Tips For Repairing Plumbing

Tips For Repairing Plumbing
Tips For Repairing Plumbing

Video: Tips For Repairing Plumbing

Video: Tips For Repairing Plumbing
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In the swivel tube of the mixer, the rubber O-ring wears out over time and begins to leak water. Place a few turns of thread in the ring groove and slide the ring over them. It will stretch and the leak will be eliminated. For the same purpose, you can use the FUM tape sold in stores.


The rubber gasket on the faucet also wears out quickly, especially when exposed to hot water. The tap begins to leak. Long-lasting gaskets, which last several times longer than conventional ones, are obtained from an old tire from a car or motorcycle. The strip is cut from the sidewall (the tire is thinner there), and the cords give it strength.

You can lengthen the service life of the tap gasket many times and get rid of humming by making a gasket in the shape of a cone. It is cut out of hard rubber and ground on an emery wheel.

Often times, sinks or wear on the seat are the cause of a faucet leak. A simple operation will help to extend the life of the valve: glue a waterproof skin on the bolt head, clamp the bolt into the chuck of a hand drill, and then grind the valve seat. After that, he will act no worse than the new one.

You can also strengthen the valve like this: drill out the saddle and press (or put on paint) a brass bushing into it. Another way is to install a soft rubber gasket and a metal washer with holes on the valve seat.

You can do that. The saddle is cleaned to a shine, a wooden insert is hammered into the valve hole, after which the defective place is poured with molten tin.

You can eliminate the leak from under the flywheel of the water tap yourself by making a new rubber gland ring. It is cut out of the cork from the penicillin bottle. The inner hole is cut with a notch - a sharpened metal tube. Outer dimension and height are adjusted with a razor. It is most convenient to remove the old oil seal and install a new one with an awl.

It is possible to eliminate a leak in a tap that switches water to a shower or a bath, if you unscrew the cone of the tap and cover it with a thin layer of wax, some kind of grease or soap.

Here's a way to extend the life of a faucet with a worn stem thread. In order for the stem to work on a non-worn area, an insert must be installed between the stem and the locking valve - a piece of a nail, thick wire, etc. The length of the insert is determined locally, depending on the design of the crane.

Ice frozen in a water well pipe can be removed with a 10 mm metal tube and a rubber hose with a funnel on it. The tube is lowered all the way into the ice and boiling water is poured through the funnel. As the ice melts, the pipe will go down and after a few minutes the well will clear.

In "compact" flush cisterns, the rubber valve, due to distortions, often does not fit into the socket, and thread breaks on the valve or rod also occur. All this leads to the ejection of water from the tank. We recommend that you put a rubber tube on the valve stem - the tank will work properly.

In the flush cistern, the water flow is practically ns regulated - its entire volume is drained. It is enough to hang a load of about 0.5 kg on the rubber bulb of the valve, and it will be possible to drain the amount of water that is required.

For cleaning drain pipes in apartments, a steel cable is usually used. However, you can also use a rigid rubber hose with a diameter of 22 mm. One end of the hose must be put on the tap, and the other to clean the pipes. Hot water running through the hose helps wash away dirt and grease.

Once stretched and constantly in pipes from sink to sink and from bath to sink, a nylon cord will make it possible to easily and quickly clean clogged pipes. The ends of the cord are wound and attached to the outside of the siphons. At the joints of pipes and siphons, the outgoing cord does not interfere. For cleaning, it is enough to remove the siphons, tie a metal washcloth to the cord and stretch it several times along the pipe. To pass the cord into the pipes, first, a plastic button tied to a thread is put into the stream of water.

An old flexible metal shower hose can be useful for cleaning plumbing pipes. It easily passes the bends of the exhaust pipes and punches through clogged areas.

But usually, as already noted, flexible steel cable is used to clean the pipes. Insert 10-12 staples bent from elastic wire between the cores at the beginning of the cable. The resulting brush cleans away dirt well, and the end of the cable, raised on the brackets, easily passes the bends of the pipes.

In general, it is very difficult to clean clogged sewer pipes - you have to use a rubber plunger, a brush, and a wire. Not a pleasant lesson! If you want to avoid these hassles, from time to time clean the pipes with the solutions "Krot" and "Krot-2", which contain caustic soda. Before opening, shake the package, then pour 100-200 g of the solution into the drain hole of the sink, bathtub or toilet bowl and leave it there for 1-2 hours. Then flush the pipe with plenty of water. Be careful not to get the drug in your eyes, skin or clothing.

Without waiting for the arrival of the locksmith, you can repair the leaky toilet tank float yourself. Water is shaken out of the float, and then placed in a plastic bag, the neck of which is tightly twisted with insulating tape.

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