Triplex And Wired Glass

Triplex And Wired Glass
Triplex And Wired Glass

Video: Triplex And Wired Glass

Video: Triplex And Wired Glass
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Reinforced glass has a metal wire mesh inside. Imported armored glass adopts alloy wire coated with higher strength and better corrosion resistance.


It is produced as follows: in the middle of the sheet, parallel to its surface, a metal mesh with square or hexagonal cells is placed during the manufacturing process. There is also colored wired glass, it is made of molten glass, colored with metal oxides. The most common colors are golden yellow, green, lilac pink, blue.

Such glass can have both a raw cast surface (reinforced cast glass), a surface decorated with a pattern that matches the pattern of a grid (patterned rolled reinforced glass), and polished (polished reinforced glass).

The mesh is used welded from steel wire, and for glass of the highest quality category - also with a protective aluminum coating. The side of the square cell is 12.5 or 25 mm. The mesh should be located over the entire area of the sheet at a distance of at least 1.5 mm from the glass surface. The result is a light-transmitting material with increased safety and fire resistance. But the reinforcement does not increase the mechanical strength of the glass and even reduces it by about 1.5 times. But the presence of the net does not allow the fragments to scatter and fall out of the bindings, if, for example, a ball or a stone flies into it.

High-quality reinforced glass should break off along the notch line without cracking. If there are many bubbles in it, this is a marriage.

Application: Such glass is used in industrial enterprises and for glazing doors in the entrances of houses, balcony openings, i.e. where it is necessary to prevent the possibility of injury from large glass fragments, or to obtain a glass "anti-vandal" design. Its use is also dictated by fire safety considerations, and therefore it is successfully used on fire escapes and in utility rooms, where it is quite possible to do without expensive tempered glass (domestically produced reinforced glass costs almost as much as ordinary glass).


In Russia, reinforced glass is produced by OJSC Gusevsky Glass Factory named after Dzerzhinsky "(sheets 1600x1300mm), JSC" Grodno Glass Plant "sheets (1600x1200mm), JSC" Red May "(Tver region).


Triplex is a glass consisting of two or more layers "glued" to each other over the entire surface. Layers can be made of glass of the same or different types. They can be either straight or bent (they are shaped before gluing).

Application: it is advisable to use it as protection against burglary (shockproof), against bullets (bulletproof), against fire (fireproof), as well as for the manufacture of insulating glass units, large aquariums, interior elements, etc., since the triplex is reliable protects a person from various injuries.

Glasses are sold both in the form of large plates, from which canvases of the required size are cut, and in the form of finished products of certain shapes and sizes.

Basically, two different types of triplex are offered: film and jellied. In the first case, the layers are "glued" to each other over the entire surface with a polymer film, in the second with a polymer laminating composition. Such glasses protect well from ultraviolet radiation.

The main indicator is the formula (S1 + S2) = the thickness of the triplex.

Film triplex, as a rule, has a 3 + 3 formula and is offered in free size sheets, packed in boxes. Pouring triplex can be of any formula of your choice. That is, first, glasses of the required size and configuration are made, and then a polymer is poured between them.

Unlike tempered glass, triplex is not stronger than ordinary glass, it only behaves differently when broken - the fragments do not fly in all directions, but remain "hanging" on the elastic film.

It is this property that determines the use of triplex in shop windows (which is especially typical for the West). To break ordinary glass and gain access to the contents of the showcase, you only need one "good" blow and half a minute to remove the fragments. To break a "serious" display case triplex, it takes a lot of hitting. You will remove shards even longer to gain access to the contents of the showcase. It is during this time that the police manage to drive up.

In addition, if there is no triplex or at least glass covered with a protective film in the showcase, no foreign insurance company will insure such a store for anything.

And one should not think that such orders are needed only there - in the West, and we will somehow live without them. The explosion in the passage under Pushkin Square quite clearly demonstrated that we cannot survive without the same order. The mass of people during the explosion was crippled by fragments of crumbling shop windows. But if tempered or triplex glass were in place of ordinary glass in these showcases, nothing like this would have happened.

Bulletproof bulletproof glass is the fastest and most effective way to defend against a surprise attack using firearms. Designed to protect human life, ensure the safety and reliability of storage of material values. Bulletproof glasses provide: high optical transparency, protection against through penetration by bullets when firing from a Makarov pistol, TT, Kalashnikov assault rifle, SVD, protection from shrapnel (pieces of glass do not fly off from the back during an attack).

In recent years, a whole industry has emerged specializing in the creation of special bullet-proof structures, such as security cabins, currency exchange offices, checkout points, burglary and bullet-proof windows, doors and special structures. For consumers, this form of service is very convenient - I ordered and everything was brought to you and installed in accordance with the strictest recommendations of the Central Bank and a certificate was attached to the installed structure.

Construction triplex is usually a composition consisting of two layers of glass and a polymer layer with a thickness of 1-2.5 mm between them, which has good protective properties.

The use of triplex allows:

  • significantly reduce the likelihood of injury to people from glass fragments, since the polymer between the layers of glass firmly holds these fragments;

    provide high optical transparency and color stability;

    provide resistance to scratches;

    increase noise isolation (noise reduction by 32 to 44 dB).

Construction triplex is used:

  • when decorating entrances and lobbies of public buildings;

    when creating office partitions and shop windows;

    when glazing stairs;

    in double-glazed windows installed on the roofs of buildings;

    when glazing shopping pavilions and bus stops;

    in the glazing of schools, gyms and kindergartens.

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