How To Choose A Laminate Pattern?

How To Choose A Laminate Pattern?
How To Choose A Laminate Pattern?

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Before you go to the store, try to understand which laminate you prefer - light, dark, with a pattern like oak, or cherry, or pine, etc.


Make your choice depending on the mood you would like to give your room: light and airy, cozy and warm, playful and energetic, elegantly formal, etc. If you find it difficult, then just match the color of the floor to the color of the door (if you have a wooden one), or to the color of the wooden parts of the furniture that will stand in this room. The floor should be one tone lighter!

Keep in mind that the flooring throughout the apartment should be made from matching materials. If you have carpet or ceramic tiles in other rooms, then laminate flooring will do, but if it is parquet, then it is better to have parquet in all rooms.

Keep in mind that very light, as well as very dark laminates will need to be washed frequently.

Always remember about the optical possibilities of the laminate pattern: long, narrow stripes on the floor in a narrow corridor will make this room look like a bowling alley, and, for example, a square room will turn into a rectangular one.

Accordingly, you can slightly expand your room visually by laying the laminate in strips across the width.

Consider the fact that laminate floors can last for many years, so choosing bright colors or an unusual pattern, you will already be tied to a certain style, and after a couple of years, you will not be able to simply change the wallpaper for a more classic one!

When going to the store, bring a room plan with the exact dimensions.

The vendor will use your plan to calculate the required number of laminate packs. He will also be sure to tell you about a variety of manufacturers, prices, service life, levels of water protection, and all the technical intricacies of this finishing material.

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