Tips For Choosing A Metal Tile

Tips For Choosing A Metal Tile
Tips For Choosing A Metal Tile

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When choosing a car, the buyer analyzes many factors: design, comfort, dynamic characteristics, reliability, cost. As a rule, a car enthusiast will not buy himself a car that does not suit him, just because he does not have enough money for more. And in order not to regret the purchase, most are trying to accumulate the necessary amount.


And what does the car have to do with it, if we are talking about metal tiles? The owner of the house buys a roof not for a year or two, but for decades. This means that the choice of roofing material must be approached very carefully. At first glance, metal tiles do not give the impression of a complex product, but they are not. Let's try to list the most basic factors that can affect the service life of a metal roof, its aesthetics and cost.

The thickness of the steel sheet, which serves as the basis of the metal tile. In all European countries, the minimum sheet thickness that can be used for roofing a residential building must be at least 0.5 mm. Unfortunately, in our country, some suppliers of metal tiles offer developers a material with a thickness of 0.4 mm, which can only be used on small buildings, canopies and awnings. There are also materials with a thickness of more than 0.5 mm on the roofing market.

Coating of steel sheet, which includes a passivation layer, a primer and a polymer coating. The most common drawback is the lack of a passivation layer or primer. This leads to the fact that the main polymer coating, which is also decorative, lasts no more than 1-3 years. This is evidenced by numerous buildings of the last 5 years, with metal tiles, from which the coating peeled off and rust appeared. The presence of all the required layers can be verified by damaging the sample of the coating, which must be provided by the seller.

Outer polymer coating, which is the main protective and decorative layer. There are several main types of coatings: polyester, matt polyester, pural, plastisol, PVDF. All of them differ in performance, color stability and service life. Here, special attention should be paid to the guarantee that is given on the coverage. As practice shows, many sellers are ready to give any guarantee. However, you can only trust the manufacturers' guarantees. You can find out more about all types of coatings and their characteristics here.

Metal roofing profiling, which determines the appearance of the future roof. The profile affects not only the design, but also the technical requirements for installation, for example, the pitch of the lathing. In most cases, metal tiles imitate natural tiles. The profile can be asymmetrical or symmetrical. The quality of the profiling is characterized by the joining of the sheets on the roof. Some samples of domestic and foreign metal tiles after installation leave characteristic stripes (joints) on the roof, which are visible at a certain angle. When choosing a profile, ask to see photos to see how this material will look on the roof, and even better ask to join 2-3 sheets in front of you.

Metal tiles are not the entire roofing system, but the aesthetics and durability of your home directly depend on it. Take enough time to choose the material - after all, you and your family will live in this house.

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