificial materials. We spoke with experts. And as it turned out, many of us do not know how to properly care for coatings made of such materials, although there is no special wisdom in this. So what do you need to know? Firstly, if the floors in the office are laid with carpet, we advise you to put special antisplash mats in front of the threshold. Secondly, the artificial carpet needs to be cleaned with a regular vacuum cleaner, but regularly. In addition, dry cleaning is required twice a year.


Artificial carpet needs dry cleaning twice a year

But we do not advise you to get involved in wet cleaning: under the influence of moisture, a woolen carpet can "shrink" like a sweater after washing. Dampness is also not useful for artificial carpet: modern high-quality carpet, as a rule, is covered with a special impregnation that prevents dirt from penetrating inside. And the water from the washing vacuum cleaner will wash away this "useful" impregnation and "disarm" the carpet. In addition, if the carpet (both natural and artificial) is not thoroughly dried after wet cleaning, the fibers may begin to rot. And the coating will simply "die".

So, if you still want to do wet cleaning, we advise you to call specialists: they will clean the flooring according to all the rules. Moreover, they will re-cover the carpet with a protective compound. Moreover, the price of this service is quite acceptable: cleaning with a detergent and antistatic agent with a special machine costs 1.5 - 2 $ per 1m2. Dry cleaning - about the same.

By the way, the most stubborn dirt can be easily wiped off with special solutions (for example, a series of Carper Cleaner products - sprays, powders, liquids, sprayers) and special brushes.


It is not recommended to clean the carpet with a washing vacuum cleaner

And the last tip. Our mothers and grandmothers also loved to carry carpets, paths and rugs "into the snow", beating them with a stick from the heart. So, in any case, do not knock out a carpet made of artificial fibers on an adhesive basis in the snow! May come loose.

In general, a soft and clean floor for you, dear readers!

Alternative methods of removal

Type of pollution: Fruit juice, tea, coffee, chocolate, various drinks, plant stains.

How to remove: Moisten the stain with alcohol and diluted vinegar, then rinse with water. Ingredients: 2/3 alcohol, 1/3 vinegar.

Pollution type: Blood, egg.

Removal method: Remove excess, moisten the stain with soapy water diluted with 10% alkali. Wash with 10% white vinegar solution. Rinse off with water.

Type of contamination: Urine, vomit, etc.

How to remove: Wash with 50% white vinegar solution, rinse and blot with a white cloth.

Type of contamination: Ballpoint pen paste, paint and liquid varnish, resin, chemical grease stains.

Removal method: Blot with a cloth soaked in a solution of alcohol and turpentine. Do not smoke, ventilate the room. Rinse off the composition.

Pollution type: Wax.

Removal method: Remove excess. Place a hot enough iron over the blotting paper. Flush with chlorinated solvent. Rinse off with water.

Contamination type: Chewing gum.

Removal method: Freeze with a special solution, then break up the pieces. Flush with chlorinated solvent. Rinse off with water.

Pollution type: Ink.

Removal method: First moisten with water, then with soapy water diluted with alkali. Wash with 50% white vinegar solution. Flush with rust remover if necessary. Rinse it off.

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