Tips For Painting Wood

Tips For Painting Wood
Tips For Painting Wood

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A few tips for working with wood-staining materials:

  • If you are using linseed oil as an impregnating primer before applying topcoats, be sure to make sure that the linseed oil is dry, otherwise the top coat will not dry out either.

    When working with tinted varnishes, it is necessary to mix them thoroughly in order to obtain a coating uniform in color, since the pigment part (heavier) settles to the bottom of the can.

    When working with colored varnishes, the brush is dipped only with the tips and applied with continuous rubbing movements along the fibers of the wooden surfaces in order to avoid the formation of visible joints.

    If nail caps are visible on the surface, then they must be separately coated with any anti-corrosive primer.

    Wooden surfaces must be painted along the grain to obtain a quality decorative finish.

    After applying the first layer, the paint and varnish material raises the pile of the tree even on a well-prepared surface, therefore it is necessary to treat the surface with sandpaper and remove the pile, and then apply subsequent layers.

    The end ends of the boards are processed with special care to avoid moisture penetration into the wood through them.

    It should be remembered that the minimum air temperature for painting is +5 C, and the maximum humidity is 80%. At temperatures below the minimum, drying of paints with solvents is significantly slowed down.

    If the paint becomes heterogeneous after thinning, that is, lumps appear or it settles, then the wrong solvent was used for thinning.

    When using paints and varnishes with an expired shelf life, it is imperative to carry out a control painting and check the drying time, since when the desiccant (hardener) evaporates, the paint dries much longer.

    When working with matt varnishes, before using them, it is necessary to thoroughly mix the contents of the can, since the matting additive settles and forms a dense sediment. Whitish streaks may appear on the surface when stirring, but with further stirring they disappear.

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