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Let's start with the fact that it is best to install a heating boiler (hereinafter simply "boiler") in the summer. It would seem that in the summer it is more logical to talk about air conditioners, and not about boilers. But you must admit that most often in the summer many people start building a summer house or cottage. So, the installation of the boiler and the entire heating system is best carried out during the construction of a house, because for the heating system to work properly, many pipes need to be laid, and if this is done when the house is finished, you will have to gouge the walls and floor in a new way, rack your brains where to put (or hang) the boiler and so on. Qualified specialists look at the plan of the house, calculate possible heat losses, and on their basis, the power of the boiler, select the auxiliary equipment of the boiler room (pumps, regulators, expansion tanks, pipes, etc.) Based on this,as well as from the wishes and possibilities of the Customer, it is advised to purchase one or another boiler.

The boiler is the basis of the heating system. Boilers are single-circuit and double-circuit. The difference between the first and the second is that the first only heat the room, while the second also heats the tap water. Many people argue which of these types of boilers is better. But further we will consider a single-circuit boiler as more reliable. Why is a single-circuit boiler more convenient? If the double-circuit boiler fails, then you will be left without heating and without heating running water. And if a single-circuit boiler breaks down, then you will still have a supply of hot water, because a water accumulator is usually connected to such a boiler.

What are the boilers

Boilers are:

  • Electric (powered by electricity);
  • Gas (on gas);
  • Liquid fuel (diesel);
  • Solid fuel (firewood, coal, peat);
  • Electrical

    It is better not to install an electric boiler in a house with an area of ​​more than 100 sq. m, since the electrical power supplied to the house will most likely not be enough. In addition, in a large house, he does not justify himself: you will have to pay too much for the electricity that he uses. So it is better to install an electric boiler in a cottage only as an "emergency" option.



    It is best to put a gas boiler if there is a gas main near the house. The power of these boilers allows heating a large area.



    Easy to operate: no need to monitor if there is enough fuel; Cheap fuel with high efficiency; Can heat a large cottage.

    Liquid fuel

    Liquid fuel boilers are very close (in terms of performance) to gas boilers. The only difference is that the liquid fuel boiler does not run on gas, but on diesel fuel (diesel fuel). It makes sense to install these boilers when the house is large and there is no gas pipeline next to the house.


    Solid fuel boiler

    Solid fuel boiler - not for everybody. Most likely, such a boiler is good for a summer house up to 60 sq. m.

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